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ILC edition 2
Expanded class s

    broader class

          s /sa/ communities; civil society; complex society; institutions; groups; people  [sociology]  ↞ q language oss social interactions   ≈ DDC 300  
          s38 /saɲcɔrkɔ/           prioritizing life aspect
          s91 /saɲɔmpɔ/  [rab]           in period
          s92 /saɲɔntɔ/  [jU]           in territory; region
          s93 /saɲɔɲcɔ/  [rab]           led by leader born at time  ↞ px persons
          s94 /saɲɔŋkɔ/  [s]           perturbed by rebel; insurgent; mutinous
          s95 /saɲɔlpɔ/  [sas]           with event; social dynamics
          s96 /saɲɔltɔ/  [qv]           speaking common language; official language
          s97 /saɲɔjɔ/  [sap]           including age group
          s98 /saɲɔrkɔ/  [rag]           encouraging; supporting value; mission; moral; consensus; public opinion
          s99 /saɲɔɲɔ/  [saw]            decision structure
          sai /sɛi/           literacy classes  ↞ y knowledge
          saɭ /sɛla/           wealth classes  ↞ ud private
          san /sɛna/           genders
          sap /sɛpa/           age groups
          sar /sɛra/           human migration  ↞ nam animal migration   ≈ DDC 325
          sas /sɛsa/           social events  ↞ bp processes
          sau /sɛu/           codes of manners; institutions; conventions; customs; statutes  ↞ rag precepts
          sav /sɛva/           society kinds
          saw /sɛwa/           decision structures
          sb /saba/      citizens; individuals; private sphere  ↞ px persons
          sf /safa/      families  ↞ osm mating osp parental cares
          sfb /safaba/           matrifocal families
          sfj /safaʒa/           conjugal families; nuclear families
          sfk /safaka/           extended kinship families
          sfs /safasa/           families of choice
          sg /saga/      clans
          sj /saʒa/      castes
           /sala/      classes; social roles
          sɭb /salaba/           slaves
          sɭd /salada/           powerless people; subordinated people; serves
          sɭm /salama/           middle class; freemen
          sɭw /salawa/           powerful people; elites
          sɭy /salaɟa/           aristocracy; nobles; nobility
          so /so/      organized civil society; unions; voluntary associations; non-governmental organizations; NGOs  [organizational studies]  ≈ DDC 060
          so8 /sorkɔ/  [V]  ⋄           dealing with matter of interest; topic; scope
          soY /soɟaw/           individual organizations
          soɭ /sola/           clubs  ≈ DDC 367
          sop /sopa/           political groups; parties; movements  ↞ t polities   ≈ DDC 324
          sot /sota/           professional associations; associations of crafts; guilds  ↞ uatb labour   ≈ DDC 369
          sou /sou/           trade unions; labour unions  ↞ uak trade
          sox /soxa/           criminal organizations; mafias; ganglands; gangsterism; racketeering  ↞ s94 perturbed by
          sp /sapa/      public institutions; public bodies; services of general interest  ≈ DDC 360
          spe /sape/           education services; schools  ↞ yae education
          spf /sapafa/           cultural services; documentation services; public libraries; archives; museums  ↞ y knowledge
          sph /sapaɣa/           health systems; hospitals  ↞ vm health care
          spɭ /sapala/           welfare; social services  ≈ DDC 361
          spn /sapana/           pensions  ↞ uqp pension funds
          spr /sapara/           emergency services; rescue services
          spt /sapata/           transportation services  ↞ vx transport
          st /sata/      peoples; nations; ethnic groups; ethnicities; races  
          stU /satuj/           traditional racial groupings
          sy /saɟa/      civilizations  [history]  ≈ DDC 913
          syb /saɟaba/           Mesopotamian civilization  ↞ jUgx Tigris & Euphrate basin   ≈ DDC 935
          syc /saɟaʃa/           Ancient Egypt  ↞ jUic Nile basin rp ancient Egyptian religion   ≈ DDC 932
          syd /saɟada/           Canaan  ↞ rs Judaism   ≈ DDC 933
          sye /saɟe/           Elam; Elamites; Susiana
          syg /saɟaga/           Achaemenid civilization; Iranian civilization
          syi /saɟi/           Ancient India; Hindu and Buddhist civilizations  ↞ rc Vedic Brahmanism rd Hinduism rh Buddhism   ≈ DDC 934
          syj /saɟaʒa/           central Asian civilization
          syk /saɟaka/           East Asian civilizations
          syɭ /saɟala/           civilizations of South East Asia
          syn /saɟana/           New World civilizations
          syr /saɟara/           Mediterranean civilization of the Classical period
          sys /saɟasa/           Medieval civilizations  [Medieval history]
          syu /saɟu/           Sahelian kingdoms civilization  ↞ jUi Africa   ≈ DDC 960
          syv /saɟava/           civilizations of south-Sahelian empires 15th-19th centuries  ↞ jUi Africa   ≈ DDC 960
          syw /saɟawa/           modern Western civilization; Occidental culture; Modern Era  [modern history]  ↞ jUe Europe rt Christianity rs Judaism   ≈ DDC 940 970
Connected classes:
  ⌕        006           for target; public; educational level  ↞ sai spe 
  ⌕        059  [sy]           as known in culture; civilization
  ⌕        p99  [san]            gender
  ⌕        q99  [sa]           spoken by speaker class
  ⌕        s94  [s]           perturbed by rebel; insurgent; mutinous
  ⌕        s95  [sas]           with event; social dynamics
  ⌕        s97  [sap]           including age group
  ⌕        s99  [saw]            decision structure
  ⌕        sox           criminal organizations; mafias; ganglands; gangsterism; racketeering  ↞ s94 
  ⌕        t polities; political units; political power; governments  [political sciences; law]  ↞ s j 
  ⌕        t91  [sy]           of historical period
  ⌕        tas           police; constabulary; civil guard; protective services; cops  ↞ spr 
  ⌕        tpn           colonial empires  ↞ sywd 
  ⌕        tt      modern nation states; countries; sovereign states; unitary states  ↞ jU st syw 
  ⌕        tti           Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt  ↞ jUic syc 
  ⌕        u enterprises; companies s.l.; business; owners  [economics]  ↞ pab s 
  ⌕        ud      private; personal property; personal owners  ↞ sb 
  ⌕        uo      corporations; companies s.s.; firms; legal entities; juristic persons  ↞ so 
  ⌕        vmd           ayurveda  ↞ syi 
  ⌕        vmi           traditional Tibetan medicine  ↞ syjb 
  ⌕        vmj           traditional Chinese medicine; TCM  ↞ sykc 
  ⌕        vmk           traditional Korean medicine  ↞ sykk 
  ⌕        vmv           allopathic medicine; biomedicine; Hyppocratic tradition  ↞ syw 
  ⌕        wv      vehicles; means of transport  ↞ st vx 
  ⌕        x artworks; works; art; expressions  [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ s osu g 
  ⌕        x96  [sa]           for public; target
  ⌕        y knowledge; public knowledge  ↞ s r p 
  ⌕        y96  [sa]           for audience; target; pupil; student; public
  ⌕        yiv           history  ↞ sy t 

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