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Expanded class ae

    broader class

          ae       relations; correspondences  
          ae23   [a]                from domain
          ae26   [a]                to range; image
          ae28   [a]                in field
          ae33   [a]                from set of departure
          ae36   [a]                to codomain; set of destination
          ae6             relation property
          ae6h                 reflexive
          ae6j                 symmetric  
          ae6ɭ                 transitive
          ae6n                 connected
          ae6q                 equivalent  ↞ ae6h reflexive ae6j symmetric ae6l transitive   
          ae8             arity; adicity; dimension; number of arguments; places  ↞ anai 
          ae8a                 nullary
          ae8b                 unary; properties  [truth logic]
          ae8c                 binary; diadic; 2-place
          ae8d                 ternary; triadic; 3-place
          ae9             cardinality
          ae98   [a]                of argument; term
          ae9b                 one-to-one
          ae9d                 one-to-many
          ae9m                 many-to-one
          ae9n                 many-to-many
          aeb            identity  ↞ ae6q equivalent
          aeb98   [a]                     of term
          aee            equality
          aef            similarity
          aei            inequality
          aem            set membership; belonging
          aem97   [a]                     of instance
          aem98   [a]                     to class
          aep            parthood; part-whole; inclusion  [mereology]
          aep97   [a]                     of part
          aep98   [a]                     in whole
          aepp                 proper part-whole
          aept                 overlap
          aepu                 underlap
          aes            set inclusion; genus-species  
          aes97   [a]                     of species
          aes98   [a]                     in genus
Connected classes:
                 0  [A] as for; seen from; in light of; modelled in perspective; aspect; bias; viewpoint; model; relativity; interpretation; thirdness; phase relationship; dimension γ  ↞ ae 
                 20  [A]      in; within situation; condition; context  ↞ ae 
                 98  [X]      of; for; qualified by; defined by; relative to quality; relation; kind; differentia; function  ↞ ae8c 
                 ae6q                equivalent  ↞ ae6h ae6j ae6l 
                 aeb           identity  ↞ ae6q 
                 amrd                directed graphs  ↞ ae 
                 amrns                     simple graphs  ↞ ae6j 
                 cpe           states; properties  ↞ ae8c 

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Facets key
0  as for perspective +
1  at time            +
2  in place           +
3  by agent           +
4  opposed to         +
5  undergoing change  +
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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