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ILC edition 2
Expanded class syrr

    broader class

          syrr /saɟarara/                ancient Rome civilization  ↞ jUejzn Tevere basin   ≈ DDC 937
          syrrk /saɟararaka/                     Roman Kingdom civilization
          syrrr /saɟararara/                     Roman Republic civilization
          syrrt /saɟararata/                     Roman Empire civilization
          syrrtb /saɟararataba/                          Augustus empire 27 BCE-14 CE
          syrrtc /saɟararataʃa/                          Julio-Claudian Dynasty 14-68 CE
          syrrtf /saɟararatafa/                          Flavian dynasty 69-96 CE
          syrrtg /saɟararataga/                          Five Good Emperors 96-180 CE
          syrrth /saɟararataɣa/                          Commodus and the Year of the Five Emperors 180-193 CE
          syrrti /saɟararati/                          Severan dynasty 193-235 CE
          syrrtj /saɟararataʒa/                          Crisis of the Third Century 235-184 CE
          syrrtɭ /saɟararatala/                          Diocletian and the Tetrarchy 284-301 CE
          syrrtn /saɟararatana/                          Constantinian dynasty 305-363 CE
          syrrtp /saɟararatapa/                          Valentinian dynasty 364-392 CE
          syrrtt /saɟararatata/                          Theodosian dynasty 379-457 CE
Connected classes:
  ⌕        sysm                Byzantine civilization; Byzantium  ↞ rtd syrrt 

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