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Expanded class X

    broader class

          -X       some; any; unspecified indeterminative
          -XY            what; which; x; unknown variables
          X  something single rank; main classes
          XA       something any number of ranks
          XX        first-rank subclasses
          XXX             second-rank subclasses
          Xa       x0
          Xb       x1
          Xc       x2  
Connected classes:
                 1  [X] at position; sequential position; moment; stage; time
                 2  [X] in situation; condition; context; place
                 37  [X]      through; by tool; catalyzer
                 38  [X]      resulting from force; pressure
                 4  [X] contrasting; versus; facing; limited by opposition; disorder; secondness
                 5  [X] transformation; change; variation; process; mechanism; dynamics
                 6  [X] having; being property; state; feature; attribute; form; firstness
                 7  [X] part; organ; component
                 8  [X] consisting in quantity; intensity; degree; extent
                 818  [X]           lasting standard duration measure
                 825  [X]            growth rate
                 827  [X]            length; x axis
                 8277  [X]                 height; z axis
                 8278  [X]                 width; y axis
                 828  [X]            size measure; volume
                 829  [X]            extent; area
                 83  [X]       consistence; consistency
                 840  [X]           half-
                 9  [X] of; for; qualified by; defined by; relative to quality; specification; relation; kind; differentia
                 91  [X]      of sequential position; moment; time
                 92  [X]      of context; place; range; milieu
                 93  [X]      of origin; author; provenance; descendance
                 94  [X]      anti; against defining opposition; disturb
                 95  [X]      doing qualifying transformation; process; procedure; participle
                 96  [X]      having; for defining property; product
                 97  [X]      with qualifying part
                 974  [X]           without; lacking missing part
                 98  [X]      of; for; qualified by; defined by; relative to quality; relation; kind; differentia; function  ↞ ae8c 
                 99  [X]       special quality
                 a6  [X]       property
                 a8  [X]       number
                 a89  [X]            amount
                 a9  [X]       kind
                 c5  [X]       spatiotemporal transformation
                 c6  [X]       spatiotemporal property
                 c7  [X]       spatiotemporal element
                 c9  [X]       spatiotemporal kind
                 cc6  [X]            property
                 cc7  [X]            element
                 cc9  [X]            kind
                 f7  [X]       molecular structure
                 f9  [X]       kind
                 h9  [X]       body kind
                 k7  [X]       region
                 k97  [X]            host
                 ɭ7  [X]       cell organ
                 m37  [X]            symbiont; fertilizer
                 m4  [X]      affected by disease; pest  [pathology]
                 m49  [X]           showing; feeling; reflected by; manifested as symptom; sign  [symptomatology]
                 m6  [X]       trait; character  [morphology]
                 m7  [X]       organ; viscus; organ system; body system  [anatomy]
                 m79  [X]            tissue  [histology]
                 m97  [X]           with qualifying organ
                 m974  [X]                without; lacking missing organ
                 n09  [X]           according to ecological theory
                 p7  [X]       faculty; skill
                 q79  [X]            structural type
                 r43  [X]           damaged by pest
                 r59  [X]            special operation
                 r69  [X]            production approach
                 r76  [X]           exploiting part
                 r77  [X]           from; exploiting resource
                 rɭ77  [X]                exploiting crop; species
                 s1  [X]      at stage
                 s2  [X]      in facility; infrastructure
                 s3  [X]      by special tool; equipment; utensil; instrument
                 s4  [X]       failure
                 s5  [X]       operation
                 s6  [X]       service property
                 s7  [X]       special material
                 s77  [X]            special resource
                 s9  [X]       service kind
                 s94  [X]           dealing with pest; disease; problem
                 s96  [X]           for beneficiary
                 s98  [X]           of kind
                 s988  [X]                of kind measure
                 su7  [X]            part; component
                 w3  [X]      practiced by
                 w8  [X]      outcome
                 x3  [X]      by art tool; instrument; equipment
                 x8  [X]       pace; rhythm; cadence
                 x89  [X]            mode
                 y9  [X]       tradition; school  ↞ yo 
                 ys9  [X]            tradition; school

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0  as for perspective +
1  at time            +
2  in place           +
3  by agent           +
4  opposed to         +
5  undergoing change  +
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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