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ILC edition 2
Expanded class sap

    broader class

          sap /sɛpa/           age groups
          sapd /sɛpada/                being born  ↞ masd birth
          sape /sɛpe/                babies; newborn  ↞ mase newborn
          sapi /sɛpi/                children  ↞ masi very young
          sapix /sɛpixa/                     male children  ↞ sanx men
          sapiy /sɛpiɟa/                     female children  ↞ sany women
          sapɭ /sɛpala/                adolescents; kids  ↞ masl adolescent
          sapɭx /sɛpalaxa/                     boys  ↞ sanx men
          sapɭy /sɛpalaɟa/                     girls  ↞ sany women
          sapn /sɛpana/                youth; young people  ↞ masn young
          sapnx /sɛpanaxa/                     young men  ↞ sanx men
          sapny /sɛpanaɟa/                     young women  ↞ sany women
          sapp /sɛpapa/                adults  ↞ masp adult
          sappx /sɛpapaxa/                     adult men  ↞ sanx men
          sappy /sɛpapaɟa/                     adult women  ↞ sany women
          sapv /sɛpava/                old people; third age  ↞ masv old
          sapvx /sɛpavaxa/                     old men  ↞ sanx men
          sapvy /sɛpavaɟa/                     old women  ↞ sany women
          sapx /sɛpaxa/                dead people  ↞ masx dead
Connected classes:
  ⌕        p991  [sap]                 age class
  ⌕        raɭsk                     puberty initiation  ↞ sapl 
  ⌕        raɭsx                     mourning; grief; funeral rites  ↞ sapx 
  ⌕        s97  [sap]           including age group
  ⌕        sf97  [sap]                with family components
  ⌕        sp97  [sap]                for beneficiary; social group
  ⌕        yaet                adult education; lifelong education  ↞ sapp 

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