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Expanded class g

    broader class

          g  bulk matter; states of matter; phases; continuum bodies; macroscopical physical systems  [classical mechanics]  ↞ f molecules   ≈ DDC 530.4 530 531
          g18   [an]           at time t
          g237   [j7]                from direction
          g28   [an]           at spatial coordinate x
          g287   [an]                at spatial coordinate z
          g288   [an]                at spatial coordinate y
          g38   [d3]           subjected to kind of force  [dynamics]
          g382   [an]                at Pa; pascal pressure; P
          g383   [an]                subjected to N; newtons force  ↞ d93 
          g385   [an]                performing J; joule work
          g388   [h5]                 potential energy; motion
          g5        transmission; propagation
          g52             speed; rapidity
          g525                  acceleration
          g5258   [an]                     accelerating at m/s2 acceleration
          g525b                      slowing
          g525c                      constant velocity
          g525m                      fastening
          g525v                      exponentially fastening
          g528   [an]                 velocity m/s  ↞ g7825 
          g52c                 still
          g52f                 slow
          g52u                 fast; quick
          g55   [g]           transitioning to new phase
          g58   [an]           of dB; decibels intensity
          g59n                 noises
          g59o                 tones
          g5h            heat; thermal energy transfer  [kinetic theory]  ↞ d particles   ≈ DDC 536
          g5hd                 radiation
          g5hu                 conduction
          g5hv                 convection
          g5n            sound; vibration; mechanical waves  [acoustics]  ≈ DDC 534
          g5n30v                           technologically-produced
          g5nU   [g5noWq]                audible sounds
          g5nX   [an]                 frequency; pitch Hz
          g5nn                 infrasounds; 1 to 10 hertz
          g5no                 low sounds; 10 to 100 hertz
          g5np                 medium sounds; 100 to 1000 hertz
          g5nq                 high sounds; 1 to 10 kilohertz
          g5nr                 ultrasounds; 10 to 100 kilohertz
          g64   [an]            entropy  
          g66   [an89]            temperature
          g665   [an89]                 temperature change
          g665f                      chilling; becoming colder
          g665u                      warming
          g668   [an]                 temperature K
          g668pqvr                                     273; 0 C
          g668proo   ⋄                                    300; 27 C
          g668prvr                                     373; 100 C
          g66e                 freezing; icy
          g66f                 cold; cool
          g66i                 tepid
          g66u                 warm
          g66v                 hot
          g67   [d5ll]            colour; wavelength
          g67e                 blue
          g67ɭ                 yellow
          g67r                 red
          g6c            plastic
          g6e            elastic
          g6g            rigid
          g77   [e]           made up of chemical element
          g78   [an89]            complexity degree
          g78f                 pure; simple substance
          g78u                 mixture
          g81             duration; average life
          g818   [an]                 duration s
          g81f                 brief
          g81u                 lasting
          g82             size
          g825   [an89]                 growth rate
          g825f                      lessening; dwindling
          g825u                      expanding; increasing
          g827   [an89]                 length
          g8277   [an89]                      height
          g8277f                           low; short
          g8277u                           high; tall
          g8278   [an]                      length m
          g8279   [an89]                      width
          g8279f                           narrow
          g8279u                           wide
          g827f                      short
          g827u                      long
          g828   [an]                 volume m3
          g829   [an89]                 area
          g82e                 very small
          g82f                 small
          g82i                 middle size
          g82u                 big
          g82v                 huge
          g83   [an89]            mass; weight
          g837   [an89]                 density; ρ
          g838   [an]                 mass Kg
          g83f                 light
          g83u                 heavy
          g96   [g]           as medium for dispersed phase; dissolved phase
          g97   [f]           made up of chemical substance
          gXXi                 solutions
          gXXo                 colloids
          gXXu                 suspensions
          gXg            mixtures with dissolved or dispersed gases
          gXɭ            mixtures with dissolved or dispersed liquids
          gXs            mixtures with dissolved or dispersed solids
          gd       degenerate matter
          ge       quark-gluon plasma
          gf       plasma
          gf55g                      recombination
          ggWɭ       fluids  [fluid mechanics]
          ggWɭ38   [d3]      subjected to force  [fluid dynamics]
          gg       gases  ≈ DDC 533
          gg55f                      ionization
          gg55ɭ                      condensation
          gg55s                      deposition
          gg78u                      mixture
          gg97b77cp                                     molecular nitrogen
          ggg            gas mixtures
