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Expanded class U

    broader class

          -U       those; the typical favoured subclass in the present context
          -UA            those first
          U   [px91] persons by birth time generally typical class
          UX       persons by birth millennium
          UXX            persons by birth century
          Um       persons born in 2nd millennium BCE
          Un       persons born in 1st millennium BCE
          Uni            persons born in 6th century BCE; Gautama Buddha
          Unig                 persons born in 579-570 BCE; Pythagoras
          Uniim                      persons born in 551 BCE; Confucius
          Unik                 persons born in 539-530 BCE; Heraclitus
          Unim                 persons born in 519-510 BCE; Parmenides
          Unj            persons born in 5th century BCE
          Unjg                 persons born in 470-479 BCE; Socrates; Mozi
          Unjɭ                 persons born in 420-429 BCE; Plato
          Unk            persons born in 4th century BCE
          Unkfj                      persons born in 384 BCE; Aristotle
          Unkih                      persons born in 356 BCE; Alexander III of Macedon the Great
          Unkjm                      persons born in 341 BCE; Epicurus
          Unɭ            persons born in 3rd century BCE
          Unɭf                 persons born in 289-280 BCE; Archimedes
          Unm            persons born in 2nd century BCE
          Unn            persons born in 1st century BCE
          Unngn                      persons born in 70 BCE; Virgil
          Unnnj                      persons born in 4 BCE; Jesus Christ
          Uo       persons born in 1st millennium CE
          Uoo            persons born in 1st century
          Uooo                 persons born in 1-10 CE; Paul the Apostle; Saul of Tarsus
          Uop            persons born in 2nd century
          Uoq            persons born in 3rd century
          Uor            persons born in 4th century+
          Uorts                      persons born in 354 CE; Augustine of Hippo
          Uos            persons born in 5th century
          Uosv                 persons born in 470-479 CE; Boethius
          Uot            persons born in 6th century
          Uotvo                      persons born in 570; Muhammad
          Uou            persons born in 7th century
          Uov            persons born in 8th century
          Uovw                 persons born in 780-789; al-Khwarizmi
          Uow            persons born in 9th century
          Uox            persons born in 10th century
          Uoxwo                      persons born in 980; Ibn Sina; Avicenna
          Up       persons born in 2nd millennium CE
          Upo            persons born in 11th century
          Uposw                      persons born in 1048; Omar Khayyam
          Upp            persons born in 12th century
          Uppqu                      persons born in 1126; Ibn Rushd; Averroes
          Upq            persons born in 13th century
          Upqoo                      persons born in 1200; Dōgen Zenji
          Upqqt                      persons born in 1225; Thomas Aquinas
          Upqu                 persons born in 1260-1269; Dante Alighieri
          Upr            persons born in 14th century
          Upros                      persons born in 1304; Petrarch
          Uprrq                      persons born in 1332; Ibn Khaldun
          Ups            persons born in 15th century
          Upstp                      persons born in 1451; Christopher Columbus
          Upstq                      persons born in 1452; Leonardo da Vinci
          Upsvr                      persons born in 1473; Nicolaus Copernicus
          Upsvt                      persons born in 1475; Michelangelo
          Upt            persons born in 16th century
          Uptsv                      persons born in 1547; Miguel de Cervantes
          Uptus                      persons born in 1564
          Uptusd                           persons born in February 1-15, 1564; Galileo Galilei
          Uptusi                           persons born in April 16-30, 1564; William Shakespeare
          Uptvp                      persons born in 1571; Johannes Kepler
          Uptvv                      persons born in 1577; Peter Paul Rubens
          Uptww                      people born in 1588; Thomas Hobbes
          Uptxu                      persons born in 1596; René Descartes
          Upu            persons born in 17th century
          Upuou                      persons born in 1606; Rembrandt
          Upuqq                      persons born in 1622; Molière
          Upuqr                      persons born in 1623; Blaise Pascal
          Upurq                      people born in 1632
          Upurqq                           persons born in August 16-31, 1632; John Locke
          Upurqw                           persons born in November 16-30, 1632; Baruch Spinoza
          Upusq                      persons born in 1642; Isaac Newton
          Upusu                      persons born in 1646; Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
          Upuwt                      persons born in 1685; Johann Sebastian Bach
          Upuxs                      persons born in 1694; Voltaire
          Upv            persons born in 18th century
          Upvov                      persons born in 1707
          Upvovh                           persons born in April 1-15, 1707; Leonhard Euler
          Upvovk                           persons born in May 16-31, 1707; Carl Linnaeus
          Upvpp                      persons born in 1711; David Hume
          Upvpq                      persons born in 1712; Jean-Jacques Rousseau
          Upvqs                      persons born in 1724; Immanuel Kant
          Upvru                      persons born in 1736; Joseph-Louis Lagrange
          Upvsx                      persons born in 1749; J. W. Goethe
          Upvux                      persons born in 1769; Napoleon
          Upvvo                      persons born in 1770
          Upvvoq                           persons born in August 16-31, 1770; Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
          Upvvoy                           persons born in December 16-31, 1770; Ludwig van Beethoven
          Upvvv                      persons born in 1777; Carl Friedrich Gauss
          Upvxw                      persons born in 1798; Auguste Comte
          Upw            persons born in 19th century
          Upwox                      persons born in 1809
          Upwoxce   ⋄                               persons born on 19 January 1809; Edgar Allan Poe
          Upwoxdm                                persons born on 12 February 1809
