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Expanded class f

    broader class

          f  molecules; chemical substances; pure substances  [chemistry; molecular physics]  ↞ e atoms   ≈ DDC 540
          f25   [f]           in milieu
          f3       by bond
          f36   [f]           giving by-product
          f37   [f]           by catalyst
          f38   [f]           from reactant
          f3c            covalent bond
          f3f            ionic bond
          f3h            hydrogen bonding  ↞ ebb hydrogen
          f3n            Van der Waals bond
          f48   [an]           needing kJ/mol potential barrier; energy barrier; activation energy Ea
          f5        reaction  [stoichiometry; chemical kinetics]
          f52   [an]            reactivity
          f526   [an]                 solubility  ↞ fU water
          f55   [an]           boiling at K boiling point  ↞ gg gases gl liquids
          f556   [an]                melting at K melting point  ↞ gl liquids gs solids
          f55pqvr   ⋄                               273
          f55prvr   ⋄                               373
          f57   [an]            rate of reaction
          f57c                 equilibrium
          f58   [an]           J; joule enthalpy change; ΔH; heat of reaction
          f59             reaction type
          f59d                 endothermic
          f59h                 photochemical  [photochemistry]  ↞ d5ll visible light
          f59s                 exothermic
          f59x                 explosive
          f5b            synthesis
          f5d            decomposition
          f5f            single replacement
          f5g            double replacement
          f5i            reduction-oxidation; redox  ↞ ecq oxygen
          f5ic                 combustion; burning
          f5ie                 electrochemical reaction
          f5ɭ            complexation  ↞ fgc classical complexes
          f5ɭɭ                 ligand exchange
          f5n            acid-base reaction  [Brønsted-Lowry acid-base theory]
          f5nn                 neutralization
          f5p            precipitation
          f5qWy            organic reaction
          f5s            substitution
          f5se                 electrophilic substitution
          f5sn                 nucleophilic substitution
          f5snb                      SN1
          f5snc                      SN2
          f5sr                 radical substitution
          f5u            addition
          f5ue                 electrophilic addition
          f5un                 nucleophilic addition
          f5ur                 radical addition
          f5v            elimination
          f5w            rearrangement
          f5wh                 hydride shift
          f5wi                 sigmatropic reaction
          f5wp                 pericyclic reaction
          f65   [g]            aggregation state
          f65g                 gaseous
          f65ɭ                 liquid
          f65s                 solid
          f65x                 crystalline
          f66   [d9]            statistics
          f66b                 boson
          f66f                 fermion
          f7   [X]       molecular structure
          f77   [e]           made up of chemical element
          f83   [an]           weighing molecular weight
          f837   [an]                dense g/cm3 density
          f86   [an89]           quantity
          f88   [an]           mmol
          f9   [X]       kind
          f96   [an89]            acidity
          f968   [an]                 ph
          f968no                           0
          f968nv                           7
          f968os                           14
          f96f                 acid
          f96i                 neutral
          f96m                 amphoteric
          f96x                 base; basic; alkaline
          f97   [f]           formed with radical; functional group
          f98   [an8]            ionization
          f98k                 -3; ---
          f98ɭ                 -2; --
          f98m                 -1; -
          f98o                 0
          f98p                 +1; +
          f98q                 +2; ++
          f98r                 +3; +++
          fU   [febb]      water; H2O
          fU65g                      steam
          fU65ɭ                      liquid water
          fU65x                      ice
          fb       pure substances
          fb77bb                           molecular hydrogen; H2
          fb77cp                           molecular nitrogen; N2
