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ILC edition 2
Expanded class rag

    broader class

          rag /rɛga/           precepts; values; virtues; moral behaviour  ↞ pab drives
          ragb /rɛgaba/                faith
          ragc /rɛgaʃa/                piety; religiosity; reverence  ≈ DDC 179
          ragd /rɛgada/                devotion to family  ↞ osp parental cares   ≈ DDC 173
          rage /rɛge/                gratitude
          ragg /rɛgaga/                sincerity; truth  ↞ ai statements
          ragh /rɛgaɣa/                honesty; loyalty; fairness
          ragi /rɛgi/                bravery; courage
          ragj /rɛgaʒa/                fertility  ↞ n populations   ≈ DDC 176
          ragk /rɛgaka/                chastity  ↞ osm mating   ≈ DDC 176
          ragɭ /rɛgala/                moderation; temperance; sobriety; abstemiousness; baldness
          ragm /rɛgama/                humility
          ragn /rɛgana/                patience
          rago /rɛgo/                altruism; charity; generosity; goodness  ↞ pev love   ≈ DDC 177
          ragp /rɛgapa/                diligence  ≈ DDC 172
          ragq /rɛgaca/                respect for others' property
          ragr /rɛgara/                human rights
          rags /rɛgasa/                wellness; well-being
          ragu /rɛgu/                beauty; aesthetics  ↞ x artworks   ≈ DDC 175
          ragy /rɛgaɟa/                salvation; after-death
Connected classes:
  ⌕        pou           moral consciousness  ↞ rag 
  ⌕        r94  [rag]           committing; tempted by sin; evil; guilt; vice; taboo
  ⌕        r96  [rag]           conforming to; pursuing precept
  ⌕        s98  [rag]           encouraging; supporting value; mission; moral; consensus; public opinion
  ⌕        sau           codes of manners; institutions; conventions; customs; statutes  ↞ rag 
  ⌕        yiyr                moral philosophy; ethics  ↞ rag 

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