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Expanded class an8

    broader class

          an8            numerals; decimal digits
          an89                 quantifiers
          an89b                      negative  ↞ anb negative quantities
          an89c                      no  ↞ anc none
          an89d                      single
          an89e                      very few; very little
          an89f                      few; little
          an89i                      middle; average
          an89m                      some; a few; several; positive plural
          an89q                      quite; enough; fairly; rather
          an89u                      many; much
          an89v                      very many; many many; very much
          an89y                      all; the totality
          an8e                 -9
          an8f                 -8
          an8g                 -7
          an8h                 -6
          an8i                 -5
          an8j                 -4
          an8k                 -3
          an8ɭ                 -2
          an8m                 -1
          an8n                 -0  
          an8o                 0
          an8p                 1
          an8q                 2
          an8r                 3
          an8s                 4
          an8t                 5
          an8u                 6
          an8v                 7
          an8w                 8
          an8x                 9
Connected classes:
                 068  [an89]            theory applicability
                 086  [an89]           occurring
                 248  [an89]            centrality
                 286  [an8]           at altitude Km; orthogonal relative position  ↞ j99 
                 52  [an89]       dynamicity
                 525  [an89]            dynamicity change
                 527  [an89]            standard deviation
                 529  [an89]            stability
                 65  [an89]       stability; regularity; continuity
                 668  [an89]            quality
                 74  [an89]       integration; consistency
                 748  [an89]            continuity
                 78  [an89]       complexity; structure; degree of organization
                 785  [an89]            structure change
                 81  [an89]       span measure; sequentual extent; duration; average life
                 82  [an89]       size; magnitude; extent
                 85  [an89]      getting changed quantity
                 86  [an89]      amounting to quantity; amount; intensity; pattern; degree; extent; quantifier
                 87  [an89]       fraction; proportion
                 anbdx  [an8]                     negative hundreds of billions; -1011
                 anbdy  [an8]                     negative tens of billions; -1010
                 anbe  [an8]                negative billions; -109
                 anbf  [an8]                negative hundreds of millions; -108
                 anbg  [an8]                negative tens of millions; -107
                 anbh  [an8]                negative millions; -106
                 anbi  [an8]                negative hundreds of thousands; -105
                 anbj  [an8]                negative tens of thousands; -104
                 anbk  [an8]                negative thousands; -103
                 anbɭ  [an8]                negative hundreds; -102
                 anbm  [an8]                negative tens; -101
                 anbn  [an8]                negative units; -100
                 andw  [an8]                trillionths; pico-; p-; 10-12
                 andx  [an8]                10-11
                 andy  [an8]                10-10
                 ane  [an8]           billionths; nano-; n-; 10-9
                 anf  [an8]           10-8
                 ang  [an8]           10-7
                 anh  [an8]           millionths; micro-; μ-; 10-6; 0.00000
                 ani  [an8]           10-5; 0.0000
                 anj  [an8]           10-4; 0.000
                 ank  [an8]           thousandths; milli-; m-; 10-3; 0.00
                 anɭ  [an8]           hundredths; centi-; c-; 10-2; 0.0
                 anm  [an8]           tenths; deci-; d-; 10-1; 0.
                 anms  [an8]  ⋄                0.4
                 ann  [an8]           units; 100
                 anoX  [an8]                 number of tens
                 anopX  [an8]                      number of units beside one ten
                 anpX  [an8]                 number of hundreds
                 au96  [an8]                 value 0.
                 d96  [an89]           with spin
                 d98  [an89]           with charge
                 e98  [an8]            charge; ionization; ion
                 e988  [an8]                with electronegativity in Pauling scale
                 f86  [an89]           quantity
                 f96  [an89]            acidity
                 f98  [an8]            ionization
                 g66  [an89]            temperature
                 g665  [an89]                 temperature change
                 g78  [an89]            complexity degree
                 g825  [an89]                 growth rate
                 g827  [an89]                 length
                 g8277  [an89]                      height
                 g8279  [an89]                      width
                 g829  [an89]                 area
                 g83  [an89]            mass; weight
                 g837  [an89]                 density; ρ
                 gt686  [an89]                      diaphaneity; transparency; pellucidity
                 i4X  [an8]           Richter magnitude
                 j83  [an8]           at altitude Km a.s.l.; terrain; relief
                 j836  [an8]                sloping tens degrees
                 m48  [an89]            outcome; prognosis; course
                 m81  [an89]           aged years age
                 m827  [an89]                 length; height
                 m83  [an89]            weight
                 mU48  [an89]                 severity; seriousness; prognosis
                 mU84  [an89]                 humanity
                 o848  [an89]                 redundancy
                 p88  [an8]            valence
                 q7ss7Cu                               lengths; quantities; chronemes  ↞ an89 
                 r82  [an89]            size
                 t75  [an89]            literacy class  ↞ sw 
                 t76  [an89]            wealth class  ↞ v7 
                 t764  [an89]                 health condition
                 t87  [an89]           including fraction
                 u87  [an89]            groups  ↞ u5op 
                 v82  [an89]            size
                 w1X  [an8]           millennia
                 w1XX  [an8]                centuries
                 w1XXX  [an8]                     decades
                 w1XXXX  [an8]                          years
                 x81  [an89]            duration
                 x82  [an89]            size
                 y858  [an89]                 cultural diversity

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