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ILC developing version
Expanded class

          W                                     everything until
          Wj                                     material nature; psysical nature; inanimated entities
          Wo                                     nature
          Wq                                     non-artificial phenomena
          -WWİ  then coordinated class sharing no letter in ordered ser
          -W  spanning to
          -WA  and; together with coordinated class sharing no letter; joint class
          -WB  and coordinated class sharing one letter
          -WC  and coordinated class sharing two letters
          -WD  and coordinated class sharing three letters
          -WE  and coordinated class sharing four letters
          -WF  and coordinated class sharing five letters
          -WG  and coordinated class sharing six letters
          -WH  and coordinated class sharing seven letters
          -Wİ  and coordinated class sharing eight letters
          -WJ  and coordinated class sharing nine letters
          -WK  and coordinated class sharing ten letters
          -WT  then coordinated class in ordered series
          -We   ⋄ spanning to -e
          -A       all; the entirety position 0 in chain; universal quantifier  
          -B        position 1 in this chain; facet generalizer
          -C        position 2 in this chain; facet generalizer
          -D        position 3 in this chain; facet generalizer
          -T       as in another KOS standard subclasses from another scheme, e.g. ILC3
          -U       those; the typical favoured subclass in the present context
          -UA            those first
          -V       these; present; current demonstrative
          -X       some; any; unspecified indeterminative
          -XY            what; which; x; unknown variables
          -Y       the; actual; real; particular determinative; instance; name; proper noun
          -YU             prescriptive; instructional; imperative
          -YX            are...?; is it true? interrogative
          -YZ            it is these which rheme
          -Z       the mentioned; the following; that abbreviation; internal reference; phoric  
          -ZZ            the previously mentioned
          0   [A] as for; seen from; in light of; modelled in perspective; aspect; bias; viewpoint; model; relativity; interpretation; thirdness; phase relationship; dimension γ  ↞ ae relations
          0(Y)       are seen from
          00   [A]      as attested in; testified; witnessed; recorded; reported in document; carrier; medium; specimen; knowledge item; dimension δ  ↞ y7 
          000   [A]           as kept in knowledge context; collection theme; dimension ε
          0000   [A]                as relevant to information need; dimension ζ
          00000   [A]                     as accessed by people; dimension η  ↞ ua 
          000000                           as known by cognitive ability
          000003   [t7]                          as accessed by people class
          0007   [sx]                as collected in document collection
          0007ɭ                      libraries
          0007mu                           museums
          001   [w1]           produced in; published in publication time
          002   [uU]           produced in; published in publication region
          003   [U]           by author; creator
          0032   [U]                distributed by distributor
          0033   [U]                published by publisher
          00337   [U]                     printed by printer; typographer
          0035   [U]                translated by translator
          0036   [U]                presented to; Festschrift for honoured author
          0037   [U]                with contribution by contributing author
          0038   [U]                edited by editor
          003ptuse   ⋄                                    William Shakespeare
          004   [y]           commenting on commented resource
          0043   [y]                building on; developing on; continuing basic resource
          0044   [y]                criticizing; opposing; against criticized resource
          0045   [y]                answering answered resource
          0046   [y]                commenting favourably; propaganda of
          0047   [y]                summarizing summarized resource
          0048   [y]                reviewing reviewed resource
          005   [qv]           in language  
          0053   [qv]                translated from original language
          0055   [qv]                paraphrased from original language
          0056   [q69]                 style; rhetorical strategy
          0058   [xl]                in literary form
          006   [t7]           treated for target; public
          0061   [uw]                for school level
          007   [yd]           as in document format
          0074   [s4]                corrupted by damage
          008   [an]           as in KB document size
          01   [w1]      as known in historical period
          02   [uU]      as known in region
          026   [ty]           as known in culture; civilization  
          03   [y5c]      studied by general research method  
          030   [A]           exemplified by study case; sample; specimen; example; ofness
          031   [y]           studied through research stage
          032   [y12]           studied in research environment
          033   [U]           studied by researcher
          035   [y5]           studied through research procedure
          037   [s]           using research tool
          038   [y]           studied using source
          039            studied by special method
          04   [A]      viewing; modeling; simulating; representing; interpreting modeled knowledge
          05   [q9]      conveying communicative function; act  
          06   [ysh9]      according to general theory; world view; Weltanschauung  
          060   [A]           theorized as rationale  
          060a   ⋄                rationality
          060d   ⋄                inherent nature
          060o   ⋄                intuition
          060t   ⋄                rule
          060u   ⋄                authority
          060v   ⋄                negotiation
          060w   ⋄                tradition
          0630   ⋄                ascribed to theorized agent; explanatory phenomenon  
          0630an   ⋄                          numbers; numerology
          0630g   ⋄                     matter; materialism
          0630j   ⋄                     natural phenomena
          0630p   ⋄                     intentional individuals
          0630q   ⋄                     meaning; hermeneutics
          0630r   ⋄                     artifacts
          0630v   ⋄                     organizations
          0630wo   ⋄                          spirit; spiritualism
          0640   [A]                theorized as interacting with interacting phenomenon  
          065   [cpo]           theorized as undergoing path; process  
          068   [an89]            theory applicability  
          068e                 situation-specific; idiographic
          068i                 partly generalizable
          068v                 highly generalizable; nomothetic
          07   [ys]      studied in discipline; field
          073   [t7]           among discourse community; social domain
          076   [s]           applied to activity field; sphere; domain; application  
          0760sj   ⋄                          welfare
          0760sw   ⋄                          education
          0760u   ⋄                     politics
          0760v   ⋄                     economy
          0760x   ⋄                     arts
          0760y   ⋄                     intellectual activities
          08   [y84]       veracity; fictionality
          080   [A]           as looking for quest; mission; objective
