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ILC edition 2
Expanded class s97

    broader class

          s97 /saɲɔjɔ/  [sap]           including age group
          s972 /saɲɔjɔntɔ/  [ww]                including inhabitants of settling
          s972e /saɲɔjɔntɔe/                     peasants; rural people
          s972g /saɲɔjɔntɔga/                     burghers; urban people
          s973 /saɲɔjɔɲcɔ/  [sai]                including literacy class; level of education
          s974 /saɲɔjɔŋkɔ/  [anab]                including fraction
          s974f /saɲɔjɔŋkɔfa/                     minorities
          s974u /saɲɔjɔŋkɔu/                     majority
          s975 /saɲɔjɔlpɔ/  [v]                including occupied as job; occupation
          s975c /saɲɔjɔlpɔʃa/  ⋄                     fishers
          s975m /saɲɔjɔlpɔma/  ⋄                     farmers
          s975t /saɲɔjɔlpɔta/  ⋄                     industrial workers
          s976 /saɲɔjɔltɔ/  [qv]                including speakers of mothertongue; primary language
          s9764 /saɲɔjɔltɔŋkɔ/  [qv]                     including minority speakers of minority language
          s9764eio /saɲɔjɔltɔŋkɔeio/  ⋄                                    Occitan
          s976UE /saɲɔjɔltɔujew/  ⋄                          English
          s976Uİ /saɲɔjɔltɔujiw/  ⋄                          Italian
          s976US /saɲɔjɔltɔujsaw/  ⋄                          Spanish
          s977 /saɲɔjɔjɔ/  [r]                including adherents to religion
          s9774 /saɲɔjɔjɔŋkɔ/  [r]                     including religious minority
          s9774s /saɲɔjɔjɔŋkɔsa/                          Jews minority
          s977s /saɲɔjɔjɔsa/  ⋄                     Jews
          s977u /saɲɔjɔjɔu/  ⋄                     Muslims
          s978 /saɲɔjɔrkɔ/  [sal]                including wealth class
          s979 /saɲɔjɔɲɔ/  [san]                including gender  [gender studies]
Connected classes:
  ⌕        w983  [sa]                suitable for user class; people  ↞ s97 

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