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ILC edition 2
Expanded class yv

    broader class

          yv /ɟava/      document collections; GLAMs; knowledge sources
          yvh /ɟavaɣa/           archives  ↞ ytc written texts
          yviWɭ /ɟaviwawla/           library and information services  [library and information science; LIS]  ≈ DDC 020
          yvi /ɟavi/           information services  [information science; documentation]  ↞ ytc written texts
          yvɭ /ɟavala/           libraries  [library science]  ↞ wnkb books ytc written texts
          yvm /ɟavama/           exhibitions
          yvme /ɟavame/                temporary exhibitions
          yvmf /ɟavamafa/                serial exhibitions
          yvmn /ɟavamana/                botanical gardens  ↞ mp plants
          yvmo /ɟavamo/                zoos; zoological gardens  ↞ mq animals
          yvmu /ɟavamu/                museums  [museology]  ≈ DDC 069
          yvmv /ɟavamava/                galleries  ↞ xf paintings
          yvr /ɟavara/           digital repositories; digital libraries  ↞ wnw Internet
Connected classes:
  ⌕        000           kept in knowledge collection, documentary context; dimension ε  ↞ yv 
  ⌕        0009  [yv]                kept in document collections
  ⌕        yity                library and information science; documentation; LIS  ↞ yvi yvl 

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