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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ww

    broader class

          ww /wawa/      settlements; localities; populated places  [town planning]  ↞ ws buildings   ≈ DDC 710  
          ww92 /wawaɲɔntɔ/  [jU]                located in area
          ww92e /wawaɲɔntɔe/  ⋄                     Europe
          wwd /wawada/           isolated dwellings
          wwe /wawe/           hamlets
          wwg /wawaga/           villages
          wwh /wawaɣa/           towns
          wwi /wawi/           cities
          wwm /wawama/           metropolis
          wwm92eizt /wawamaɲɔntɔeizata/  ⋄                               Istanbul; Constantinople; Byzantium
          wwm92eyj /wawamaɲɔntɔeɟaʒa/  ⋄                                    London
          wwn /wawana/           conurbations; metropolitan areas; urban areas; agglomerations
Connected classes:
  ⌕        nyx           urban environment  ↞ ww 
  ⌕        s972  [ww]                including inhabitants of settling
  ⌕        tk      city-states; polis; communes  ↞ wwg 
  ⌕        v952  [ww]                in factory; plant; farm; workshop; laboratory
  ⌕        vs99  [ww]                of building; infrastructure

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