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Expanded class 5

    broader class

          5   [X] transformation; change; variation; process; mechanism; dynamics
          5(Y)       undergo actual change
          50   [A]      through transformation; change; external process
          504   [A]           changing; transforming; acting on affected object
          51       developed through; by history; evolution  ↞ ag operations   
          51i            beginning; start
          51k            first stages
          51m            developing
          51n            young
          51p            apex
          51q            decline
          51r            end
          52   [an89]       dynamicity
          525   [an89]            dynamicity change
          527   [an89]            standard deviation
          528   [an]            dynamicity measure
          529   [an89]            stability
          529f                 unstable; changeable; variable
          529u                 stable
          52c            non dynamic; still
          52f            slow
          52m            dynamic
          52u            quick
          53       undergoing operation; action
          55        process change; innovation
          56        way; behaviour; course; proceeding
          562   [uU]           towards term; aimed point; situation; promised land
          566   [an]           tending towards; regulating to equilibrium value; homeostasis; health  ↞ cpoh homeostasis
          568            according to path; procedure; checklist; schedule; chart
          57       stage
          58   [os]      through; by activity; mechanism; dynamics  ↞ ag operations   
          59       through special process; internal process
          5V       thus
          mp370j(5kn)                                     wind
Connected classes:
                 awi1  [51]                integration stages
                 h91  [51]            evolutionary stage
                 m8       growth stage; developmental stage  [ontogeny; embryology]  ↞ 51 
                 n1  [51]      at evolutionary stage  [evolutionary biology]
                 n5t           extinction  ↞ 51r 
                 ny1  [51]           at development stage; growth stage; age

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3  by agent           +
4  opposed to         +
5  undergoing change  +
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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