          081   [w1]           as set at time; epoch
          082   [uU]           as set in region
          083   [U]           as helped by friend character
          084   [U]           as opposed by evil force; enemy
          085   [os]           as narrated in story; plot
          086   [an89]           occurring
          086f                 sometimes; occasional; accidental; syntagmatical
          086y                 always; semantical
          087   [U]           as with character
          088   [an]            probability; likelihood  ↞ au probabilities
          08f            fictional
          08g            allegorical
          09       according to special theory
          1   [X] at position; sequential position; moment; stage; time
          1(Y)       are at
          10   [A]      during; at the same time as contemporary phenomena
          104   [A]           moment of; sequential position of
          10V            present; now
          10tywr   ⋄                          World War II
          11   [an]      at; ranked rank; ordinal number, place in classification
          11np                 first; #1
          11nq                 second; #2
          11nr                 third; #3
          12   [w1]      in moment; period; temporal context
          13   [w1]      from; since; beginning at; originated at start time
          134   [w1]           until; ending at end time
          14   [w1]      before subsequent time
          140   [A]           before subsequent phenomenon
          144   [w1]           after preceding time
          144V                 in the future
          14V            in the past
          15   [j189]      at day time
          157   [j179]           in day part
          157m   ⋄                morning
          15n   ⋄           noon
          16   [j1]      in date
          165   [j159]           on week day
          165b   ⋄                Sunday
          166   [j169]           in lunar phase
          167   [j19]           in season
          17   [w1]      in historical time
          17pU   ⋄                Middle Ages
          17pxux   ⋄                          1969
          18   [i1]      in age; geological era
          188   [cc]           in absolute time
          18ge   ⋄                Pleistocene
          19       at special stage; step; phase; event
          2   [X] in situation; condition; context; place
          2(Y)       are in
          20   [A]      in; within situation; condition; context  ↞ ae relations
          204   [A]           hosting; place of; venue of hosted phenomenon; event
          20V            here; in this condition
          21   [an]      in position; rank; spatial sequence
          214   [uU]           in front of; before (spatial) place behind
          216   [uU]           above; upon lower place
          218   [uU]           on the left of place on the right
          21nb                 first
          21y            last
          22   [jU]      near zone; area
          23   [jU]      from provenance; origin
          234   [jU]           towards destination
          237   [j7]           from cardinal direction
          24   [jU]      away from; outside far place; elsewhere
          248   [an89]            centrality
          248f   ⋄                peripheral
          248u   ⋄                central
          25   [ny]      in; within environment; niche; context; set; system; milieu; site; seat; venue; atelier; workroom
          256   [j39]           in regime; climate
          26   [j7]      towards cardinal point; sector
          27   [uU]      in region; place
          276   [jU]           in geographical region; area; basin
          28   [j8]      at latitude degrees; relative position
          286   [an8]           at altitude Km; orthogonal relative position  ↞ j99 
          288   [j88]           at longitude degrees; complementary position
          28ju   ⋄                Equator
          29       in special place; region; location
          3  by agent; actor
          3(Y)       are affected by
          30   [A]      due to; determinated by; explained by cause; aitia; less affected phenomenon
          304   [A]           producing; making; explaining product; effect
          31   [U]      evolved from originator
          310   [A]           evolved from; come from previous stage; origin; background; source; provenance; phylogeny  [phylogenetics]
          3140   [A]                becoming; evolving into
          32   [uU]      native to; of homeland; motherland
          33   [U]      made by; produced; created by creator; author; producer
          330            caused by efficient cause; causation
          3304   [A]                creating; making creation; artifact
          34   [U]      interacting with; communicating with; reciprocally influencing interagent  
          340   [A]           interacting with other phenomenon
          35   [U]      played by; steered by operator
          357   [U]           through collaborator; mediator; influencer
          36   [t7]      for beneficiary; patient; assistee; addressee
          360   [A]           towards; for goal; purpose; destination; potential; sake; final cause  [teleonomy; teleology]  
          37   [X]      through; by tool; catalyzer
          370   [A]           through; exposed to; subjected to factor; mean; mediator; external tool
          3704   [A]                influencing influenced phenomenon
          38   [X]      resulting from force; pressure
          380   [A]           because of; entailed by; result of reason; rationale; premise
          39       with; by special tool; instrument; equipment
          3X       something
          4   [X] contrasting; versus; facing; limited by opposition; disorder; secondness
          4(Y)       is opposed to
          40   [A]      opposed to; contrary to; different from; alternative to; complementary to; facing opposed phenomenon; disturbance; secondness
          41       passing through crisis; critical stage
          42       limited by; conditioned by; facing problematic context; pitfall; trap
          43       conflicting with; altered by; tainted by; damaged by; weakened by antagonist; anti-agent; enemy; inhibitor; impactant; negative factor
          431            tainted by taint; inherited limitation
          434            against; contrasting; opposing risk; target; enemy
          44       ending by destruction; suppression; elimination; death
          45       undergoing malfunction; crisis; perturbation; deterioration; alteration course
          46       having symptom
          47       worsened by hindrance; obstruction; obstacle; negative factor; inhibitor; impactant; handicap; snag; hitch; holdback
          474            altered from; disintegrated from; former; ex; changed after; transformed from
          48       constrained by; forced; coerced by restriction; rule
          49        special disorder; problem; fault; abnormality
          5   [X] transformation; change; variation; process; mechanism; dynamics
          5(Y)       undergo actual change
          50   [A]      through transformation; change; external process
          504   [A]           changing; transforming; acting on affected object
          51       developed through; by history; evolution  ↞ ag operations   
          51i            beginning; start
          51k            first stages
          51m            developing
          51n            young
          51p            apex
          51q            decline
          51r            end
          52   [an89]       dynamicity
          525   [an89]            dynamicity change
          527   [an89]            standard deviation
          528   [an]            dynamicity measure
          529   [an89]            stability
          529f                 unstable; changeable; variable