          fcWe       inorganic compounds  [inorganic chemistry]  ≈ DDC 546
          fcWy       chemical compounds; complex substances
          fc       mineral acids; inorganic acids  ↞ ebb hydrogen f99f 
          fc78   [ann]                 chemical characteristic
          fc78p                      monoprotic acid
          fc78q                      diprotic acid
          fc78r                      triprotic acid
          fc9s                 strong acid
          fc9w                 weak acid
          fccWf            hydrogen halides  ↞ eXr halogens
          fcc            hydrofluoric acid; HF  ↞ ecr fluorine
          fcd            hydrochloric acid; HCl  ↞ edr chlorine
          fce            hydrobromic acid; HBr  ↞ eer bromine
          fcf            hydroiodic acid; HI  ↞ efr iodine
          fcm            nitric acid; HNO3  ↞ ecp nitrogen
          fcn            nitrous acid; HNO2  ↞ ecp nitrogen
          fco            halogen oxoacids  ↞ eXr halogens
          fcp            phosphoric acid; H3PO4  ↞ edp phosphorus
          fcq            sulfuric acid; sulphuric acid; oil of vitriol; H2SO4  ↞ edq sulfur
          fcr            fluorosulfuric acid; HSO3F  ↞ ecr fluorine edq sulfur
          fd       bases  ↞ f99x 
          fd9s                 strong base
          fd9w                 weak base
          fdd            ammonia; azane; NH3  ↞ ecp nitrogen
          fdh            hydroxides
          fdh98m                           hydroxide ion; OH-
          fdhc                 lithium hydroxide; LiOH  ↞ ecb lythium
          fdhd                 sodium hydroxide; NaOH  ↞ edb sodium
          fdhm                 magnesium hydroxide; Mg(OH)2  ↞ edc magnesium
          fe       oxides  ↞ ecq oxygen
          feb            hydrogen oxides  ↞ ebb hydrogen
          febb                 hydrogen oxide; water; H2O
          febc                 hydrogen peroxide; H2O2; dihydrogen dioxide; dioxidane
          fec            carbon oxides  ↞ eco carbon
          fecb                 carbon monoxide; CO
          fecc                 carbon dioxide; carbonic acid gas; carbonic anhydride; arbonic oxide; CO2
          fecc65s                                dry ice
          fed            nitrogen oxides; NOx  ↞ ecp nitrogen
          fedb                 nitric oxide; nitrogen monoxide; NO
          fedc                 nitrogen dioxide; NO2
          fedd                 nitrous oxide; nitrous; laughing gas; sweet air; N2O
          fee            lithium oxide; lithia; Li2O  ↞ ecb lythium
          fef            sodium oxide; Na2O  ↞ edb sodium
          feg            magnesium oxide; magnesia; MgO  ↞ edc magnesium
          feh            aluminium oxides  ↞ edn aluminium
          fehd                 aluminium oxide; alumina; aloxide; aloxite; alundum; Al2O3
          fei            silicon oxides  ↞ edo silicon
          feic                 silicon dioxide; silica; SiO2
          fek            potassium oxide; potash; K2O  ↞ eeb potassium
          feɭ            calcium oxides  ↞ eec calcium
          feɭb                 calcium oxide; quicklime; burnt lime; CaO
          fen            manganese oxides  ↞ eeh manganese
          fer            iron oxides; rust  ↞ eei iron
          ferd                 iron(III) oxide; ferric oxide; Fe2O3
          fere                 iron(II,III) oxide; Fe3O4
          fev            copper oxides  ↞ eel copper
          fevb                 copper(I) oxide; cuprous oxide; Cu2O
          fevc                 copper(II) oxide ; cupric oxide; CuO
          fevd                 copper peroxide; CuO2
          feve                 copper(III) oxide; Cu2O3
          few            zinc oxide; ZnO  ↞ eem zinc
          ff       salts
          ffcWf            halides  ↞ eXr halogens
          ffc            fluorides  ↞ ecr fluorine
          ffd            chlorides  ↞ edr chlorine
          ffdd                 sodium chloride; common salt; saline; table salt; regular salt; sea salt; NaCl
          ffdk                 potassium chloride; muriate of potash; KCl
          ffdɭ                 calcium chloride; CaCl2
          ffdm                 magnesium chloride; MgCl2
          ffe            bromides  ↞ eer bromine
          fff            iodides  ↞ efr iodine
          ffk            carbonates  ↞ eco carbon
          ffk98ɭ                           carbonate ion; CO3--
          ffkf                 sodium carbonate; Na2CO3
          ffkg                 magnesium carbonate; magnesia alba; MgCO3
          ffkɭ                 calcium carbonate; CaCO3
