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Expanded class aq

    broader class

          aq       functions; equations  [calculus; analysis]  ≈ DDC 515  
          aq96   [an]                having values; range output
          aq98   [an]                at x =; domain input
          aqb            constants  
          aqc            real functions  [real analysis]
          aqd            integrals  [measure; integration]
          aqe            functions of a complex variable
          aqf            potential  [potential theory]
          aqg            several complex variables; analytic spaces
          aqh            special functions
          aqi            ordinary differential equations; ODEs
          aqj            partial differential equations; PDEs
          aqk            dynamical systems  [ergodic theory]  ↞ cp processes
          aqɭ            difference equations; functional equations
          aqm            sequences; series; summability
          aqn            approximations; expansions
          aqo            sinusoidal basis functions  [Fourier analysis]
          aqo9t                      Fourier transform
          aqp            basic waves  [abstract harmonic analysis]
          aqq            integral transforms  [operational calculus]
          aqr            integral equations
          aqs            spaces of functions  [functional analysis]
          aqt            operators  [operator theory]
          aqv            variations  [calculus of variations; optimal control]
Connected classes:
                 at98  [aq]                by equation
                 cccb98  [aq]                          with equation  [differential geometry; differential topology]

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