          529u                 stable
          52c            non dynamic; still
          52f            slow
          52m            dynamic
          52u            quick
          53       undergoing operation; action
          55        process change; innovation
          56        way; behaviour; course; proceeding
          562   [uU]           towards term; aimed point; situation; promised land
          566   [an]           tending towards; regulating to equilibrium value; homeostasis; health  ↞ cpoh homeostasis
          568            according to path; procedure; checklist; schedule; chart
          57       stage
          58   [os]      through; by activity; mechanism; dynamics  ↞ ag operations   
          59       through special process; internal process
          5V       thus
          6   [X] having; being property; state; feature; attribute; form; firstness
          6(Y)       have
          60   [A]      having; being; featuring external property; state; feature; form; firstness
          604   [A]           qualifying; characterizing
          60a            logical
          60bb                 diachronical
          60bc                 spatial
          60bcb                      linear
          60bcc                      flat
          60bccbc                                circular
          60bcceU                                squared
          60bcd                      tree-dimensional; solid
          60bcdU                           cubic
          60bcdhfp                                     parallelepiped
          60bcdy                           spherical
          60bp                 dynamical; processual
          60bpe                      static
          60bpoc                           stochastic
          60e            atomical
          60f            chemical
          60g            material
          60gg                 gaseous
          60gɭ                 liquid
          60gs                 solid
          60h            celestial
          60i            mineral
          60j            geographical
          60k            genetic
          60m            living
          60n            wild; natural
          60o            instinctive; spontaneous; impulsive
          60p            conscious
          60q            verbal; linguistic
          60r            religious; sacred; holy
          60s            social
          60t            official
          60u            economical
          60v            technological
          60w            artificial
          60x            artistic
          60y            intellectual
          61        epoch
          615             developing; aging
          619   [an]            age
          62        shape
          63        tradition; history
          64       violating; disobeying regulation; norm; requirement; obligation
          65   [an89]       stability; regularity; continuity
          65f   ⋄           unstable
          65u   ⋄           stable
          66       agreeing with; conforming to; à la template; standard; reference; pattern; regulation; norm requirement; obligation; restraint
          661             style of epoch
          662             local style
          668   [an89]            quality
          668f                 bad; poor
          668u                 good
          67   [aw6]       mechanicity
          67c   ⋄           mechanical
          67r   ⋄           emergent
          67y   ⋄           holistic
          68   [g8]      appearance; look; colour
          680   [A]           equal to; identical to correspondent phenomenon
          6804   [A]                different from; dissimilar from; unlike different phenomenon
          687             facet; aspect
          6880   [A]                similar to; like alike phenomenon
          68e   ⋄           blue
          68r   ⋄           red
          69        special property
          6V       such
          7   [X] constituent; part
          7(Y)       have as part
          70   [A]      with; made of substance; matter; material; material cause; external system as part
          704   [A]           belonging to; part of whole
          71        span; period; interval
          72        sector; portion  
          73        tie; link; bond
          74   [an89]       integration; consistency
          748   [an89]            continuity
          748c                 discrete
          748y                 continuous
          74b            detached parts
          74c            independent parts
          74f            partially autonomous parts; federated; mechanical
          74m            integrated; emergent
          74u            very integrated; holistic
          75        organ; role; internal function
          76        material; stuff; substance
          77        element; subsystem; component  ↞ aw systems   
          78   [an89]       complexity; structure; degree of organization
          785   [an89]            structure change
          785f                 getting simpler
          785u                 getting complex
          788            made of quantity of elements; pieces
          78f            simple
          78u            complex
          79        special part
          8   [X] consisting in quantity; intensity; degree; extent
          8(Y)       consist of actual quantity
          80   [A]      as much as
          804   [A]           measure of
          80qig   ⋄                     a bag
          80qiɭ   ⋄                     a bottle
          81   [an89]       span measure; sequentual extent; duration; average life
          810   [A]           as long as equally long phenomena
          8110   [A]                shorter than longer phenomena
          81140   [A]                     longer than shorter phenomenon
          818   [X]           lasting standard duration measure
          81f            short
          81u            long
          82   [an89]       size; magnitude; extent
          820   [A]           as big as equally big phenomena
          820mqri   ⋄                               as big as an insect
          8210   [A]                smaller than greater phenomena
          82140   [A]                     greater than smaller phenomena
          825   [X]            growth rate
          827   [X]            length; x axis
          8277   [X]                 height; z axis
          8278   [X]                 width; y axis
          828   [X]            size measure; volume
          829   [X]            extent; area
          82f            small
          82u            big
          83   [X]       consistence; consistency
          84   [ac9]       intensionality
          840   [X]           half-
          84b            its opposite; contrary
          84c            not; non-
          84g            quasi
          84ɭ            little
          84t            typically; prototypically
          84v            very
          85   [an89]      getting changed quantity
          85b            diminishing; decreasing
          85m            growing; rising; augmenting
          85v            multiplicating; exponentially growing
          86   [an89]      amounting to quantity; amount; intensity; pattern; degree; extent; quantifier
          86c            none
          86e            very few
          86f            few; little
          86m            some plural
          86u            much; many
          86v            very many
          86y            all
          87   [an89]       fraction; proportion
          878   [ann]            numerical fraction
          878u   ⋄                60%
          878uqr   ⋄                          62.3%
          87e            a small minority
          87f            a minority
          87i            about half
          87m            some
          87u            most
          87v            a large majority