          ffm            nitrates  ↞ ecp nitrogen
          ffm98m                           nitrate ion; NO3-
          ffmf                 sodium nitrate; Peru saltpeter; soda niter; cubic niter; NaNO3
          ffn            nitrites  ↞ ecp nitrogen
          ffn98ɭ                           nitrite ion; NO2-
          ffp            phosphates  ↞ edp phosphorus
          ffp98k                           phosphate ion; PO4---
          ffq            sulfates  ↞ edq sulfur
          ffq98ɭ                           sulfate ion; SO4--
          fg       complexes; coordination compounds
          fgc            classical complexes; Werner complexes
          fgo            organometallic compounds
          fgs            cluster compounds
          fgv            bioinorganic compounds
          fgzt       transition metal compounds
          fhWu       organic compounds  [organic chemistry]  ≈ DDC 547
          fh       hydrocarbons  ↞ eco carbon ebb hydrogen
          fhcWd            saturated hydrocarbons
          fhcWh            aliphatic hydrocarbons; acyclic hydrocarbons
          fhc            alkanes; paraffins
          fhcb                 methane; CH4
          fhcc                 ethane; C2H6
          fhcd                 propane; C3H8
          fhce                 butanes; C4H10
          fhceb                      n-butane
          fhcec                      isobutane; methylpropane
          fhcf                 pentanes; C5H12
          fhcfb                      n-pentane
          fhcfc                      isopentane; methylbutane
          fhcfd                      neopentane; dimethylpropane
          fhcg                 hexanes; C6H14
          fhch                 heptanes; C7H16
          fhci                 octanes; C8H18
          fhd            cycloalkanes; cyclic alkanes; naphthenes
          fhdd                 cyclopropane
          fhde                 cyclobutane
          fhdf                 cyclopentane
          fheWf            unsaturated hydrocarbons
          fhe            alkenes; olefins
          fhe9i                      vinyl group; ethenyl; -CH=CH2
          fhe9ɭ                      allyl group; -CH2-CH=CH2
          fhec                 ethylene; ethene; C2H4
          fhf            dienes; diolefins
          fhg            alkynes; acetylenes
          fhgc                 acetylene; ethyne; C2H2
          fhm            annulenes; conjugated monocyclic hydrocarbons
          fhme                 cyclobutadiene
          fhmg                 benzene; benzol; C6H6
          fhmg98m                                phenyl group; phenyl ring
          fhmi                 cyclooctatetraene
          fhp            polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; polyaromatic hydrocarbons; polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons; PAHs
          fhpk                 naphthalene; C10H8
          fi       alcohols
          fib            monohydric alcohols
          fibb                 methanol; methyl alcohol; Columbian spirits; wood alcohol; CH3OH
          fibc                 ethanol; alcohol; ethyl alcohol; drinking alcohol; Cologne spirit; C2H5OH
          fibd                 propanol; propan-2-ol; isopropyl alcohol; rubbing alcohol
          fibe                 butanol; butan-1-ol; butyl alcohol
          fibf                 pentanol; pentan-1-ol; amyl alcohol
          fibq                 cetyl alcohol; hexadecan-1-ol
          fic            diols
          ficc                 ethylene glycol; ethane-1;2-diol
          ficd                 propylene glycol; propane-1;2-diol
          fid            triols
          fidd                 glycerol; glycerine; propanetriol; propane-1;2;3-triol
          fie            tetraols
          fiee                 erythritol; treitol; butane-1;2;3;4-tetraol
          fif            pentols
          fiff                 xylitol; pentane-1;2;3;4;5-pentol
          fig            hexols
          figg                 sorbitol; mannitol; hexane-1;2;3;4;5;6-hexol
          fih            heptols
          fihh                 volemitol; heptane-1;2;3;4;5;6;7-heptol
          fiu            unsaturated aliphatic alcohols
          fiud                 allyl alcohol; prop-2-ene-1-ol
          fiuk                 geraniol; 3;7-dimethylocta-2;6-dien-1-ol
          fiw            alicyclic alcohols
          fiwg                 inositol; cyclohexane-1;2;3;4;5;6-hexol
          fiwk                 menthol; peppermint camphor; 2-(2-propyl)-5-methyl-cyclohexane-1-ol
          fj       aldehydes; alkanals
