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ILC edition 2
Expanded class g

    broader class

          g /ga/ continuum bodies; bulk matter; states of matter; phases; macroscopical physical systems  [classical mechanics]  ↞ f molecules   ≈ DDC 530.4 530 531
          g91 /gaɲɔmpɔ/  [an]           at time t
          g92 /gaɲɔntɔ/  [an]           at place
          g93 /gaɲɔɲcɔ/  [daf]           subjected to kind of force  [dynamics]
          g94 /gaɲɔŋkɔ/  [an]           at K; kelvin temperature  [thermodynamics]
          g95 /gaɲɔlpɔ/  [gan]           transmitting; propagating vibration; mechanical waves; sound
          g96 /gaɲɔltɔ/  [darll]            colour
          g97 /gaɲɔjɔ/  [an]           of Kg; kilograms mass; M
          gah /gɛɣa/           heat  ≈ DDC 536
          gan /gɛna/           sound; vibration; mechanical waves  [acoustics]  ≈ DDC 534
          gaw /gɛwa/           pure substances
          gax /gɛxa/           mixtures
          gd /gada/      degenerate matter
          ge /ge/      quark-gluon plasma
          gf /gafa/      plasma
          gg /gaga/      gases  ≈ DDC 533
          ggU /gaguj/           air
          gi /gi/      dispersions
           /gala/      liquids  ≈ DDC 532
          gm /gama/      superfluids
          go /go/      gels
          gq /gaca/      glasses
          gr /gara/      supersolids
          gs /gasa/      solids  [solid mechanics]
          gsc /gasaʃa/           plastic bodies
          gse /gase/           elastic bodies
          gsr /gasara/           rigid bodies
          gx /gaxa/      crystals; crystalline solids  [crystallography]  ≈ DDC 548
          gy /gaɟa/      Bose-Einstein condensates
Connected classes:
  ⌕        829  [anab]            size  ↞ g982 
  ⌕        fx      solid state compounds  ↞ gx 
  ⌕        g95  [gan]           transmitting; propagating vibration; mechanical waves; sound
  ⌕        h celestial bodies; celestial objects; cosmic structures; astronomical bodies  [astronomy; astrophysics; cosmology]  ↞ g 
  ⌕              stars  ↞ gf 
  ⌕        ib      minerals  [mineralogy]  ↞ gx 
  ⌕        vdg           natural gas extraction  ↞ gg 
  ⌕        w artifacts; implements; tools; utensils; instruments; devices  ↞ v g 
  ⌕        wor           thermometers  ↞ gah 
  ⌕        x artworks; works; art; expressions  [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ s osu g 
  ⌕        xm      music  [musicology; musical criticism]  ↞ gan 

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