          Upwoxdme                                     persons born on 12 February 1809 at 3 AM; Charles Darwin
          Upwoxdmh                                     persons born on 12 February 1809 at 6 AM; Abraham Lincoln
          Upwpt                      persons born in 1815; Ada Lovelace
          Upwpw                      persons born in 1818; Karl Marx
          Upwpx                      persons born in 1819; Queen Victoria
          Upwrp                      persons born in 1831; James Clerk Maxwell
          Upwrx                      persons born in 1839; Charles Sanders Peirce
          Upwtr                      persons born in 1853; Vincent van Gogh
          Upwts                      persons born in 1854; Henri Poincaré
          Upwtu                      persons born in 1856; Sigmund Freud
          Upwuq                      persons born in 1862; David Hilbert
          Upwux                      persons born in 1869; Mahatma Gandhi
          Upwvo                      persons born in 1870; Lenin
          Upwvq                      persons born in 1872; Bertrand Russell
          Upwvx                      persons born in 1879; Albert Einstein
          Upwwp                      persons born in 1881; Pablo Picasso
          Upwxs                      persons born in 1894; Norbert Wiener
          Upx            persons born in 20th century
          Upxoq                      persons born in 1902; Paul Dirac
          Upxor                      persons born in 1903
          Upxorv                           persons born in November 1-15, 1903; Konrad Lorenz
          Upxory                           persons born in December 16-31, 1903; John von Neumann
          Upxou                      persons born in 1906; Kurt Gödel
          Upxpq                      persons born in 1912; Alan Turing
          Upxpw                      persons born in 1918; Nelson Mandela
          Upxqw                      persons born in 1928; Stanley Kubrick
          Upxqx                      persons born in 1929; Martin Luther King
          Upxrp                      persons born in 1931; Michail Gorbačëv
          Upxru                      persons born in 1936; Jorge Mario Bergoglio pope Francis
          Upxso                      persons born in 1940; Pele
          Upxtt                      persons born in 1955
          Upxttɭ                           persons born in June 1-15, 1955; Tim Berners-Lee
          Uq       persons born in 3rd millennium CE
          Uqo            persons born in 21th century
          Uqoor                      persons born in 2003
          Uqoorb                           persons born in January 1-15, 2003; Greta Thunberg
Connected classes:
                 003  [U]           by author; creator
                 0032  [U]                distributed by distributor
                 0033  [U]                published by publisher
                 00337  [U]                     printed by printer; typographer
                 0035  [U]                translated by translator
                 0036  [U]                presented to; Festschrift for honoured author
                 0037  [U]                with contribution by contributing author
                 0038  [U]                edited by editor
                 033  [U]           studied by researcher
                 083  [U]           as helped by friend character
                 084  [U]           as opposed by evil force; enemy
                 087  [U]           as with character
                 31  [U]      evolved from originator
                 33  [U]      made by; produced; created by creator; author; producer
                 34  [U]      interacting with; communicating with; reciprocally influencing interagent
                 35  [U]      played by; steered by operator
                 357  [U]           through collaborator; mediator; influencer
                 px93  [U]                born from; descendant of ancestor  [genealogy]
                 px933  [U]                     grandson of; nephew of grandparent
                 px9337  [U]                          grandson of grandfather; grandpa
                 px9338  [U]                          grandson of grandmother; grandma
                 px937  [U]                     niece of uncle
                 px9377  [U]                          niece of male uncle
                 px9378  [U]                          niece of aunt
                 px938  [U]                     son of; daughter of parent
                 px9387  [U]                          son of father
                 px9388  [U]                          son of mother
                 q33  [U]           by speaker; sender
                 q36  [U]           to addressee; receiver
                 r33  [U]           made by producer
                 r333  [U]                designed by; invented by designer; inventor
                 r35  [U]           controlled by; handled by; steered by; manoeuvred by manipulator; driver
                 s33  [U]           provided by worker
                 t35  [U]           led by leader
                 t43  [U]           perturbed by rebel; insurgent; mutinous
                 u35  [U]           ruled by; governed by ruler
                 uUu917pwup                                    presidency of Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865  ↞ Upwoxdmh 
                 w35  [U]           administered by; organized by; played by officiant; player
                 w93  [U]           founded by master
                 x35  [U]           performed by performer
                 x67  [U]           with character
                 x674  [U]                opposed by evil character; enemy
                 x675  [U]                for beneficiary character
                 x677  [U]                helped by friend character
                 x678  [U]                with hero; protagonist
                 x93  [U]           created by artist
                 y33  [U]           introduced by innovator; inventor
                 y35  [U]           by learned person; knower; apprentice; scholar; intellectual
                 y352  [U]                distributed by distributor
                 y353  [U]                published by publisher; publishing house
                 y3537  [U]                     printed by printer
                 y355  [U]                translated by translator
                 y356  [U]                presented to; dedicated to; Festschrift for honoured author
                 y357  [U]                with contribution by contributor
                 y358  [U]                edited by editor
                 y93  [U]           by thinker; master; author; creator

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