          fj98m                      aldehyde carbonyl
          fjb            formaldehyde; methanal; CH2O
          fje            butyraldehyde; butanal
          fk       ketones; alkanones
          fkd            acetone; propanone; (CH3)2CO
          fkze       ethers
                 carboxylic acids; fatty acids  ↞ fc mineral acids ebb hydrogen
          fɭ98m                      carboxyls
          fɭb            formic acid; methanoic acid
          fɭc            acetic acid; CH3COOH
          fɭd            propionic acid; propanoic acid
          fɭe            butyric acid; butanoic acid
          fɭf            valeric acid; pentanoic acid
          fɭs            stearic acid; octadecanoic acid
          fɭy            alpha hydroxy acids; AHAs
          fɭyb                 glycolic acid; hydroacetic acid; hydroxyacetic acid
          fɭyc                 lactic acid; milk acid
          fɭyd                 malic acid
          fɭye                 tartaric acid; racemic acid; uvic acid
          fɭyf                 citric acid
          fm       esters
          fm98m                      O-alkyl groups; alkoxy
          fn       amines
          fnd            trimethylamine; TMA; N(CH3)3
          fng            aniline; C6H5NH2
          fno            amino acids
          fnoU                 proteinogenic amino acids
          fnoUb                      alanine; Ala; A
          fnoUc                      cysteine; Cys; C
          fnoUd                      aspartic acid; Asp; D
          fnoUe                      glutamic acid; Glu; E
          fnoUf                      phenylalanine; Phe; F
          fnoUg                      glycine; Gly; G
          fnoUh                      histidine; His; H
          fnoUi                      isoleucine; Ile; I
          fnoUk                      lysine; Lys; K
          fnoUɭ                      leucine; Leu; L
          fnoUm                      methionine; Met; M
          fnoUn                      asparagine; Asn; N
          fnoUp                      proline; Pro; P
          fnoUq                      glutamine; Gln; Q
          fnoUr                      arginine; Arg; R
          fnoUs                      serine; Ser; S
          fnoUt                      threonine; Thr; T
          fnoUv                      valine; Val; V
          fnoUw                      tryptophan; Trp; W
          fnoUy                      tyrosine; Tyr; Y
          fo       carbohydrates; saccharides
          fo9j                 aldoses
          fo9k                 ketoses
          focWj            monosaccharides; simple sugars
          foc            trioses
          fod            tetroses
          foe            pentoses
          foei                 ribose
          fof            hexoses
          foff                 glucose
          fofɭ                 galactose
          fofr                 fructose
          fog            heptoses
          fok            disaccharides; double sugars; bioses
          fokm                 maltose
          foo            oligosaccharides
          fop            polysaccharides
          fopc                 starch
          fopg                 glycogen
          fopi                 arabinoxylans
          fopɭ                 cellulose
          fopn                 chitin
          fopp                 pectins
          fp       lipids; fats
          fpg            glycerids
          fph            sphingolipids
          fps            sterols
          fpt            prenols including terpenoids
          fpw            waxes
          fpy            polyketides
          fq       nucleotides
          fqc            cytosine; C
          fqg            guanine; G
          fqn            adenine; A
          fqt            thymine; T
          fqu            uracil; U
          ft       proteins  ↞ fno amino acids
          ft5Cd                      degradation
          ft5b                 synthesis
          ft7             protein structure; folding
          ft7b                 protein primary structures
          ft7c                 protein secondary structures
          ft7d                 protein tertiary structures
          ft7e                 protein quaternary structures; subunits
          ft9s                 structural proteins
          ft9y                 enzymes
          ftU            common proteins
          ftUdWɭ                 enzymes  ↞ ftay 
          ftUd                 oxidoreductases
          ftUf                 transferases
          ftUh                 hydrolases