          ggg77cp                                nitrogen
          gggU                 air
          ggɭ            liquid-in-gas mixtures
          ggɭo                 liquid aerosols including fog, mist, vapor, hair sprays
          ggɭu                 sprays
          ggs            solid-in-gas mixtures
          ggso                 solid aerosols including smoke, ice cloud, air particulates
          ggsu                 dusts
                 liquids  ≈ DDC 532
          gɭ55g                      vaporization
          gɭ55s                      solidification; freezing
          gɭg            foams; gas-in-liquid mixtures
          gɭgo                 liquid foams including whipped cream, shaving cream
          gɭɭ            liquid mixtures
          gɭɭo                 emulsions including milk, mayonnaise, hand cream
          gɭs            solid-in-liquid mixtures
          gɭso                 liquid sols including pigmented ink, blood
          gɭsu                 muds
          gm       superfluids
          gr       supersolids
          gs       solids  [solid mechanics]
          gs55g                      sublimation
          gs55ɭ                      fusion; melting
          gsc            crystals; minerals  [crystallograpy; mineralogy]  ≈ DDC 548; 549  
          gscU   [gscsta]                quartz
          gscb                 native elements
          gscbc                      native carbon  ↞ eco carbon
          gscbcd                           diamond
          gscbcg                           graphite; plumbago
          gscbcu                           fullerite
          gscbi                      native iron  ↞ eei iron
          gscbɭ                      native gold  ↞ egl gold
          gscc                 sulfide minerals; sulphides; sulfides  ↞ edq sulfur
          gsccc                      chalcocite-digenite group
          gsccd                      joseite group
          gscce                      pentlandite group
          gsccg                      galena group
          gsccgg                           galena; PbS  ↞ ego lead
          gscch                      sphalerite group
          gscchc                           cinnabar; HgS  ↞ egm mercury
          gscchh                           sphalerite; ZnS  ↞ eem zinc
          gscci                      wurtzite group
          gscck                      nickeline group
          gsccɭ                      chalcopyrite group
          gsccm                      stannite group
          gsccn                      thiospinel group
          gscco                      tetradymite group
          gsccp                      pyrite group
          gsccpp                           pyrite; FeS2  ↞ eei iron
          gsccr                      marcasite group
          gscct                      cobaltite group
          gsccv                      arsenopyrite group
          gsccw                      arsenopyrite group
          gsccx                      molybdenite group
          gsccxm                           molybdenite; MoS2  ↞ efg molybdenum
          gsccy                      skutterudite group
          gscd                 sulfosalt minerals  ↞ edq sulfur
          gscdc                      colusite group
          gscdd                      cylindrite group
          gscdh                      hauchecornite
          gscdi                      tetrahedrite
          gscdj                      proustite group
          gscdk                      aikinite group
          gscdɭ                      lillianite group
          gscdm                      matildite group
          gscds                      sartorite group
          gscdv                      pavonite group
          gsce                 oxide minerals; oxides  ↞ fe oxides
          gsceb                      ice; H2O  ↞ ebb hydrogen fU water
          gscec                      periclase group
          gscecb                           periclase; MgO  ↞ edc magnesium
          gscee                      hematite/corundum group
          gsceec                           corundum; Al2O3  ↞ edn aluminium fehd aluminium oxide
          gsceee                           hematite; Fe2O3  ↞ eei iron ferd iron(III) oxide
          gsceg                      perovskite group
          gscei                      ilmenite group
          gscek                      rutile group
          gscekc                           cassiterite; SnO2  ↞ efo tin
          gscekp                           pyrolusite; MnO2  ↞ eeh manganese
          gscekr                           rutile; TiO2  ↞ eee titanium
          gscem                      magnetoplumbite group; multiple oxides with O19 groups
          gsceo                      cryptomelane group
          gscep                      aeschynite group
          gsceq                      crichtonite group
          gsces                      spinel group
          gscesc                           chromite; FeCr2O4  ↞ eeg chromium eei iron
          gscesm                           magnetite; Fe3O4  ↞ edc magnesium eei iron fere iron(II,III) oxide
          gscess                           spinel; MgAl2O4  ↞ edc magnesium edn aluminium
          gscet                      pyrochlore group
          gsceu                      microlite group
          gscev                      romeite group
          gscew                      betafite group
          gscex                      cesstibtantite group
          gscf                 hydroxide minerals; hydroxides  ↞ ecq oxygen ebb hydrogen
          gscfd                      diaspore group
          gscfr                      brucite group
          gscfw                      wickmanite group
          gsch                 halide minerals; halides  ↞ eXr halogens
          gschc                      atacamite group
          gschf                      fluorite group
          gschff                           fluorite; CaF2  ↞ ecr fluorine eec calcium
          gschh                      halite group
