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Expanded class A

    broader class

          -A       all; the entirety position 0 in chain; universal quantifier  
          AW(Z)                                     the deictics; constants; known; preferred classes; shortened notations
          A  reality; being; everything; the world; the universe general class  [metaphysics; general philosophy]  ≈ DDC 000 110
          Aa       absolute; apeiron; logos; Tao; brahman; God; noumena; dyamical objects the indifferentiated whole; total symmetry; anything  [mystic; theology]  
Connected classes:
                 0  [A] as for; seen from; in light of; modelled in perspective; aspect; bias; viewpoint; model; relativity; interpretation; thirdness; phase relationship; dimension γ  ↞ ae 
                 00  [A]      as attested in; testified; witnessed; recorded; reported in document; carrier; medium; specimen; knowledge item; dimension δ  ↞ y7 
                 000  [A]           as kept in knowledge context; collection theme; dimension ε
                 0000  [A]                as relevant to information need; dimension ζ
                 00000  [A]                     as accessed by people; dimension η  ↞ ua 
                 030  [A]           exemplified by study case; sample; specimen; example; ofness
                 04  [A]      viewing; modeling; simulating; representing; interpreting modeled knowledge
                 060  [A]           theorized as rationale
                 0640  [A]                theorized as interacting with interacting phenomenon
                 080  [A]           as looking for quest; mission; objective
                 10  [A]      during; at the same time as contemporary phenomena
                 104  [A]           moment of; sequential position of
                 140  [A]           before subsequent phenomenon
                 20  [A]      in; within situation; condition; context  ↞ ae 
                 204  [A]           hosting; place of; venue of hosted phenomenon; event
                 30  [A]      due to; determinated by; explained by cause; aitia; less affected phenomenon
                 304  [A]           producing; making; explaining product; effect
                 310  [A]           evolved from; come from previous stage; origin; background; source; provenance; phylogeny  [phylogenetics]
                 3140  [A]                becoming; evolving into
                 3304  [A]                creating; making creation; artifact
                 340  [A]           interacting with other phenomenon
                 360  [A]           towards; for goal; purpose; destination; potential; sake; final cause  [teleonomy; teleology]
                 370  [A]           through; exposed to; subjected to factor; mean; mediator; external tool
                 3704  [A]                influencing influenced phenomenon
                 380  [A]           because of; entailed by; result of reason; rationale; premise
                 40  [A]      opposed to; contrary to; different from; alternative to; complementary to; facing opposed phenomenon; disturbance; secondness
                 50  [A]      through transformation; change; external process
                 504  [A]           changing; transforming; acting on affected object
                 60  [A]      having; being; featuring external property; state; feature; form; firstness
                 604  [A]           qualifying; characterizing
                 680  [A]           equal to; identical to correspondent phenomenon
                 6804  [A]                different from; dissimilar from; unlike different phenomenon
                 6880  [A]                similar to; like alike phenomenon
                 70  [A]      with; made of substance; matter; material; material cause; external system as part
                 704  [A]           belonging to; part of whole
                 80  [A]      as much as
                 804  [A]           measure of
                 810  [A]           as long as equally long phenomena
                 8110  [A]                shorter than longer phenomena
                 81140  [A]                     longer than shorter phenomenon
                 820  [A]           as big as equally big phenomena
                 8210  [A]                smaller than greater phenomena
                 82140  [A]                     greater than smaller phenomena
                 880  [A]           as many as
                 8810  [A]                less than more numerous phenomenon
                 88140  [A]                     more than less numerous phenomenon
                 90  [A]      of; for; coping with; dealing with related phenomenon; application; function; sector; subject device
                 904  [A]           qualifying qualified phenomenon
                 970  [A]           of substance; material
                 u90  [A]           administering matter; jurisdiction

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2  in place           +
3  by agent           +
4  opposed to         +
5  undergoing change  +
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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