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Expanded class ed

    broader class

          ed       period 3 elements
          edb            sodium; Na
          edb98p                           Na+
          edc            magnesium; Mg
          edc98p                           Mg+
          edc98q                           Mg++
          edn            aluminium; aluminum; Al
          edn98q                           Al++
          edn98r                           Al+++
          edo            silicon; Si
          edo98j                           Si----
          edo98s                           Si++++
          edp            phosphorus; P
          edp98k                           P---
          edpb                 phosphorus-31; 31P
          edq            sulfur; sulphur; S
          edq98ɭ                           S--
          edq98m                           S-
          edr            chlorine; Cl
          edr98m                           Cl-
          eds            argon; Ar
Connected classes:
                 fcd           hydrochloric acid; HCl  ↞ edr 
                 fcp           phosphoric acid; H3PO4  ↞ edp 
                 fcq           sulfuric acid; sulphuric acid; oil of vitriol; H2SO4  ↞ edq 
                 fcr           fluorosulfuric acid; HSO3F  ↞ ecr edq 
                 fdhd                sodium hydroxide; NaOH  ↞ edb 
                 fdhm                magnesium hydroxide; Mg(OH)2  ↞ edc 
                 fef           sodium oxide; Na2O  ↞ edb 
                 feg           magnesium oxide; magnesia; MgO  ↞ edc 
                 feh           aluminium oxides  ↞ edn 
                 fei           silicon oxides  ↞ edo 
                 ffd           chlorides  ↞ edr 
                 ffp           phosphates  ↞ edp 
                 ffq           sulfates  ↞ edq 
                 gtc           sulfide minerals; sulphides; sulfides  ↞ edq 
                 gtd           sulfosalt minerals  ↞ edq 
                 gtecb                     periclase; MgO  ↞ edc 
                 gteec                     corundum; Al2O3  ↞ edn fehd 
                 gtesm                     magnetite; Fe3O4  ↞ edc eei fere 
                 gtess                     spinel; MgAl2O4  ↞ edc edn 
                 gthhh                     table salt; halite; NaCl  ↞ edr edb 
                 gthhs                     sylvite; KCl  ↞ edr eeb 
                 gtmid                     dolomite; CaMg(CO3)2  ↞ edc eec 
                 gto           sulphate minerals; sulphates; sulfates  ↞ edq 
                 gtp           phosphate minerals; phosphates  ↞ edp 
                 gtpih                     chlorapatite; Ca5(PO4)3Cl  ↞ edr 
                 gts           silicates  ↞ edo 
                 gtsbdo                          olivine; (Mg;Fe2+)2[SiO4]  ↞ edc eei 
                 gtspo                     kaolinite-serpentine group  ↞ edc eei 
                 gtsptc                          talc  ↞ edc 

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