          gschhh                           table salt; halite; NaCl  ↞ edr chlorine edb sodium
          gschhs                           sylvite; KCl  ↞ edr chlorine eeb potassium
          gschj                      chlorargyrite group
          gschɭ                      lawrencite group
          gschm                      matlockite group
          gscho                      challacolloite
          gschu                      chukhrovite group
          gscm                 carbonate minerals; carbonates  ↞ eco carbon ecq oxygen
          gscmc                      calcite group  ↞ eec calcium
          gscmcc                           calcite; CaCO3
          gscmg                      aragonite group
          gscmgg                           aragonite
          gscmi                      dolomite group
          gscmid                           dolomite; CaMg(CO3)2  ↞ edc magnesium eec calcium
          gscmk                      burbankite group
          gscmo                      rosasite group
          gscmq                      malachite group
          gscmr                      ancylite group
          gscms                      sjogrenite-hydrotalcite group
          gscmt                      tundrite group
          gscn                 nitrate minerals; nitrates  ↞ ecp nitrogen
          gsco                 sulphate minerals; sulphates; sulfates  ↞ edq sulfur
          gscob                      barite group
          gscobb                           barite; BaSO4  ↞ egc barium
          gscobc                           celestine; SrSO4  ↞ efc strontium
          gscobn                           anglesite; PbSO4  ↞ ego lead
          gscod                      blodite group
          gscoe                      alum group
          gscof                      voltaite group
          gscoh                      aluminite group
          gscoi                      zippeite group
          gscok                      copiapite group
          gscoɭ                      Pb, Zn tellurates
          gscoo                      "halotrichite" supergroup
          gscoq                      "kieserite" supergroup
          gscoqg                           gypsum; CaSO4·2H2O  ↞ eec calcium
          gscoqgr                                desert roses
          gscou                      alunite group
          gscp                 phosphate minerals; phosphates  ↞ edp phosphorus
          gscpi                      apatites
          gscpif                           fluorapatite; Ca5(PO3)3F  ↞ ecr fluorine
          gscpih                           chlorapatite; Ca5(PO4)3Cl  ↞ edr chlorine
          gscpiɭ                           hydroxylapatite; Ca5(PO4)3(OH)
          gscpm                      monazite group
          gscpq                      turquoise group
          gscpu                      lazulite group
          gscr                 borate minerals; borates  ↞ ecn boron
          gscrd                      ludwigite group
          gscrg                      boracite group; tecto-heptaborates
          gscrgb                           boracite; Mg3B7O13Cl
          gscri                      inderite group; neso-triborates
          gscrk                      santite group; neso-pentaborates
          gscrɭ                      hilgardite group; tecto-pentaborates
          gscrp                      pringleite group
          gscs                 silicates  ↞ edo silicon
          gscsb                      nesosilicates  
          gscsbc                           zircon group
          gscsbci                                zircon; ZrSiO4
          gscsbd                           olivine group
          gscsbdo                                olivine; (Mg;Fe2+)2[SiO4]  ↞ edc magnesium eei iron
          gscsbe                           phenakite group
          gscsbg                           Al2(SiO4)O
          gscsbgɭ                                sillimanite; Al[6]Al[4]OSiO4
          gscsbgn                                andalusite; Al[6]Al[5]OSiO4
          gscsbgy                                kyanite; Al[6]Al[6]OSiO4
          gscsbi                           titanite group
          gscsbk                           cerite group
          gscsbɭ                           silicate apatites
          gscsbr                           uranophane group
          gscsbt                           datolite group
          gscsbu                           hellandite group
          gscsbv                           vicanite group
          gscsbx                           garnets; "garnet" supergroup
          gscsbxb                                pyralspite series
          gscsbxbb                                     pyrope
          gscsbxbɭ                                     almandine
          gscsbxbs                                     spessartine
          gscsbxg                                ugrandite series
          gscsbxgd                                     andradite
          gscsbxgg                                     grossular
          gscsbxgu                                     uvarovite
          gscsbxh                                schorlomite-kimzeyite series
          gscsbxr                                hydrogarnet
          gscsbxt                                tetragonal hydrogarnet
          gscsby                           "humite" supergroup
          gscsbyb                                topaz group
          gscsbybt                                     topaz; Al2SiO4(F;OH)2
          gscsbyc                                chondrodite series
          gscsbyh                                humite series
          gscsbyɭ                                clinohumite series
          gscsbyn                                norbergite
          gscsbyr                                chloritoid group
          gscsd                      sorosilicates  
          gscsde                           epidote group
          gscsdee                                epidote; {Ca2}{Al2Fe3+}[O|OH|SiO4|Si2O7]
