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ILC edition 2
Expanded class sp

    broader class

          sp /sapa/      public institutions; public bodies; services of general interest  ≈ DDC 360
          sp93 /sapaɲɔɲcɔ/  [rab]                by officer born at time  ↞ px persons
          sp96 /sapaɲɔltɔ/  [spa]                by system
          sp97 /sapaɲɔjɔ/  [sap]                for beneficiary; social group
          sp979y /sapaɲɔjɔɲɔɟa/                          women
          sp97v /sapaɲɔjɔva/                     old people
          spap /sapɛpa/                private system
          spas /sapɛsa/                social insurance
          spe /sape/           education services; schools  ↞ yae education
          spf /sapafa/           cultural services; documentation services; public libraries; archives; museums  ↞ y knowledge
          sph /sapaɣa/           health systems; hospitals  ↞ vm health care
          spɭ /sapala/           welfare; social services  ≈ DDC 361
          spɭe /sapale/                unemployment support  ↞ uatbp employment
          spɭi /sapali/                illness and disability support  ↞ mqad diseases
          spɭv /sapalava/                veteran support  ↞ tavaw war
          spn /sapana/           pensions  ↞ uqp pension funds
          spnr /sapanara/                retirement plans; superannuations
          spr /sapara/           emergency services; rescue services
          sprb /saparaba/                ambulances; emergency medical service  ↞ sph health systems
          sprf /saparafa/                fire and rescue services; firefighters
          spt /sapata/           transportation services  ↞ vx transport
Connected classes:
  ⌕        006           for target; public; educational level  ↞ sai spe 
  ⌕        sp96  [spa]                by system
  ⌕        sprb                ambulances; emergency medical service  ↞ sph 
  ⌕        tas           police; constabulary; civil guard; protective services; cops  ↞ spr 
  ⌕        twuash                          World Health Organization; WHO  ↞ sph 
  ⌕        uaqi                social-security contributions  ↞ sp 

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