          88   [an]       number; numerical quantity; cardinality
          880   [A]           as many as
          8810   [A]                less than more numerous phenomenon
          88140   [A]                     more than less numerous phenomenon
          88n            some units; individuals
          88np   ⋄                one
          88o            some tens
          88ot   ⋄                five tens
          88ots   ⋄                     54
          89        special measure
          9   [X] of; for; qualified by; defined by; relative to quality; specification; relation; kind; differentia
          9(Y)       are of
          90   [A]      of; for; coping with; dealing with related phenomenon; application; function; sector; subject device
          904   [A]           qualifying qualified phenomenon
          91   [X]      of sequential position; moment; time
          92   [X]      of context; place; range; milieu
          93   [X]      of origin; author; provenance; descendance
          94   [X]      anti; against defining opposition; disturb
          95   [X]      doing qualifying transformation; process; procedure; participle  
          96   [X]      having; for defining property; product  
          97   [X]      with qualifying part  
          970   [A]           of substance; material
          974   [X]           without; lacking missing part  
          98   [X]      of; for; qualified by; defined by; relative to quality; relation; kind; differentia; function  ↞ ae8c binary
          99   [X]       special quality
          9V       of this kind
          9X       of what
          AW(Z)                                     the deictics; constants; known; preferred classes; shortened notations
          A  reality; being; everything; the world; the universe general class  [metaphysics; general philosophy]  ≈ DDC 000 110
          Aa       absolute; apeiron; logos; Tao; brahman; God; noumena; dyamical objects the indifferentiated whole; total symmetry; anything  [mystic; theology]  
          B  the first ones; a1
          C  the second ones; a2
          D  the third ones; a3
          E  the fourth ones; a4
          F  the fifth ones; a5
          G  the sixth ones; a6
          H  the seventh ones; a7
          İ  the eighth ones; a8
          J  the ninth ones; a9
          K  the tenth ones; a10
          L  the eleventh ones; a11
          M  the twelfth ones; a12
          N  the thirteenth ones; a13
          O  the fourteenth ones; a14
          P  the fifteenth ones; a15
          Q  the sixteenth ones; a16
          R  the seventeenth ones; a17
          S  the eighteenth ones; a18
          T  those; a0; the current; present; the domain of discourse favoured host class; local deictic; abbreviation in standard schedules followed by standard subclasses
          U   [px91] persons by birth time generally typical class
          UX       persons by birth millennium
          UXX            persons by birth century
          Um       persons born in 2nd millennium BCE
          Un       persons born in 1st millennium BCE
          Uni            persons born in 6th century BCE; Gautama Buddha
          Unig                 persons born in 579-570 BCE; Pythagoras
          Uniim                      persons born in 551 BCE; Confucius
          Unik                 persons born in 539-530 BCE; Heraclitus
          Unim                 persons born in 519-510 BCE; Parmenides
          Unj            persons born in 5th century BCE
          Unjg                 persons born in 470-479 BCE; Socrates; Mozi
          Unjɭ                 persons born in 420-429 BCE; Plato
          Unk            persons born in 4th century BCE
          Unkfj                      persons born in 384 BCE; Aristotle
          Unkih                      persons born in 356 BCE; Alexander III of Macedon the Great
          Unkjm                      persons born in 341 BCE; Epicurus
          Unɭ            persons born in 3rd century BCE
          Unɭf                 persons born in 289-280 BCE; Archimedes
          Unm            persons born in 2nd century BCE
          Unn            persons born in 1st century BCE
          Unngn                      persons born in 70 BCE; Virgil
          Unnnj                      persons born in 4 BCE; Jesus Christ
          Uo       persons born in 1st millennium CE
          Uoo            persons born in 1st century
          Uooo                 persons born in 1-10 CE; Paul the Apostle; Saul of Tarsus
          Uop            persons born in 2nd century
          Uoq            persons born in 3rd century
          Uor            persons born in 4th century+
          Uorts                      persons born in 354 CE; Augustine of Hippo
          Uos            persons born in 5th century
          Uosv                 persons born in 470-479 CE; Boethius
          Uot            persons born in 6th century
          Uotvo                      persons born in 570; Muhammad
          Uou            persons born in 7th century
          Uov            persons born in 8th century
          Uovw                 persons born in 780-789; al-Khwarizmi
          Uow            persons born in 9th century
          Uox            persons born in 10th century
          Uoxwo                      persons born in 980; Ibn Sina; Avicenna
          Up       persons born in 2nd millennium CE
          Upo            persons born in 11th century
          Uposw                      persons born in 1048; Omar Khayyam
          Upp            persons born in 12th century
          Uppqu                      persons born in 1126; Ibn Rushd; Averroes
          Upq            persons born in 13th century
          Upqoo                      persons born in 1200; Dōgen Zenji
          Upqqt                      persons born in 1225; Thomas Aquinas
          Upqu                 persons born in 1260-1269; Dante Alighieri
          Upr            persons born in 14th century
          Upros                      persons born in 1304; Petrarch
          Uprrq                      persons born in 1332; Ibn Khaldun
          Ups            persons born in 15th century
          Upstp                      persons born in 1451; Christopher Columbus
          Upstq                      persons born in 1452; Leonardo da Vinci
          Upsvr                      persons born in 1473; Nicolaus Copernicus
          Upsvt                      persons born in 1475; Michelangelo
          Upt            persons born in 16th century
          Uptsv                      persons born in 1547; Miguel de Cervantes
          Uptus                      persons born in 1564
          Uptusd                           persons born in February 1-15, 1564; Galileo Galilei
          Uptusi                           persons born in April 16-30, 1564; William Shakespeare
          Uptvp                      persons born in 1571; Johannes Kepler
          Uptvv                      persons born in 1577; Peter Paul Rubens
          Uptww                      people born in 1588; Thomas Hobbes
          Uptxu                      persons born in 1596; René Descartes
          Upu            persons born in 17th century
          Upuou                      persons born in 1606; Rembrandt
          Upuqq                      persons born in 1622; Molière
          Upuqr                      persons born in 1623; Blaise Pascal
          Upurq                      people born in 1632
          Upurqq                           persons born in August 16-31, 1632; John Locke
          Upurqw                           persons born in November 16-30, 1632; Baruch Spinoza
          Upusq                      persons born in 1642; Isaac Newton
          Upusu                      persons born in 1646; Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
          Upuwt                      persons born in 1685; Johann Sebastian Bach
          Upuxs                      persons born in 1694; Voltaire
