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Expanded class f5

    broader class

          f5        reaction  [stoichiometry; chemical kinetics]
          f52   [an]            reactivity
          f526   [an]                 solubility  ↞ fU water
          f55   [an]           boiling at K boiling point  ↞ gg gases gl liquids
          f556   [an]                melting at K melting point  ↞ gl liquids gs solids
          f55pqvr   ⋄                               273
          f55prvr   ⋄                               373
          f57   [an]            rate of reaction
          f57c                 equilibrium
          f58   [an]           J; joule enthalpy change; ΔH; heat of reaction
          f59             reaction type
          f59d                 endothermic
          f59h                 photochemical  [photochemistry]  ↞ d5ll visible light
          f59s                 exothermic
          f59x                 explosive
          f5b            synthesis
          f5d            decomposition
          f5f            single replacement
          f5g            double replacement
          f5i            reduction-oxidation; redox  ↞ ecq oxygen
          f5ic                 combustion; burning
          f5ie                 electrochemical reaction
          f5ɭ            complexation  ↞ fgc classical complexes
          f5ɭɭ                 ligand exchange
          f5n            acid-base reaction  [Brønsted-Lowry acid-base theory]
          f5nn                 neutralization
          f5p            precipitation
          f5qWy            organic reaction
          f5s            substitution
          f5se                 electrophilic substitution
          f5sn                 nucleophilic substitution
          f5snb                      SN1
          f5snc                      SN2
          f5sr                 radical substitution
          f5u            addition
          f5ue                 electrophilic addition
          f5un                 nucleophilic addition
          f5ur                 radical addition
          f5v            elimination
          f5w            rearrangement
          f5wh                 hydride shift
          f5wi                 sigmatropic reaction
          f5wp                 pericyclic reaction
Connected classes:
                 r5c           controlled fire; cooking  ↞ f5ic 

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