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Expanded class c

    broader class

          c  spacetime; space-time; events; pacha  [special relativity]  ↞ bg gravitational field alo groups   ≈ DDC 530.1  
          c088                  spin network probability
          c09n                 Big Bang theory
          c5   [X]       spatiotemporal transformation
          c6   [X]       spatiotemporal property
          c7   [X]       spatiotemporal element
          c8        spatiotemporal quanta; spin network
          c88             spatiotemporal curvature
          c9   [X]       spatiotemporal kind
          cY       present; here and now
          cYb            this; here proximal
          cYd            that; there distal
          cYt            that yonder
          cb       time  [chronology]
          cb81   [an]                lasting s duration
          cb90                 as compared with reference entity
          cbX   [an]            time years
          cbY            present, past and future
          cbYc                 the past
          cbYn                 now; present time  ↞ cbxprsvxw present day
          cbYu                 the future
          cbb            Big Bang time; Planck epoch
          cbs            hundreds of thousands years
          cbsrv                      Cosmic Dark Age beginning; 370;000 years
          cbv            hundreds of millions years
          cbvu                 Renaissance of the Universe; visible light domination beginning; 600 M years
          cbw            billions years
          cbwp                 Galaxy Epoch beginning; 1 G years
          cbws                 Hadean Eon; Nectarian Era; 4;500 to 4;000 Ma
          cbwu                 Acceleration; dark energy domination beginning; 6 G years
          cbwx                 Solar Era; Solar System formation time; 9 G years
          cbx            more than billions years
          cbxb                 tens of billions years
          cbxbp                      Archean Eon; origins of life and plate tectonics; 13.4 to 13.55 billion years; 4;000 Ma
          cbxbq                      Proterozoic; 2;500 to 500 Ma
          cbxpr                      13 billions years
          cbxprs                           Phanerozoic; 500 Ma to present
          cbxprsv                                13.7 billions years
          cbxprsvx                                     13.79 billions years
          cbxprsvxw                                     present day; 13.798 billions years  
          cc       space; extension  [geometry; algebraic geometry; topology]  ≈ DDC 514 516
          cc6   [X]            property
          cc7   [X]            element
          cc9   [X]            kind
          ccX            dimensions  ↞ ann units
          cca            points
          ccb            straight lines; one-dimensional space
          ccb7                  line element
          ccb7s                      segment
          ccb82   [an]                     long m length
          ccc            surfaces; two-dimensional space; 2D
          ccc6                  regularity
          ccc6c                      cyclic
          ccc6d                      equilateral
          ccc6e                      equiangle
          ccc6f                      isogonal; vertex-transitive
          ccc6g                      tangential
          ccc6h                      regular
          ccc7                  surface element
          ccc7c                      centroid
          ccc7g                      angles
          ccc7gi                           interior angles
          ccc7gx                           exterior angles
          ccc7r                      vertices; corners
          ccc7ra                           vertex A
          ccc7rb                           vertex B
          ccc7rc                           vertex C
          ccc7s                      edges; sides
          ccc7sa                           edge AB
          ccc7sc                           edge BC
          ccc82   [an]                     large m² area
          ccc9                  convexity
          ccc9aWn                      simple
          ccc9a                      concave
          ccc9n                      convex  [convex geometry; discrete geometry]
          ccc9s                      star-shaped
          ccc9t                      self-intersecting
          ccc9y                      complex
          cccX   [an]                 number of sides; edges
          cccb                 plane curves
          cccb98   [aq]                          with equation  [differential geometry; differential topology]
          cccb9m                           smooth
          cccbc                      circles
          cccbe                      ellipses
          cccbf                      parabolas; parabolae
          cccbh                      hyperbolas; hyperbolae
          cccc                 angles degrees  [trigonometry]
          cccc69                            trigonometric function
          cccc69b                                sine
          cccc69c                                cosine
          cccc69e                                tangent
          cccc69g                                cotangent
          cccc69h                                secant
          cccc69i                                cosecant
          cccc69ɭ                                arcsine
          cccc69m                                arccosine
          cccc69n                                arctangent
          cccc69o                                arccotangent
          cccc69p                                arcsecant
          cccc69q                                arccosecant
          ccccb                      0 to 15 degrees
          ccccbb                           0 degrees
          ccccc                      15 to 30 degrees
          ccccd                      30 to 45 degrees
          cccce                      45 to 60 degrees
          ccccf                      60 to 75 degrees
          ccccg                      75 to 90 degrees
          cccch                      90 to 105 degrees
          cccchb                           right angle; 90
          cccci                      105 to 120 degrees
          ccccj                      120 to 135 degrees
          cccck                      135 to 150 degrees
          ccccɭ                      150 to 165 degrees