          Upv            persons born in 18th century
          Upvov                      persons born in 1707
          Upvovh                           persons born in April 1-15, 1707; Leonhard Euler
          Upvovk                           persons born in May 16-31, 1707; Carl Linnaeus
          Upvpp                      persons born in 1711; David Hume
          Upvpq                      persons born in 1712; Jean-Jacques Rousseau
          Upvqs                      persons born in 1724; Immanuel Kant
          Upvru                      persons born in 1736; Joseph-Louis Lagrange
          Upvsx                      persons born in 1749; J. W. Goethe
          Upvux                      persons born in 1769; Napoleon
          Upvvo                      persons born in 1770
          Upvvoq                           persons born in August 16-31, 1770; Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
          Upvvoy                           persons born in December 16-31, 1770; Ludwig van Beethoven
          Upvvv                      persons born in 1777; Carl Friedrich Gauss
          Upvxw                      persons born in 1798; Auguste Comte
          Upw            persons born in 19th century
          Upwox                      persons born in 1809
          Upwoxce   ⋄                               persons born on 19 January 1809; Edgar Allan Poe
          Upwoxdm                                persons born on 12 February 1809
          Upwoxdme                                     persons born on 12 February 1809 at 3 AM; Charles Darwin
          Upwoxdmh                                     persons born on 12 February 1809 at 6 AM; Abraham Lincoln
          Upwpt                      persons born in 1815; Ada Lovelace
          Upwpw                      persons born in 1818; Karl Marx
          Upwpx                      persons born in 1819; Queen Victoria
          Upwrp                      persons born in 1831; James Clerk Maxwell
          Upwrx                      persons born in 1839; Charles Sanders Peirce
          Upwtr                      persons born in 1853; Vincent van Gogh
          Upwts                      persons born in 1854; Henri Poincaré
          Upwtu                      persons born in 1856; Sigmund Freud
          Upwuq                      persons born in 1862; David Hilbert
          Upwux                      persons born in 1869; Mahatma Gandhi
          Upwvo                      persons born in 1870; Lenin
          Upwvq                      persons born in 1872; Bertrand Russell
          Upwvx                      persons born in 1879; Albert Einstein
          Upwwp                      persons born in 1881; Pablo Picasso
          Upwxs                      persons born in 1894; Norbert Wiener
          Upx            persons born in 20th century
          Upxoq                      persons born in 1902; Paul Dirac
          Upxor                      persons born in 1903
          Upxorv                           persons born in November 1-15, 1903; Konrad Lorenz
          Upxory                           persons born in December 16-31, 1903; John von Neumann
          Upxou                      persons born in 1906; Kurt Gödel
          Upxpq                      persons born in 1912; Alan Turing
          Upxpw                      persons born in 1918; Nelson Mandela
          Upxqw                      persons born in 1928; Stanley Kubrick
          Upxqx                      persons born in 1929; Martin Luther King
          Upxrp                      persons born in 1931; Michail Gorbačëv
          Upxru                      persons born in 1936; Jorge Mario Bergoglio pope Francis
          Upxso                      persons born in 1940; Pele
          Upxtt                      persons born in 1955
          Upxttɭ                           persons born in June 1-15, 1955; Tim Berners-Lee
          Uq       persons born in 3rd millennium CE
          Uqo            persons born in 21th century
          Uqoor                      persons born in 2003
          Uqoorb                           persons born in January 1-15, 2003; Greta Thunberg
          V  the present; here and now; Dasein
          X  something single rank; main classes
          XA       something any number of ranks
          XX        first-rank subclasses
          XXX             second-rank subclasses
          Xa       x0
          Xb       x1
          Xc       x2  
          Y  the existent; actual
          Y3Y            individual is affected by
          Z  the following; the mentioned; that internal reference, phoric
          ZZ       the aforementioned; previous anaphoric reference
          \\             ; Monk C
          aWc  information  
          aWz  phenomena; known entities  [ontology]  ≈ DDC 111  
          a  forms; structures; mathematical objects  [formal sciences; logic; mathematics]  ≈ DDC 510 160  
          a22   [a]           in neighbourhood
          a3       implied by; as a consequence of premise
          a4       with error
          a58   [ag]           through transformation; operation; function; map; morphism
          a6   [X]       property
          a60            equal to result
          a7        part; element; component
          a77   [a]           containing; ∋ member; individual
          a78   [a]           including; ⊃ subset
          a7t            elements
          a7u            subsets
          a7uc                 structure-preserving subsets
          a7ud                 divisor subsets
          a7uɭ                 lateral subsets
          a7un                 independent subsets
          a7uns                      bases  ↞ akc vector spaces
          a7us                 substructures
          a7usq                      quotient-capable substructures
          a7w            cosets
          a8   [X]       number
          a89   [X]            amount
          a9   [X]       kind
          aa       nothing
          ab       individuals; instances; particulars
          ac       classes; sets; collections; kinds; universals  [set theory]
          ac6             occasionality
          ac6o                 occasional; accidental attributes
          ac6s                 by definition; substantial; essential; intrinsical substantial classes
          ac9             intensionals; fuzzy classes  [fuzzy set theory; fuzzy logic]
          ac9b                 opposite; contrary
          ac9c                 not; other than; non-class
          ac9e                 hardly
          ac9g                 almost; about quasi-class
          ac9j                 scarcely; barely
          ac9ɭ                 little; a bit
          ac9n                 partially  
          ac9q                 quite copula
          ac9s                 definitely; just
          ac9t                 typically; stereotype; typical specimen
          ac9v                 very; extremely
          aca            the empty class; empty set
          ad       properties; characteristics
          ae       relations; correspondences  
          ae23   [a]                from domain
          ae26   [a]                to range; image
          ae28   [a]                in field
          ae33   [a]                from set of departure
          ae36   [a]                to codomain; set of destination
          ae6             relation property
          ae6h                 reflexive
          ae6j                 symmetric  
          ae6ɭ                 transitive
          ae6n                 connected
          ae6q                 equivalent  ↞ ae6h reflexive ae6j symmetric ae6l transitive   
          ae8             arity; adicity; dimension; number of arguments; places  ↞ anai 
          ae8a                 nullary
          ae8b                 unary; properties  [truth logic]
          ae8c                 binary; diadic; 2-place
