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Expanded class ec

    broader class

          ec       period 2 elements
          ecXX                 period 2 isotopes
          ecb            lythium; Li
          ecb98p                           Li+
          ecc            beryllium; Be
          ecn            boron; B
          eco            carbon; C
          eco98k                           C----
          eco98s                           C++++
          ecoc                 carbon-12; 12C
          ecod                 carbon-13; 13C
          ecoe                 carbon-14; 14C
          ecp            nitrogen; N
          ecp98k                           N---
          ecp98ɭ                           N--
          ecp98m                           N-
          ecpf                 nitrogen-15; 15N
          ecq            oxygen; O
          ecq98ɭ                           O--
          ecq98m                           O-
          ecr            fluorine; F
          ecr98m                           F-
          ecs            neon; Ne
Connected classes:
                 f5i           reduction-oxidation; redox  ↞ ecq 
                 fcc           hydrofluoric acid; HF  ↞ ecr 
                 fcm           nitric acid; HNO3  ↞ ecp 
                 fcn           nitrous acid; HNO2  ↞ ecp 
                 fcr           fluorosulfuric acid; HSO3F  ↞ ecr edq 
                 fdd           ammonia; azane; NH3  ↞ ecp 
                 fdhc                lithium hydroxide; LiOH  ↞ ecb 
                 fe      oxides  ↞ ecq 
                 fec           carbon oxides  ↞ eco 
                 fed           nitrogen oxides; NOx  ↞ ecp 
                 fee           lithium oxide; lithia; Li2O  ↞ ecb 
                 ffc           fluorides  ↞ ecr 
                 ffk           carbonates  ↞ eco 
                 ffm           nitrates  ↞ ecp 
                 ffn           nitrites  ↞ ecp 
                 fh      hydrocarbons  ↞ eco ebb 
                 gscbc                     native carbon  ↞ eco 
                 gscf                hydroxide minerals; hydroxides  ↞ ecq ebb 
                 gschff                          fluorite; CaF2  ↞ ecr eec 
                 gscm                carbonate minerals; carbonates  ↞ eco ecq 
                 gscn                nitrate minerals; nitrates  ↞ ecp 
                 gscpif                          fluorapatite; Ca5(PO3)3F  ↞ ecr 
                 gscr                borate minerals; borates  ↞ ecn 
                 gscx                organic minerals  ↞ eco 
                 idgp                pearl  ↞ mq eco ecq 

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