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Expanded class ee

    broader class

          ee       period 4 elements
          eeb            potassium; K
          eeb98p                           K+
          eebk                 potassium-40; 40K
          eec            calcium; Ca
          eec98p                           Ca+
          eec98q                           Ca++
          eed            scandium; Sc
          eee            titanium; Ti
          eef            vanadium; V
          eeg            chromium; Cr
          eeh            manganese; Mn
          eeh98q                           Mn++
          eei            iron; Fe
          eei98q                           Fe++
          eei98r                           Fe+++
          eeih                 iron-57; 57Fe
          eej            cobalt; Co
          eek            nickel; Ni
          eeɭ            copper; Cu
          eeɭ98q                           Cu++
          eem            zinc; Zn
          een            gallium; Ga
          eeo            germanium; Ge
          eep            arsenic; As
          eeq            selenium; Se
          eer            bromine; Br
          ees            krypton; Kr
Connected classes:
                 fce           hydrobromic acid; HBr  ↞ eer 
                 fek           potassium oxide; potash; K2O  ↞ eeb 
                 feɭ           calcium oxides  ↞ eec 
                 fen           manganese oxides  ↞ eeh 
                 fer           iron oxides; rust  ↞ eei 
                 fev           copper oxides  ↞ eel 
                 few           zinc oxide; ZnO  ↞ eem 
                 ffe           bromides  ↞ eer 
                 gtbi                native iron  ↞ eei 
                 gtchh                     sphalerite; ZnS  ↞ eem 
                 gtcpp                     pyrite; FeS2  ↞ eei 
                 gteee                     hematite; Fe2O3  ↞ eei ferd 
                 gtekp                     pyrolusite; MnO2  ↞ eeh 
                 gtekr                     rutile; TiO2  ↞ eee 
                 gtesc                     chromite; FeCr2O4  ↞ eeg eei 
                 gtesm                     magnetite; Fe3O4  ↞ edc eei fere 
                 gthff                     fluorite; CaF2  ↞ ecr eec 
                 gthhs                     sylvite; KCl  ↞ edr eeb 
                 gtmc                calcite group  ↞ eec 
                 gtmid                     dolomite; CaMg(CO3)2  ↞ edc eec 
                 gtoqg                     gypsum; CaSO4·2H2O  ↞ eec 
                 gtsbdo                          olivine; (Mg;Fe2+)2[SiO4]  ↞ edc eei 
                 gtspo                     kaolinite-serpentine group  ↞ edc eei 
                 r5g           copper technology; Copper Age; chalcolithic  ↞ eel 
                 r5h           bronze technology; Bronze Age  ↞ eel efo 
                 r5i           iron technology; Iron Age; steel  ↞ eei 
                 r9hg                copper  ↞ eel 
                 r9hi                iron; steel  ↞ eei 

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