          ae8d                 ternary; triadic; 3-place
          ae9             cardinality
          ae98   [a]                of argument; term
          ae9b                 one-to-one
          ae9d                 one-to-many
          ae9m                 many-to-one
          ae9n                 many-to-many
          aeb            identity  ↞ ae6q equivalent
          aeb98   [a]                     of term
          aee            equality
          aef            similarity
          aei            inequality
          aem            set membership; belonging
          aem97   [a]                     of instance
          aem98   [a]                     to class
          aep            parthood; part-whole; inclusion  [mereology]
          aep97   [a]                     of part
          aep98   [a]                     in whole
          aepp                 proper part-whole
          aept                 overlap
          aepu                 underlap
          aes            set inclusion; genus-species  
          aes97   [a]                     of species
          aes98   [a]                     in genus
          af       predications  [predicate logic]  
          af97   [a]                about object
          af98   [a]                of class; feature
          ag       operations; transformations; maps; morphisms
          ag6   [ag6]            operation property
          ag6i                 associative
          ag6m                 commutative
          ag6p                 idempotent
          ag96   [a]                equal to result
          ag98   [a]                of operand
          ag98kc                           vector spaces
          ag98kt                           topological spaces; continous functions
          ag98ɭt                           categories; functors
          agh            homomorphisms
          agh98   [a]                     of structure
          agh98ɭmm                                     monoids
          agh98ɭo                                groups
          agh98ɭr                                rings
          agh98me                                order homomorphisms; order-preserving functions
          agh98mr                                graphs
          agh98msm                                     matroids
          aghe                 epimorphisms; surjective morphisms
          aghi                 monomorphisms; injective morphisms
          aghm                 isomorphisms; bijective morphisms  ↞ aghe epimorphisms aghi monomorphisms
          aghn                 endomorphisms
          aghu                 automorphisms  ↞ aghm isomorphisms aghn endomorphisms
          agm            sum; union; addition
          agm96   [a]                     equal to sum
          agm98   [a]                     of term; addend; summand
          agm98kt                                topological spaces; topologies
          agm98me                                posets
          agm98msm                                     matroids
          agm98n                           quantities; numbers
          agm98nnr98nnq96nnt   ⋄                                    2 + 3 = 5
          agmd                 disjoint union
          agmo                 ordinal sum
          agn            difference; complement; subtraction  
          agn96   [a]                     equal to difference
          agn98   [a]                     of minuend
          agn983   [a]                          minus subtrahend
          agn98n                           quantities; numbers
          agn98nnt983nnq96nnr   ⋄                                    5 - 2 = 3
          agns                 symmetric difference; exclusive or; xor
          ago            direct-like operations
          agom                 direct sum
          agom98   [a]                          of structure
          agom98kc                                     vector spaces
          agom98msm                                     matroids
          agop                 direct product
          agop98   [a]                          of structure
          agop98ɭmm                                     monoids
          agop98ɭo                                     groups
          agop98ɭt                                     categories
          agp            product; intersection
          agp98   [a]                     of factor
          agp98n                           quantities; numbers
          agp98nnr98nnq96nnu   ⋄                                    3 x 2 = 6
          agpc                 Cartesian product; cross product
          agpc98   [a]                          of structure
          agpc98kt                                     topological spaces; Cartesian topologies
          agpc98me                                     posets
          agpc98mr                                     graphs
          agpe                 semidirect product
          agq            quotient; division; partition
          agqe                 Euclidean division; division with remainder
          agqe96   [an]                          equal to quotient
          agqe966   [an]                               with remainder
          agqe98   [an]                          of dividend
          agqe983   [an]                               by divisor
          agqe98oss983nr   ⋄                                    44 / 3
          agqs                 quotient structure
          agqs98   [a]                          of
          agqs98kt                                     topological spaces; topologies
          agt            tensor-like operations
          agtp                 tensor product
          agtp98   [a]                          of structure
          agtp98mr                                     graphs
          agu            lexicographic product
          agu98   [a]                     of structure
          agu98mr                                graphs
          agw            exponentiation; power
          agw98   [a]                     of base
          agw983   [a]                          raised to the power exponent
          agw98n                           quantities; numbers
          agw98nnq983nnr96nnw   ⋄                                    23 = 8
          agx            nth root
          agx983   [a]                          -th
          agx983nnq                                     square
          agx983nnr                                     cube
          agx98nnx983nnq96nnr   ⋄                                    √9 = 3
          agy            logarithm
          agy98   [a]                     of
          agy983   [a]                          to; base
          agy983nnq                                     2; binary logarithm
          agy983nnqU                                     e; natural logarithm
          agy983nop                                     10; common logarithm
          agy98nous983nnq96nnu   ⋄                                    log264 = 6
          aiWj       discrete structures  [discrete mathematics; combinatorics]  
          ai       statements; propositions  [classical logic]  
          ai9            truth value
          ai9d                 contradictory; paradoxical
          ai9f                 false
          ai9t                 true
          aii            implication  
          aii96   [a]                     is consequence
          aii98   [a]                     of premise  
          aiq            equivalence  
          ais            subjective propositions  [modal logic]
          aj       formal languages; theories
          ajo            recursively enumerated languages; type 0 languages
          ajp            context-sensitive languages; type 1 languages
          ajq            context-free languages; type 2 languages
          ajr            regular languages; type 3 languages
          ajt            formal theories
          ak       spaces; mathematical spaces  
