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ILC edition 2
Expanded class y9

          y91 /ɟaɲɔmpɔ/  [rab]           known in time
          y92 /ɟaɲɔntɔ/  [jU]           known in place
          y929 /ɟaɲɔntɔɲɔ/  [tt]                known in country
          y93 /ɟaɲɔɲcɔ/  [rab]           by master born at time; thinker
          y938 /ɟaɲɔɲcɔrkɔ/  [y]                influenced by source
          y94 /ɟaɲɔŋkɔ/  [yac]           hidden by censorship
          y943 /ɟaɲɔŋkɔɲcɔ/  [t]                censored by censoring institution
          y95 /ɟaɲɔlpɔ/  [ya]           by knowledge process  [epistemology]
          y952 /ɟaɲɔlpɔntɔ/  [yak]                in study environment
          y957 /ɟaɲɔlpɔjɔ/  [w]                using instrument; tool
          y96 /ɟaɲɔltɔ/  [sa]           for audience; target; pupil; student; public
          y968 /ɟaɲɔltɔrkɔ/  [y]                shared with; communicated between connected source
          y969 /ɟaɲɔltɔɲɔ/  [anab]                for target expertise; intellectual level
          y969f /ɟaɲɔltɔɲɔfa/                     dummies
          y969i /ɟaɲɔltɔɲɔi/                     everybody; general public
          y969u /ɟaɲɔltɔɲɔu/                     initiated scholars esoteric knowledge
          y969v /ɟaɲɔltɔɲɔva/                     experts
          y96pi /ɟaɲɔltɔpi/                     children
          y96pɭ /ɟaɲɔltɔpala/                     kids
          y97 /ɟaɲɔjɔ/  [wn]           recorded in; testified in; presented as carrier; medium
          y975 /ɟaɲɔjɔlpɔ/  [qv]                expressed in language
          y979 /ɟaɲɔjɔɲɔ/  [x]                in art work
          y979f /ɟaɲɔjɔɲɔfa/  ⋄                     painting
          y979ɭ /ɟaɲɔjɔɲɔla/  ⋄                     literature
          y98 /ɟaɲɔrkɔ/  [yaq]            veracity; truth
          y98b /ɟaɲɔrkɔba/                false; fake
          y98o /ɟaɲɔrkɔo/                hypothetical
          y98y /ɟaɲɔrkɔɟa/                true
          y99 /ɟaɲɔɲɔ/  [yas]            kind; style of thought
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3  by agent           +
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6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  as form            +
9  of kind            +


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