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Expanded class ag

    broader class

          ag       operations; transformations; maps; morphisms
          ag6   [ag6]            operation property
          ag6i                 associative
          ag6m                 commutative
          ag6p                 idempotent
          ag96   [a]                equal to result
          ag98   [a]                of operand
          ag98kc                           vector spaces
          ag98kt                           topological spaces; continous functions
          ag98ɭt                           categories; functors
          agh            homomorphisms
          agh98   [a]                     of structure
          agh98ɭmm                                     monoids
          agh98ɭo                                groups
          agh98ɭr                                rings
          agh98me                                order homomorphisms; order-preserving functions
          agh98mr                                graphs
          agh98msm                                     matroids
          aghe                 epimorphisms; surjective morphisms
          aghi                 monomorphisms; injective morphisms
          aghm                 isomorphisms; bijective morphisms  ↞ aghe epimorphisms aghi monomorphisms
          aghn                 endomorphisms
          aghu                 automorphisms  ↞ aghm isomorphisms aghn endomorphisms
          agm            sum; union; addition
          agm96   [a]                     equal to sum
          agm98   [a]                     of term; addend; summand
          agm98kt                                topological spaces; topologies
          agm98me                                posets
          agm98msm                                     matroids
          agm98n                           quantities; numbers
          agm98nnr98nnq96nnt   ⋄                                    2 + 3 = 5
          agmd                 disjoint union
          agmo                 ordinal sum
          agn            difference; complement; subtraction  
          agn96   [a]                     equal to difference
          agn98   [a]                     of minuend
          agn983   [a]                          minus subtrahend
          agn98n                           quantities; numbers
          agn98nnt983nnq96nnr   ⋄                                    5 - 2 = 3
          agns                 symmetric difference; exclusive or; xor
          ago            direct-like operations
          agom                 direct sum
          agom98   [a]                          of structure
          agom98kc                                     vector spaces
          agom98msm                                     matroids
          agop                 direct product
          agop98   [a]                          of structure
          agop98ɭmm                                     monoids
          agop98ɭo                                     groups
          agop98ɭt                                     categories
          agp            product; intersection
          agp98   [a]                     of factor
          agp98n                           quantities; numbers
          agp98nnr98nnq96nnu   ⋄                                    3 x 2 = 6
          agpc                 Cartesian product; cross product
          agpc98   [a]                          of structure
          agpc98kt                                     topological spaces; Cartesian topologies
          agpc98me                                     posets
          agpc98mr                                     graphs
          agpe                 semidirect product
          agq            quotient; division; partition
          agqe                 Euclidean division; division with remainder
          agqe96   [an]                          equal to quotient
          agqe966   [an]                               with remainder
          agqe98   [an]                          of dividend
          agqe983   [an]                               by divisor
          agqe98oss983nr   ⋄                                    44 / 3
          agqs                 quotient structure
          agqs98   [a]                          of
          agqs98kt                                     topological spaces; topologies
          agt            tensor-like operations
          agtp                 tensor product
          agtp98   [a]                          of structure
          agtp98mr                                     graphs
          agu            lexicographic product
          agu98   [a]                     of structure
          agu98mr                                graphs
          agw            exponentiation; power
          agw98   [a]                     of base
          agw983   [a]                          raised to the power exponent
          agw98n                           quantities; numbers
          agw98nnq983nnr96nnw   ⋄                                    23 = 8
          agx            nth root
          agx983   [a]                          -th
          agx983nnq                                     square
          agx983nnr                                     cube
          agx98nnx983nnq96nnr   ⋄                                    √9 = 3
          agy            logarithm
          agy98   [a]                     of
          agy983   [a]                          to; base
          agy983nnq                                     2; binary logarithm
          agy983nnqU                                     e; natural logarithm
          agy983nop                                     10; common logarithm
          agy98nous983nnq96nnu   ⋄                                    log264 = 6
Connected classes:
                 51      developed through; by history; evolution  ↞ ag 
                 58  [os]      through; by activity; mechanism; dynamics  ↞ ag 
                 a58  [ag]           through transformation; operation; function; map; morphism
                 ag6  [ag6]            operation property
                 aghm                isomorphisms; bijective morphisms  ↞ aghe aghi 
                 aghu                automorphisms  ↞ aghm aghn 
                 amr5Df                          strong product of graphs  ↞ agp 
                 amr5Dg                          zigzag product of graphs  ↞ agp 
                 amr5Dh                          rooted product of graphs  ↞ agp 

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