          akc            vector spaces
          akc7t                      vectors
          akc7uc                           subspaces of vector spaces; hyperplanes
          akcɭ                 algebras
          ake            tensor spaces
          akf            affine spaces
          akn            unitary spaces
          akt            topological spaces
          akt7t                      elements of topological spaces; points
          akt7u                      subspaces of topological spaces
          aktd                 discrete topological spaces  [discrete topology]
          aktm                 metric spaces
          aktp                 compact spaces
          akts                 separable spaces
          aktso                      T0 spaces; Kolmogorov spaces
          aktsp                      T1 spaces; Fréchet spaces
          aktsq                      T2 spaces; Hausdorff spaces
          aktsr                      T3 spaces; regular spaces
          aktss                      T4 spaces; regular Hausdorff spaces
          aktw                 manifolds
          aktwd                      differentiable manifolds
          aktwds                           smooth manifolds
          aktwr                      Riemannian manifolds
                 algebraic structures  [algebra; abstract algebra]  ≈ DDC 512  
          aɭb            general algebraic systems  [universal algebra]
          aɭgWy            group-like structures
          aɭg            non-closed group-like structures; non-total group-like structures
          aɭge                 semigroupoids
          aɭgp                 groupoids
          aɭi            non-associative group-like structures
          aɭim                 magmas
          aɭiq                 quasigroups
          aɭiu                 loops
          aɭm            non-commutative group-like structures
          aɭme                 semigroups
          aɭmi                 inverse semigroups
          aɭmm                 monoids
          aɭmm7t                           monoid elements
          aɭmm7u                           submonoids
          aɭo            groups  [group theory]
          aɭo7t                      group elements
          aɭo7u                      subgroups
          aɭob                 Abelian groups
          aɭoc                 cyclic groups
          aɭoe                 symmetric groups
          aɭog                 alternating groups
          aɭoh                 dihedral groups
          aɭom                 simple groups
          aɭoms                      sporadic groups
          aɭor                 free groups
          aɭos                 solvable groups
          aɭou                 Lie groups  
          aɭow                 topological groups  ↞ ams families of sets
          aɭr            ring-like structures
          aɭr7t                      ring elements
          aɭr7u                      subrings
          aɭr7ud                           divisor subsets
          aɭr7uɭ                           lateral subsets
          aɭre                 semirings
          aɭrj                 non-associative rings  [non-associative algebra]
          aɭrn                 non-unitary rings; rngs
          aɭrr                 rings  [ring theory; associative algebra]
          aɭrrc                      commutative rings  [commutative algebra]
          aɭrre                      Boolean rings
          aɭrrf                      unique factorization domains
          aɭrri                      principal ideal domains
          aɭrrk                      division rings; skew fields
          aɭrrn                      noetherian rings
          aɭrrr                      Artinian rings
          aɭrru                      Lie rings
          aɭrrx                      fields; polynomials  [field theory]
          aɭrrxn                           number fields
          aɭrrxt                           cyclotomic fields
          aɭt            categories  [category theory]  ↞ ac classes alg non-closed group-like structures
          aɭt7u                      category subsets
          aɭtao                      objects
          aɭtar                      morphisms; arrows
          aɭtc                 pre-additive categories
          aɭtdWy                 additive categories
          aɭte                 pre-Abelian categories
          aɭtɭ                 Abelian categories
          aɭtx                 exact categories
          am       combinatorial structures  [combinatorics]
          ame            posets; partially ordered sets  [order theory]
          ame7t                      poset elements; vertices; nodes
          ame7u                      subposets
          ame9p                      inverse posets; dual posets; dual operation
          ame9r                      linear extension of posets
          ame9v                      vertically-indecomposable poset component
          ame9x                      poset intervals
          amed                 total orders
          amei                 series-parallel posets
          amek                 graded posets
          amer                 reduced posets
          amev                 vertically irreducible posets
          amɭ            lattice-like structures
          amɭj                 join-semilattices
          amɭm                 meet-semilattices
          amɭt                 lattices
          amɭtc                      complete lattices
          amɭtm                      modular lattices
          amɭts                      distributive lattices
          amr            graph-like structures
          amr5Df                           strong product of graphs  ↞ agp product
          amr5Dg                           zigzag product of graphs  ↞ agp product
          amr5Dh                           rooted product of graphs  ↞ agp product
          amr7Dr                           edges; arcs; lines
          amr7Dv                           vertices; nodes; points
          amr7Dw                           graph bridges
          amr7Dx                           connected component of graphs
          amr7Dy                           graph clique
          amr7u                      subgraphs
          amrd                 directed graphs  ↞ ae relations
          amrdo                      oriented graphs
          amrdot                           tournaments
          amrn                 undirected graphs
          amrns                      simple graphs  ↞ ae6j symmetric   
          amry                 undirected hypergraphs
          ams            families of sets  ↞ amry undirected hypergraphs
          amse                 Sperner families
          amsh                 Helly families
          amsm                 matroids
          amsm6d                           dual matroids
          amsm6s                           independent sets of matroids
          amsm7t                           matroid elements
          an       quantities; amounts; numbers  ≈ DDC 513  
          an6e                 primes
          an6g                 even numbers  ↞ annq two
          an8            numerals; decimal digits
          an89                 quantifiers
          an89b                      negative  ↞ anb negative quantities
          an89c                      no  ↞ anc none
          an89d                      single
          an89e                      very few; very little
          an89f                      few; little
          an89i                      middle; average
          an89m                      some; a few; several; positive plural
          an89q                      quite; enough; fairly; rather
          an89u                      many; much
          an89v                      very many; many many; very much
          an89y                      all; the totality
          an8e                 -9
          an8f                 -8
