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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ttb

    broader class

          ttbWg /tatabawawga/           European states  ↞ jUe Europe
          ttb /tataba/           Britain  ↞ jUeyj Great Britain
          ttbU /tatabuj/                United Kingdom of Great Britain and N Ireland; UK
          ttbUb /tatabujba/                     kingdom of George III -1820
          ttbUc /tatabujʃa/                     kingdom of George IV 1820-1830
          ttbUd /tatabujda/                     kingdom of William IV 1830-1837
          ttbUe /tatabuje/                     kingdom of queen Victoria 1837-1901
          ttbUf /tatabujfa/                     kingdom of Edward VII 1901-1910
          ttbUg /tatabujga/                     kingdom of George V 1910-1936
          ttbUh /tatabujɣa/                     kingdom of Edward VIII 1936
          ttbUi /tatabuji/                     kingdom of George VI 1936-1952
          ttbUj /tatabujʒa/                     kingdom of queen Elizabeth II 1952-
          ttbaX /tatabɛxaw/                     countries of the United Kingdom
          ttbae /tatabɛe/                     England
          ttbaeaX /tatabɛeɛxaw/                               counties of England
          ttbaɭ /tatabɛla/                     Wales
          ttbas /tatabɛsa/                     Scotland
          ttbav /tatabɛva/                     Northern Ireland
          ttbaw /tatabɛwa/                     Crown Dependencies
          ttbawg /tatabɛwaga/                          Guernsey
          ttbawj /tatabɛwaʒa/                          Jersey
          ttbawm /tatabɛwama/                          Isle of Man
          ttbay /tatabɛɟa/                     British Overseas Territories
          ttbe /tatabe/                Kingdom of England 927-1707
          ttbg /tatabaga/                Kingdom of Great Britain 1707-1800
          ttbze /tatabaze/           Republic of Ireland; Eire
          ttbzi /tatabazi/           Iceland; Republic of Iceland
          ttbzn /tatabazana/           Norway; Kingdom of Norway
          ttbzo /tatabazo/           Sweden
          ttbzoU /tatabazouj/                Kingdom of Sweden
          ttbzok /tatabazoka/                United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway 1814-1905
          ttbzp /tatabazapa/           Denmark
          ttbzpU /tatabazapuj/                Kingdom of Denmark
          ttbzpaf /tatabazapɛfa/                     Faeroer
          ttbzpaɭ /tatabazapɛla/                     Greenland
          ttbzpc /tatabazapaʃa/                Kalmar Union; Union of Kalmaris 1397-1523
          ttbzpd /tatabazapada/                Denmark-Norway 1524-1814
          ttbzr /tatabazara/           Finland; Republic of Finland; Suomi
          ttbzs /tatabazasa/           Estonia; Republic of Estonia
          ttbzt /tatabazata/           Latvia; Republic of Latvia
          ttbzu /tatabazu/           Lithuania; Republic of Lithuania
          ttbzw /tatabazawa/           Poland; Polish Republic
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