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ILC edition 2
Expanded class wv

    broader class

          wv /wava/      vehicles; means of transport  ↞ st peoples vx transport   ≈ DDC 629
          wv92 /wavaɲɔntɔ/  [jU]                running in
          wvb /wavaba/           vertical travel devices
          wvbi /wavabi/                escalators
          wvbɭ /wavabala/                lifts; elevators
          wvc /wavaʃa/           mountain vehicles
          wvd /wavada/           heavy-duty vehicles; heavy equipment; machines; trucks; hydraulics; construction; engineering equipment
          wvdc /wavadaʃa/                tractors  ↞ wj agricultural tools
          wvde /wavade/                excavators
          wvdm /wavadama/                material handlers
          wvdmc /wavadamaʃa/                     cranes
          wvdp /wavadapa/                paving vehicles
          wve /wave/           road vehicles  ↞ wur roads   ≈ DDC 388
          wvec /waveʃa/                carts
          wvei /wavei/                bicycles
          wvem /wavema/                motorcycles; motorbikes
          wver /wavera/                cars
          wvet /waveta/                trucks
          wvi /wavi/           trains; railway vehicles  ↞ wuw railroads   ≈ DDC 385
          wvif /wavifa/                funiculars
          wvig /waviga/                cog railways; rack railways
          wvir /wavira/                trams; streetcars or trolleys
          wviu /waviu/                rapid transit; heavy rails; metros; subways; tubes; U-Bahn; underground
          wvɭ /wavala/           vessels; watercraft  ↞ js fresh water systems jy seas wuh harbours   ≈ DDC 386 387
          wvɭb /wavalaba/                boats
          wvɭh /wavalaɣa/                ships
          wvm /wavama/           submarines  ↞ jy seas
          wvr /wavara/           aircrafts  ↞ wux airports   ≈ DDC 387
          wvre /wavare/                aerostats
          wvrp /wavarapa/                airplanes; aeroplanes; planes
          wvrr /wavarara/                rotorcrafts; rotary-wing aircrafts
          wvrrh /wavararaɣa/                     helicopters
          wvs /wavasa/           spacecrafts
          wvss /wavasasa/                space stations; orbital stations
Connected classes:
  ⌕        sywd                Age of Discovery; Age of Exploration ~1400-1800 CE  ↞ wvlh 
  ⌕        tatn                navy  ↞ wvl 
  ⌕        tatr                air force  ↞ wvr 

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