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Expanded class 00

    broader class

          00   [A]      as attested in; testified; witnessed; recorded; reported in document; carrier; medium; specimen; knowledge item; dimension δ  ↞ y7 
          000   [A]           as kept in knowledge context; collection theme; dimension ε
          0000   [A]                as relevant to information need; dimension ζ
          00000   [A]                     as accessed by people; dimension η  ↞ ua 
          000000                           as known by cognitive ability
          000003   [t7]                          as accessed by people class
          0007   [sx]                as collected in document collection
          0007ɭ                      libraries
          0007mu                           museums
          001   [w1]           produced in; published in publication time
          002   [uU]           produced in; published in publication region
          003   [U]           by author; creator
          0032   [U]                distributed by distributor
          0033   [U]                published by publisher
          00337   [U]                     printed by printer; typographer
          0035   [U]                translated by translator
          0036   [U]                presented to; Festschrift for honoured author
          0037   [U]                with contribution by contributing author
          0038   [U]                edited by editor
          003ptuse   ⋄                                    William Shakespeare
          004   [y]           commenting on commented resource
          0043   [y]                building on; developing on; continuing basic resource
          0044   [y]                criticizing; opposing; against criticized resource
          0045   [y]                answering answered resource
          0046   [y]                commenting favourably; propaganda of
          0047   [y]                summarizing summarized resource
          0048   [y]                reviewing reviewed resource
          005   [qv]           in language  
          0053   [qv]                translated from original language
          0055   [qv]                paraphrased from original language
          0056   [q69]                 style; rhetorical strategy
          0058   [xl]                in literary form
          006   [t7]           treated for target; public
          0061   [uw]                for school level
          007   [yd]           as in document format
          0074   [s4]                corrupted by damage
          008   [an]           as in KB document size
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0  as for perspective +
1  at time            +
2  in place           +
3  by agent           +
4  opposed to         +
5  undergoing change  +
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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