          an8g                 -7
          an8h                 -6
          an8i                 -5
          an8j                 -4
          an8k                 -3
          an8ɭ                 -2
          an8m                 -1
          an8n                 -0  
          an8o                 0
          an8p                 1
          an8q                 2
          an8r                 3
          an8s                 4
          an8t                 5
          an8u                 6
          an8v                 7
          an8w                 8
          an8x                 9
          an9i                 integer  [arithmetic; number theory]
          an9k                 exponential rational; Q
          an9r                 real; R; continuum
          an9t                 imaginary
          an9u                 complex
          an9w                 transcendent
          an9x                 transfinite
          anb            negative quantities
          anbd                 negative tens of billions or more; -10>9
          anbdx   [an8]                     negative hundreds of billions; -1011
          anbdy   [an8]                     negative tens of billions; -1010
          anbe   [an8]                negative billions; -109
          anbf   [an8]                negative hundreds of millions; -108
          anbg   [an8]                negative tens of millions; -107
          anbh   [an8]                negative millions; -106
          anbi   [an8]                negative hundreds of thousands; -105
          anbj   [an8]                negative tens of thousands; -104
          anbk   [an8]                negative thousands; -103
          anbɭ   [an8]                negative hundreds; -102
          anbm   [an8]                negative tens; -101
          anbmj   ⋄                     -4 tens
          anbmjɭ   ⋄                          -42
          anbn   [an8]                negative units; -100
          anbne                      -9
          anbnf                      -8
          anbng                      -7
          anbnh                      -6
          anbni                      -5
          anbnj                      -4
          anbnjɭ   ⋄                          -4.2
          anbnk                      -3
          anbnɭ                      -2
          anbnm                      -1; minus one
          anbnn                      -0
          anc            none; no; zero
          andWy            positive quantities
          and            less than billionths; 10-(>9)
          andw   [an8]                trillionths; pico-; p-; 10-12
          andx   [an8]                10-11
          andy   [an8]                10-10
          ane   [an8]           billionths; nano-; n-; 10-9
          anf   [an8]           10-8
          ang   [an8]           10-7
          anh   [an8]           millionths; micro-; μ-; 10-6; 0.00000
          ani   [an8]           10-5; 0.0000
          anj   [an8]           10-4; 0.000
          ank   [an8]           thousandths; milli-; m-; 10-3; 0.00
          anɭ   [an8]           hundredths; centi-; c-; 10-2; 0.0
          anm   [an8]           tenths; deci-; d-; 10-1; 0.
          anms   [an8]  ⋄                0.4
          ann   [an8]           units; 100
          anno                 no unit; 0
          annp                 one; a; single; 1
          annq                 two; a pair; a couple; 2
          annqU                      e; base of natural logarithm; 2.71828...
          annr                 three; 3
          annrU                      π; pi; 3.14...
          anns                 four; 4
          annt                 five; 5
          annu                 six; 6
          annv                 seven; 7
          annw                 eight; 8
          annx                 nine; 9
          ano            tens; deca-; da-; 10¹
          anoX   [an8]                 number of tens
          anoo                 no ten; less than ten
          anop                 one ten
          anopX   [an8]                      number of units beside one ten  
          anopo                      10; ten
          anopp                      11; eleven
          anopq                      12; twelve
          anopr                      13; thirteen
          anops                      14; fourteen
          anopt                      15; fifteen
          anopu                      16; sixteen
          anopv                      17; seventeen
          anopw                      18; eighteen
          anopx                      19; nineteen
          anoq                 two tens
          anoqo                      20; twenty
          anoqp                      21
          anoqq                      22
          anoqr                      23
          anoqs                      24
          anoqt                      25
          anoqu                      26
          anoqv                      27
          anoqw                      28
          anoqx                      29
          anor                 three tens
          anos                 four tens
          anot                 five tens
          anou                 six tens
          anov                 seven tens
          anow                 eight tens
          anox                 nine tens
          anp            hundreds; hecto-; h-; 10²
          anpX   [an8]                 number of hundreds
          anpp                 one hundred
          anppq   ⋄                     one hundred and two tens
          anppqo   ⋄                          one hundred twenty; 120
          anpq                 two hundreds
          anpqo   ⋄                     two hundreds and zero tens
          anpqoo   ⋄                          200
          anpqooo   ⋄                               200.0
          anpqos   ⋄                          204
          anpqost   ⋄                               204.5
          anq            thousands; kilo-; K-; 10³
          anqp                 one thousand
          anr            tens of thousands; myria-; 104
          ans            hundreds of thousands; 105
          ant            millions; mega-; M-; 106
          anu            tens of millions; 107
          anv            hundreds of millions; 108
          anw            billions; giga-; G-; 109
          anx            more than billions; 10>9
          anxb                 tens of billions; 1010
          anxc                 hundreds of billions; 1011
          anxd                 trillions; tera-; T-; 1012
          anxg                 quadrillions; peta-; P-; 1015
          anxj                 quintillions; exa-; E-; 1018
          anxk                 1019
          anxɭ                 1020
          any            infinity; ∞
          aq       functions; equations  [calculus; analysis]  ≈ DDC 515  
          aq96   [an]                having values; range output
          aq98   [an]                at x =; domain input
          aqb            constants  
          aqc            real functions  [real analysis]
          aqd            integrals  [measure; integration]
          aqe            functions of a complex variable
          aqf            potential  [potential theory]
          aqg            several complex variables; analytic spaces
          aqh            special functions
          aqi            ordinary differential equations; ODEs
          aqj            partial differential equations; PDEs
          aqk            dynamical systems  [ergodic theory]  ↞ cp processes
          aqɭ            difference equations; functional equations
          aqm            sequences; series; summability
          aqn            approximations; expansions
          aqo            sinusoidal basis functions  [Fourier analysis]
          aqo9t                      Fourier transform
          aqp            basic waves  [abstract harmonic analysis]
          aqq            integral transforms  [operational calcul