          ftUi                 lyases
          ftUj                 isomerases
          ftUɭ                 ligases
          ftUmWp                 cell signaling and ligand binding proteins
          ftUm                 transmembrane proteins
          ftUn                 insulin
          ftUo                 antibodies
          ftUp                 haemoglobin
          ftUqWt                 structural proteins  ↞ ftau 
          ftUq                 collagen
          ftUr                 keratin
          ftUs                 myosin
          ftUt                 actin
          ftX            protein fold classes
          ftb            all alpha proteins domains consisting of α-helices
          ftbzb            all beta proteins domains consisting of β-sheets
          ftc            alpha and beta proteins (a/b) mainly parallel beta sheets
          ftd            alpha and beta proteins (a+b) mainly antiparallel beta sheets
          fte            multi-domain proteins
          ftf            membrane and cell surface proteins and peptides
          ftg            small proteins
          fth            coiled-coil proteins
          fti            low resolution protein structures
          ftj            peptides
          ftk            designed proteins
          fu       nucleic acids  ↞ fq nucleotides
          fur            RNA; ribonucleic acid
          fus            DNA; deoxyribonucleic acid
          fx       solid state compounds  ↞ gsx 
          uUde(91px)f                                     Franche-Comté
Connected classes:
                 f25  [f]           in milieu
                 f36  [f]           giving by-product
                 f37  [f]           by catalyst
                 f38  [f]           from reactant
                 f526  [an]                 solubility  ↞ fU 
                 f5ɭ           complexation  ↞ fgc 
                 f97  [f]           formed with radical; functional group
                 fU  [febb]      water; H2O
                 fc      mineral acids; inorganic acids  ↞ ebb f99f 
                 fd      bases  ↞ f99x 
                       carboxylic acids; fatty acids  ↞ fc ebb 
                 ft      proteins  ↞ fno 
                 ftUdWɭ                enzymes  ↞ ftay 
                 ftUqWt                structural proteins  ↞ ftau 
                 fu      nucleic acids  ↞ fq 
                 g bulk matter; states of matter; phases; continuum bodies; macroscopical physical systems  [classical mechanics]  ↞ f 
                 g97  [f]           made up of chemical substance
                 gte           oxide minerals; oxides  ↞ fe 
                 gteb                ice; H2O  ↞ ebb fU 
                 gteec                     corundum; Al2O3  ↞ edn fehd 
                 gteee                     hematite; Fe2O3  ↞ eei ferd 
                 gtesm                     magnetite; Fe3O4  ↞ edc eei fere 
                 gtstb                     quartz; SiO2  ↞ feic 
                 gtxc                mineral hydrocarbons  ↞ fd 
                 i977  [f]                containing chemical substance
                 j5rk                chemical erosion  ↞ fae 
                 jq      aquifers; ground water; water-bearing strata  [hydrogeology]  ↞ fU 
                 js      fresh water systems; drainage basins; watersheds  [hydrology; hydrography; limnology]  ↞ fU 
                 jsɭj                solution lakes  ↞ fae 
                 k genes; genetic code  [genetics]  ↞ fu 
                 k98  [f]           coding for gene product; functional molecule
                 ɭ5mi                carbohydrate catabolism  ↞ fo 
                 ɭ5mj                fat catabolism  ↞ fp 
                 ɭ5mk                protein catabolism  ↞ ft 
                 m439h                     chemical exposure  ↞ f 
                 ny7Ch                     abiotic components  ↞ j i f 
                 o5ef                chemical perception  ↞ f 
                 r5c           controlled fire; cooking  ↞ f5ic 
                 r9n           salt  ↞ ff 
                 r9q           dyes and paints  ↞ f 
                 r9t           plastic  ↞ f 
                 rɭ59i                     irrigation  ↞ fU js 
                 rth           chemical manufacturing  ↞ f 
                 sbsb                table salt  ↞ ffdd 
                 sbvh                alcoholic drinks  ↞ fibc 
                 sm3r                chemical weapons  ↞ f 
                 yssf                chemistry  ↞ f 

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