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ILC edition 2
Expanded class p

    broader class

          p /pa/ consciousness; subjects  [psychology]  ↞ o instincts   ≈ DDC 150
          p3 /paɲcɔ/      reacting to situation
          p38 /paɲcɔrkɔ/           looking for goal; sake
          p4 /paŋkɔ/      avoiding pain
          p5 /palpɔ/      living experience
          p8 /parkɔ/      aware of; knowing object; phenomenon; content; representation; intentionality  ≈ DDC 120
          p9 /paɲɔ/      of being; animal
          p91 /paɲɔmpɔ/  [rab]           born on birth time
          p92 /paɲɔntɔ/  [tt]           living in; active in homeland
          p94 /paɲɔŋkɔ/  [pad]           suffering mental disorder; disease; illness
          p97 /paɲɔjɔ/  [mqaonr]           located in brain region
          p98 /paɲɔrkɔ/  [pab]           driven by motivation; drive; value
          p99 /paɲɔɲɔ/  [san]            gender
          pY /paɟaw/      actual persons
          pYA /paɟawɛw/           me; I; we; the first person
          pYB /paɟawbaw/           we; you and me; inclusive we
          pYC /paɟawʃaw/           you; the second person
          pYD /paɟawdaw/           he; the third person; neither sender nor addressee; she; it; they; them
          pab /pɛba/           drives; basic desires  
          pad /pɛda/           mental disorders; diseases; illnesses  [psychopathology]
          pc /paʃa/      perception; percepts; qualia  ↞ oas senses   ≈ DDC 152
          pe /pe/      emotions; feelings; affections  
          pe8 /perkɔ/           of; towards object
          pec /peʃa/           fear
          ped /peda/           awe
          pef /pefa/           surprise
          peg /pega/           disapproval
          pei /pei/           sadness
          pej /peʒa/           remorse
          peɭ /pela/           disgust
          pem /pema/           contempt
          peo /peo/           anger
          pep /pepa/           aggressiveness
          per /pera/           anticipation
          pes /pesa/           optimistic feeling
          peu /peu/           joy
          pev /peva/           love
          pex /pexa/           trust
          pey /peɟa/           submission
          pg /paga/      moods; emotional states
          pgd /pagada/           depression; negative mood
          pgp /pagapa/           happiness; gaiety; positive mood
          ph /paɣa/      personality; temperament  [personality psychology]
          phX /paɣaxaw/           Big Five personality traits
          phe /paɣe/           neuroticism
          phg /paɣaga/           agreeableness
          phk /paɣaka/           extraversion
          pho /paɣo/           optimism
          phx /paɣaxa/           openness to experience
          pj /paʒa/      unconscious mind; subconscious  [psychoanalysis]
          pjd /paʒada/           id
          pjs /paʒasa/           superego; conscience
           /pala/      awareness; consciousness levels  ≈ DDC 154
          pɭb /palaba/           persistent vegetative state
          pɭc /palaʃa/           coma
          pɭf /palafa/           fainting; syncope
          pɭh /palaɣa/           sleep
          pɭi /pali/           trance; hypnosis
          pɭj /palaʒa/           obtundation
          pɭk /palaka/           somnolence
          pɭɭ /palala/           delirium; acute confusional state
          pɭn /palana/           confusion
          pɭr /palara/           regular wakefulness
          pɭt /palata/           excitement; excitation
          pɭw /palawa/           clear awareness; advanced awareness
          pɭy /palaɟa/           enlightenment
          po /po/      cognition; intelligence; faculties; abilities  [cognitive science; epistemology; philosophy PP]  ≈ DDC 153
          pod /poda/           attention; focalization; data selection
          poe /poe/           memory; remembering
          poi /poi/           imagination; imagining
          pom /poma/           mimesis; imitation; representation
          por /pora/           reason; reasoning; intellect; rationality; judgment; abstract thought; reflection
          pot /pota/           evaluation; opinion; belief
          pou /pou/           moral consciousness  ↞ rag precepts   
          pov /pova/           intention; representation of purposes
          pow /powa/           will; willpower; volition; decision
          ps /pasa/      self; self-hood; self-consciousness; personhood; souls; human-level consciousness
          pss /pasasa/           introspection; self-contemplation
          px /paxa/      persons; individuals  ≈ DDC 920
          px5 /paxalpɔ/           living life  [biography]
Connected classes:
  ⌕        U  [px91] persons by birth time
  ⌕        p94  [pad]           suffering mental disorder; disease; illness
  ⌕        p98  [pab]           driven by motivation; drive; value
  ⌕        q language  [linguistics]  ↞ osu p mU 
  ⌕        r rituals; tradition; mores; spirituality; religion; sacred; holy  ↞ ped 
  ⌕        rae           adherents  ↞ px 
  ⌕        rag           precepts; values; virtues; moral behaviour  ↞ pab 
  ⌕        s93  [rab]           led by leader born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        sb      citizens; individuals; private sphere  ↞ px 
  ⌕        t93  [rab]           ruled by; governed by ruler born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        u enterprises; companies s.l.; business; owners  [economics]  ↞ pab s 
  ⌕        v98  [pab]           for; coping with; dealing with application; sector; need
  ⌕        vn      mental health care  [psychiatry; applied psychology]  ↞ pad 
  ⌕        vnh           hypnotherapy  ↞ pli 
  ⌕        vxv           private transportation  ↞ px 
  ⌕              literature  [philology; literary theory; literary criticism]  ↞ poi q 
  ⌕        y knowledge; public knowledge  ↞ s r p 
  ⌕        yc      concepts; notions  [concept theory]  ↞ po qo 

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