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Expanded class al

    broader class

                 algebraic structures  [algebra; abstract algebra]  ≈ DDC 512  
          aɭb            general algebraic systems  [universal algebra]
          aɭgWy            group-like structures
          aɭg            non-closed group-like structures; non-total group-like structures
          aɭge                 semigroupoids
          aɭgp                 groupoids
          aɭi            non-associative group-like structures
          aɭim                 magmas
          aɭiq                 quasigroups
          aɭiu                 loops
          aɭm            non-commutative group-like structures
          aɭme                 semigroups
          aɭmi                 inverse semigroups
          aɭmm                 monoids
          aɭmm7t                           monoid elements
          aɭmm7u                           submonoids
          aɭo            groups  [group theory]
          aɭo7t                      group elements
          aɭo7u                      subgroups
          aɭob                 Abelian groups
          aɭoc                 cyclic groups
          aɭoe                 symmetric groups
          aɭog                 alternating groups
          aɭoh                 dihedral groups
          aɭom                 simple groups
          aɭoms                      sporadic groups
          aɭor                 free groups
          aɭos                 solvable groups
          aɭou                 Lie groups  
          aɭow                 topological groups  ↞ ams families of sets
          aɭr            ring-like structures
          aɭr7t                      ring elements
          aɭr7u                      subrings
          aɭr7ud                           divisor subsets
          aɭr7uɭ                           lateral subsets
          aɭre                 semirings
          aɭrj                 non-associative rings  [non-associative algebra]
          aɭrn                 non-unitary rings; rngs
          aɭrr                 rings  [ring theory; associative algebra]
          aɭrrc                      commutative rings  [commutative algebra]
          aɭrre                      Boolean rings
          aɭrrf                      unique factorization domains
          aɭrri                      principal ideal domains
          aɭrrk                      division rings; skew fields
          aɭrrn                      noetherian rings
          aɭrrr                      Artinian rings
          aɭrru                      Lie rings
          aɭrrx                      fields; polynomials  [field theory]
          aɭrrxn                           number fields
          aɭrrxt                           cyclotomic fields
          aɭt            categories  [category theory]  ↞ ac classes alg non-closed group-like structures
          aɭt7u                      category subsets
          aɭtao                      objects
          aɭtar                      morphisms; arrows
          aɭtc                 pre-additive categories
          aɭtdWy                 additive categories
          aɭte                 pre-Abelian categories
          aɭtɭ                 Abelian categories
          aɭtx                 exact categories
Connected classes:
                 aɭt           categories  [category theory]  ↞ ac alg 
                 c spacetime; space-time; events; pacha  [special relativity]  ↞ bg alo 

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