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ILC edition 2
Expanded class syc

    broader class

          syc /saɟaʃa/           Ancient Egypt  ↞ jUic Nile basin rp ancient Egyptian religion   ≈ DDC 932
          sycd /saɟaʃada/                Early Dynastic Period
          sycg /saɟaʃaga/                Old Kingdom
          syci /saɟaʃi/                1st Intermediate Period
          sycm /saɟaʃama/                Middle Kingdom
          syco /saɟaʃo/                2nd Intermediate Period
          sycq /saɟaʃaca/                New Kingdom
          sycs /saɟaʃasa/                3rd Intermediate Period
          sycu /saɟaʃu/                Kushite Egypt
          sycw /saɟaʃawa/                Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt
          syczk /saɟaʃazaka/           Kerma culture; Kerma kingdom ~2500-1500 BCE  ↞ jUic Nile basin
          syczu /saɟaʃazu/           Kingdom of Kush ~785 BCE-350 CE  ↞ jUic Nile basin
Connected classes:
  ⌕        tti           Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt  ↞ jUic syc 

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