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ILC edition 2
Expanded class tay

    broader class

          tay /tɛɟa/           regulations; institutions; legal order; law; norms; rules; acts  [jurisprudence; legal theory]  ↞ tah legislature   ≈ DDC 348
          tayad /tɛɟɛda/                     regulation development
          tayadb /tɛɟɛdaba/                          bill proposal
          tayadd /tɛɟɛdada/                          bill reading
          tayadp /tɛɟɛdapa/                          approval
          tayadu /tɛɟɛdu/                          publication
          tayat /tɛɟɛta/                     law types; forms
          tayate /tɛɟɛte/                          religious law  ↞ r rituals
          tayatm /tɛɟɛtama/                          military law  ↞ tat military
          tayato /tɛɟɛto/                          common law; unwritten law
          tayatt /tɛɟɛtata/                          civil law
          tayatts /tɛɟɛtatasa/                               socialist law  ↞ uypc socialism
          taybWn /tɛɟabawawna/                private law; civil law  ↞ sb citizens   ≈ DDC 346
          tayc /tɛɟaʃa/                contracts; obligations; contract law
          tayd /tɛɟada/                law of torts
          taye /tɛɟe/                estate; property; assets; law of property
          tayei /tɛɟei/                     private property
          tayeu /tɛɟeu/                     public property  ≈ DDC 343
          tayf /tɛɟafa/                family law  ↞ sf families
          tayg /tɛɟaga/                succession law  ↞ masw death
          tayi /tɛɟi/                conflict of laws; private international law
          tayj /tɛɟaʒa/                corporate law; corporations law; company law  ↞ u enterprises
          tayk /tɛɟaka/                competition law
          tayɭ /tɛɟala/                labour law  ↞ uatb labour   ≈ DDC 344
          taym /tɛɟama/                commercial law  ↞ u enterprises   ≈ DDC 343
          tayn /tɛɟana/                intellectual property law  ↞ w artifacts x artworks y knowledge
          taync /tɛɟanaʃa/                     copyright
          tayne /tɛɟane/                     patents
          taynm /tɛɟanama/                     trademarks
          taynr /tɛɟanara/                     industrial design rights  ↞ vt manufacturing
          tayns /tɛɟanasa/                     trade secrets
          tayoWy /tɛɟowawɟa/                public law
          tayp /tɛɟapa/                penal law; criminal law  ↞ tad crimes   ≈ DDC 345
          tays /tɛɟasa/                constitutional law  ≈ DDC 342
          tayt /tɛɟata/                administrative law  ↞ tae procedures   ≈ DDC 342
          tayw /tɛɟawa/                international law; public international law  ↞ tav diplomacy
Connected classes:
  ⌕        t99  [tay]           according to; under regulation
  ⌕        t995  [tayad]                through regulation step; development
  ⌕        t999  [tayat]                 regulation type
  ⌕        uap           inheritance  ↞ tayg  
  ⌕        ve96  [tay]                conforming to regulation; law
  ⌕        w968  [tay]                conforming to regulation; guideline; technical norm

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