          ccccm                      165 to 180 degrees
          ccccn                      180 to 195 degrees
          ccccnb                           straight angle; 180
          cccco                      195 to 210 degrees
          ccccp                      210 to 225 degrees
          ccccq                      225 to 240 degrees
          ccccr                      240 to 255 degrees
          ccccs                      255 to 270 degrees
          cccct                      270 to 285 degrees
          ccccu                      285 to 300 degrees
          ccccv                      300 to 315 degrees
          ccccw                      315 to 330 degrees
          ccccx                      330 to 345 degrees
          ccccy                      345 to 360 degrees
          ccccyp                           round angle; full circle; 360
          cccdWs                 polygons
          cccd                 triangles
          cccd6Em                                acute-angled
          cccd6En                                right-angled; rectangled
          cccd6Eo                                obtuse-angled
          cccde                      equilateral triangles  ↞ ccc6e equiangle
          cccdi                      isosceles triangles
          cccds                      scalene triangles
          ccce                 quadrangles; quadrilaterals; tetragons
          ccceU                      squares  ↞ cccetprs squares
          cccet                      trapeziums; trapezoids
          cccetp                           parallelograms
          cccetph                                rhombuses; lozanges; diamonds  ↞ ccc6d equilateral
          cccetpr                                rectangles  ↞ ccc6e equiangle
          cccetpro                                     oblongs
          cccetprs                                     squares  ↞ ccc6d equilateral
          cccf                 pentagons
          cccg                 hexagons
          ccch                 heptagons
          ccci                 octagons
          cccj                 enneagons; nonagons
          ccck                 decagons
          cccɭ                 hendecagons; undecagons
          cccm                 dodecagons; duodecagons
          cccn                 tridecagons; triskaidecagons
          ccco                 tetradecagons; tetrakaidecagons
          cccp                 pentadecagons; pentakaidecagons
          cccq                 hexadecagons; hexakaidecagons
          cccr                 heptadecagons; heptakaidecagons  
          cccs   [an]                polygons with more than 17 edges
          cccsoqo   ⋄                               icosagons
          ccd            solids; three-dimensional space; 3D
          ccd7                  solid element
          ccd7r                      solid vertices
          ccd7s                      solid edges
          ccd7t                      solid faces
          ccd7u                      solid surfaces
          ccd82   [an]                     amounting to m³; big/small size; volume
          ccd827   [an]                          wide m width
          ccd8277   [an]                               high m height
          ccd8278   [an]                               deep m depth
          ccdU                 cubes  ↞ ccdhfpc cubes
          ccdh                 polyhedra; polyhedrons
          ccdhd                      tetrahedra; tetrahedrons; triangular pyramids
          ccdhe                      pentahedra; pentahedrons
          ccdhf                      hexahedra; hexahedrons
          ccdhfp                           parallelepipeds
          ccdhfpc                                cubes
          ccdy                 spheres
          ccdyau                           spherical surfaces
          cce            four-dimensional space; tetradimensional space
          cp       processes; occurrents; changes  [dynamics]  
          cp5            becoming; changing into
          cpc            continuants; objects; things
          cpe            states; properties  ↞ ae8c binary
          cpo            continued events; durative events
          cpoc                 stochastic changes  
          cpoh                 homeostasis; negative feedbacks; previous equilibria  
          cpoɭ                 cycles; oscillations; repetition; periodicity
          cpon                 attractions; moves to attractor; new equilibrium
          cpop                 positive feedbacks  
          cpv            events; concluded events; done perfect  
          uUdd(91px)c                                     Champagne-Ardenne
Connected classes:
                 065  [cpo]           theorized as undergoing path; process
                 188  [cc]           in absolute time
                 566  [an]           tending towards; regulating to equilibrium value; homeostasis; health  ↞ cpoh 
                 aqk           dynamical systems  [ergodic theory]  ↞ cp 
                 cbYn                now; present time  ↞ cbxprsvxw 
                 cccde                     equilateral triangles  ↞ ccc6e 
                 ccceU                     squares  ↞ cccetprs 
                 cccetph                               rhombuses; lozanges; diamonds  ↞ ccc6d 
                 cccetpr                               rectangles  ↞ ccc6e 
                 cccetprs                                    squares  ↞ ccc6d 
                 ccdU                cubes  ↞ ccdhfpc 
                 d particles; wave-particles; wavicles; quantons  [quantum physics; high energy physics; particle ph.]  ↞ b c 
                 gt72  [cd]                 crystal structure; space group; symmetry group
                 gt726  [cd]                      crystal habit
                 h5c           circular motion  ↞ ccccc 
                 i1      in era; period  [geochronology; stratigraphy]  ↞ cbx 
                 i826  [cccc]                lying at degrees lying angle
                 j8      latitude degrees; primes  ↞ ccdyau 
                 j89           longitude degrees; primes  ↞ ccdyau 
                 t5       social event; social dynamics  ↞ cp 
                 w5       rite; worship; ceremony; liturgy; divine service  ↞ cp 
                 y3mk                clocks  ↞ cb 
                 yssd                physics  ↞ c c d e g 

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