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ILC edition 2
Expanded class xmb

    broader class

          xmb /xamaba/           notes; pitch classes
          xmbX /xamabaxaw/                octaves
          xmbXX /xamabaxawxaw/                     notes
          xmbXc /xamabaxawʃa/                     C; do; ut
          xmbXd /xamabaxawda/                     C#; do diesis
          xmbXe /xamabaxawe/                     D; re
          xmbXf /xamabaxawfa/                     D#; mi bemolle
          xmbXg /xamabaxawga/                     E; mi
          xmbXh /xamabaxawɣa/                     F; fa
          xmbXi /xamabaxawi/                     F#; fa diesis
          xmbXj /xamabaxawʒa/                     G; sol
          xmbXk /xamabaxawka/                     G#; sol diesis
          xmbXɭ /xamabaxawla/                     A; la
          xmbXm /xamabaxawma/                     A#; si bemolle
          xmbXn /xamabaxawna/                     B; si
          xmbd /xamabada/                subsubcontra
          xmbe /xamabe/                subcontra
          xmbf /xamabafa/                contra octave
          xmbg /xamabaga/                great octave
          xmbh /xamabaɣa/                small octave
          xmbi /xamabi/                one-lined octave
          xmbiɭ /xamabila/                     standard A; A4
          xmbj /xamabaʒa/                two-lined octave
          xmbɭ /xamabala/                three-lined octave
          xmbm /xamabama/                four-lined octave
          xmbn /xamabana/                five-lined octave
          xmbo /xamabo/                six-lined octave
Connected classes:
  ⌕        xm96  [xmbX]                in tonality; key

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7  with part          +
8  as form            +
9  of kind            +


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