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Expanded class aw

    broader class

          aw       systems; wholes; networks  [general systems theory; cybernetics]  ≈ DDC 003
          aw2            in environment
          aw4            disorders
          aw5            system dynamics
          aw5e                 passive reaction
          aw5i                 active action
          aw5n                 change in attitude
          aw6            mechanicity
          aw6c                 reductionistic; mechanical
          aw6r                 emergent
          aw6y                 holistic
          aw7            organs; differentiated parts; sublevels  
          aw79                 constituents; interchangeable parts
          aw7i                 isolated organs; disintegrative levels
          aw7ɭ                 links; ties; bonds  
          aw9            order states
          aw9d                 order
          aw9h                 chaos
          aw9m                 complexity
          aw9o                 organization
          awg            aggregates  
          awi            integrates  
          awi1   [19]                integration stages
          awi1e                      integrands
          awi1v                      disintegrands
          awi1x                      remains
          awɭ            levels  
          awɭ38   [a]                     emerging from; originated by; produced after; overformed on; depending on lower level  [dynamic ontology; process ontology]
          awɭ5m                      emergence
          awɭ6                 having emergent property
          awɭɭ                 layers; overformed levels; integrative levels
          awɭs                 strata; overbuilt levels  
Connected classes:
                 67  [aw6]       mechanicity
                 77       element; subsystem; constituent; material  ↞ aw 

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6  having property    +
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