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ILC edition 2
Expanded class waf

    broader class

          waf /wɛfa/           raw materials; feedstocks; unprocessed materials; primary commodities  [materials science]
          wafb /wɛfaba/                stone  ↞ vdb stone mining
          wafc /wɛfaʃa/                bone  ↞ mqaoq skeleton
          wafd /wɛfada/                wood; wooden  ↞ mpat trees vbo wood gathering vf forestry
          waff /wɛfafa/                bricks  ↞ iis sedimentary rocks
          wafg /wɛfaga/                concrete  ↞ iis sedimentary rocks
          wafh /wɛfaɣa/                metal; metallic  ↞ eU metals vde metal mining
          wafi /wɛfi/                textile fibers; cloth  ↞ mp plants
          wafk /wɛfaka/                down feather  ↞ mqaox skin mqvo birds
          wafɭ /wɛfala/                leather  ↞ mqaox skin mqvt mammals
          wafm /wɛfama/                fur  ↞ mqaox skin mqvt mammals
          wafn /wɛfana/                wool  ↞ mqaox skin mqvt mammals
          wafo /wɛfo/                oils; fats  ↞ m organisms
          wafp /wɛfapa/                plastic  ↞ f molecules
          wafq /wɛfaca/                solvents; dyes; paints  ↞ f molecules
          wafr /wɛfara/                paper  ↞ mp plants
Connected classes:
  ⌕        79  [waf]      made of material
  ⌕        v99  [waf]           producing product
  ⌕        vr97  [waf]                using raw material
  ⌕        vrd           wood and furniture crafts  ↞ wafd 
  ⌕        vrf           fiber and textile crafts; needlework  ↞ wafi 
  ⌕        vrp           paper crafts  ↞ wafr 
  ⌕        vt97  [waf]                exploiting raw material
  ⌕        w973  [waf]                made of material
  ⌕        wbo           cooking oils  ↞ wafo 
  ⌕        wf97  [waf]                made of raw material
  ⌕        x973  [waf]                made of material

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