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ILC edition 2
Expanded class o

    broader class

          oWp /owawpa/ mind
          o /o/ instincts; autonomous agents; animated beings; action patterns; behavioural modules; repertoires; animal behavi  [ethology; neurosciences]  ↞ mqaon nervous system n populations   ≈ DDC 156 591.5
          o3 /oɲcɔ/      reacting to; sparked off by; triggered by; driven by stimulus
          o4 /oŋkɔ/      inhibited by block
          o8 /orkɔ/      perceiving object
          o9 /oɲɔ/      of species
          o91 /oɲɔmpɔ/  [maf]           at phase
          o93 /oɲɔɲcɔ/  [oal]           learnt by learning
          o95 /oɲɔlpɔ/  [oam]           by mechanism
          o97 /oɲɔjɔ/  [oas]           with sense
          o99 /oɲɔɲɔ/  [ma]           of sex
          oaf /oɛfa/           behavioural phases
          oaɭ /oɛla/           learning
          oam /oɛma/           behavioural mechanism
          oas /oɛsa/           senses; perceptive faculties  [sensory neuroscience]
          oc /oʃa/      autonomous activities; rhythmic activities  [neurophysiology]
          of /ofa/      reflexes; refexive movements
          oh /oɣa/      hereditary coordinations; modal action patterns; instinctive movements
          ohp /oɣapa/           postures; positions
          ok /oka/      taxes and tropisms
          om /oma/      locomotion
          omb /omaba/           benthic locomotion  ↞ nyb benthic zones
          omc /omaʃa/           swimming; diving  ↞ nyc oceanic zones
          ome /ome/           locomotion on water surface  ↞ js fresh water systems
          omk /omaka/           terrestrial locomotion
          oms /omasa/           subterranean locomotion
          omy /omaɟa/           flying; aerial locomotion
          op /opa/      fixed action patterns; FAPs
          os /osa/      behavioural sequences; chains; functional cycles; instinctive actions; impulse actions
          osb /osaba/           resting
          osc /osaʃa/           sheltering
          ose /ose/           vigilance; watching
          osf /osafa/           flight; escape
          osg /osaga/           aggressivity
          osi /osi/           moving; displacement  ↞ om locomotion
          osk /osaka/           feeding
          osm /osama/           mating; sexuality  ↞ mafrl allogamy
          oso /oso/           giving birth  ↞ masd birth
          osp /osapa/           parental cares
          osr /osara/           aggregating  ↞ ne colonies
          oss /osasa/           social interactions; sociality  ↞ osr aggregating
          osu /osu/           communication; biocommunication; expression; signs; signals  [semiotics; zoosemiotics]
          oy /oɟa/      life habits; strategies  [behavioural ecology; natural history]  ↞ ny ecosystems
          oyh /oɟaɣa/           home range
          oyk /oɟaka/           feeding strategies  ↞ osk feeding
          oym /oɟama/           sexual systems  ↞ osm mating
          oys /oɟasa/           social structures  [sociobiology]  ↞ oss social interactions
Connected classes:
  ⌕        59  [os]      doing activity
  ⌕        o93  [oal]           learnt by learning
  ⌕        o95  [oam]           by mechanism
  ⌕        o97  [oas]           with sense
  ⌕        osi           moving; displacement  ↞ om 
  ⌕        oss           social interactions; sociality  ↞ osr 
  ⌕        oyk           feeding strategies  ↞ osk 
  ⌕        oym           sexual systems  ↞ osm 
  ⌕        oys           social structures  [sociobiology]  ↞ oss 
  ⌕        p consciousness; subjects  [psychology]  ↞ o 
  ⌕        pc      perception; percepts; qualia  ↞ oas 
  ⌕        q language  [linguistics]  ↞ osu p mU 
  ⌕        rao           symbols; sacred objects  ↞ osuy 
  ⌕        s communities; civil society; complex society; institutions; groups; people  [sociology]  ↞ q oss 
  ⌕        sf      families  ↞ osm osp 
  ⌕        vbg           gleaning  ↞ mp oskg 
  ⌕        vbh           hunting  ↞ mqv oskh 
  ⌕        vq      cooking; cuisine  [cookery; food science]  ↞ fo fp ft osk 
  ⌕        vx      transport  ↞ osi 
  ⌕        wb      dishes; prepared food  [gastronomy]  ↞ osk vq 
  ⌕        wf      clothing; dress; garments; attire; apparel  ↞ mafm oss 
  ⌕        wg      personal adornment  ↞ oss 
  ⌕        wk      weapons  ↞ osgi tavaw 
  ⌕        wn      information devices; information communication technologies; ICT; media  ↞ osu 
  ⌕        ws      buildings; edifices  [civil engineering; architecture]  ↞ osc vs 
  ⌕        x artworks; works; art; expressions  [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ s osu g 
  ⌕              schools  [didactics; pedagogy]  ↞ oal 

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