          gscsdɭ                           allanite group
          gscsdo                           dollaseite group
          gscsf                      cyclosilicates  
          gscsfd                           tourmaline group
          gscsfu                           eudialyte group
          gscsgsc                                astrophyllite group
          gscsi                      inosilicates  
          gscsic                           sapphirine supergroup
          gscsie                           pyroxene supergroup  
          gscsiebWe                                orthopyroxene group
          gscsiee                                enstatite-orthoferrosilite series
          gscsiefWy                                clinopyroxene group
          gscsieg                                pigeonite
          gscsieh                                diopside-hedenbergite series
          gscsim                           amphiboles; multiple chain inosilicates  
          gscsimb                                anthophyllite
          gscsimc                                cummingtonite series
          gscsime                                tremolite series
          gscsimh                                hornblende
          gscsims                                sodium amphibole group
          gscsio                           sodium pyroxene series
          gscsis                           spodumene group
          gscsj                      pyroxenoid group
          gscsp                      phyllosilicates  
          gscspc                           clay minerals group
          gscspd                           medicinal clay
          gscspm                           mica group
          gscspo                           kaolinite-serpentine group  ↞ edc magnesium eei iron
          gscsps                           smectite/montmorillonite group
          gscspt                           pyrophyllite-talc group
          gscsptc                                talc  ↞ edc magnesium
          gscspx                           chlorite group
          gscst                      tectosilicates  
          gscstb                           quartz; SiO2  ↞ feic silicon dioxide
          gscstd                           feldspars
          gscstf                           feldspatoids
          gscsto                           zeolites
          gscx                 organic minerals  ↞ eco carbon
          gscxc                      mineral hydrocarbons  ↞ fd bases
          gscxɭ                      salts of organic acids
          gscxɭo                           oxalates
          gsg            gas-in-solid mixtures
          gsgo                 solid foams incluidng aerogel, styrofoam, pumice
          gsɭ            liquid-in-solid mixtures
          gsɭo                 gels including agar, gelatin, silicagel, opal
          gss            solid mixtures including alloys
          gsso                 solid sols
          gssu                 solid-in-solid suspensions including clay, silt, sand, gravel, rocks
          gy       Bose-Einstein condensates
Connected classes:
                 d6s           mechanic energy  ↞ g 
                 d6su                sound energy  ↞ g5n 
                 d6t           thermal energy  ↞ g5h 
                 f55  [an]           boiling at K boiling point  ↞ gg gl 
                 f556  [an]                melting at K melting point  ↞ gl gs 
                 f65  [g]            aggregation state
                 fx      solid state compounds  ↞ gsx 
                 g528  [an]                 velocity m/s  ↞ g7825 
                 g55  [g]           transitioning to new phase
                 g5nU  [g5noWq]                audible sounds
                 g96  [g]           as medium for dispersed phase; dissolved phase
                 gscU  [gscsta]                quartz
                 h celestial objects; heavenly bodies; cosmic structures; astronomical objects  [astronomy; astrophysics; cosmology]  ↞ g 
                       stars  ↞ gf 
                 i83v                7; quartz hardness  ↞ gscstb 
                 idp           petroleum  ↞ gscxc 
                 iimu                quartzites  ↞ gscstb 
                 iisɭWn                carbonate rocks  ↞ gscm 
                 j384  [an]                K average temperature  ↞ g784 
                 jr      glaciers; glacial systems  [glaciology]  ↞ gsceb 
                 m439t                     trauma; injury  ↞ g 
                 o5eg                touch; tactition  ↞ g783 
                 o5eh                hearing; audition  ↞ g785 mqaooh 
                 o5eɭ                pressure detection; by lateral line  ↞ g783 
                 o5eo                thermoception; heat perception  ↞ g5h 
                 r production; extraction; primary and secondary sectors  [technology]  ↞ q m g 
                 r3mn                heat engine; thermal engine  ↞ g5h 
                 r5m           mechanical technology  ↞ g w 
                 r9fg                glass  ↞ gscs  
                 r9it                asbestos fiber  ↞ gscs 
                 r9pe                petroleum; crude oil  ↞ gscxc 
                 r9py                natural gas  ↞ gg 
                 wrn           naturalism  ↞ g h i j k l m 
                 wrnm                materialism  ↞ g 
                 x creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu g 
                 xm      music  [musicology; musical criticism]  ↞ g5n 
                 y3mr                thermometers  ↞ g5h 
                 y5cett                          acoustic telemetry  ↞ g5n 
                 ydn           sound records  ↞ g5n 
                 yssd                physics  ↞ c c d e g 
                 yssɭys                          bioacoustics  ↞ osu g5n 

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4  opposed to         +
5  undergoing change  +
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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