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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ra

          rab /rɛba/           historical periods; times; epochs  ↞ iasgh Holocene bbxprsvxw present day   ≈ DDC 900 940 950 960 970 980 990
          rabX /rɛbaxaw/  [anad]                millennia
          rabXX /rɛbaxawxaw/  [anad]                     centuries
          rabXXX /rɛbaxawxawxaw/  [anad]                          decades
          rabXXXX /rɛbaxawxawxawxaw/  [anad]                               years
          rabXXXXX /rɛbaxawxawxawxawxaw/  [jag]                                    months
          rabXXXXXX /rɛbaxawxawxawxawxawxaw/  [jagX]                                    dates
          rabXXXXXXX /rɛbaxawxawxawxawxawxawxaw/  [jae]                                    times; hours
          rabXXXXXXXX /rɛbaxawxawxawxawxawxawxawxaw/  [jaeX]                                    minutes
          rabXXXXXXXXX /rɛbaxawxawxawxawxawxawxawxawxaw/  [jaeXX]                                    seconds
          rabeWm /rɛbewawma/                9,999 to 1,000 BC  [early history; archaeology]  
          rabe /rɛbe/                9999 to 9000 BC; 10th millennium BC
          rabf /rɛbafa/                8999 to 8000 BC; 9th millennium BC
          rabg /rɛbaga/                7999 to 7000 BC; 8th millennium BC
          rabh /rɛbaɣa/                6999 to 6000 BC; 7th millennium BC
          rabi /rɛbi/                5999 to 5000 BC; 6th millennium BC
          rabj /rɛbaʒa/                4999 to 4000 BC; 5th millennium BC
          rabk /rɛbaka/                3999 to 3000 BC; 4th millennium BC
          rabɭ /rɛbala/                2999 to 2000 BC; 3rd millennium BC
          rabm /rɛbama/                1999 to 1000 BC; 2nd millennium BC
          rabn /rɛbana/                1 to 999 BC; 1st millennium BC
          rabnU /rɛbanuj/  [rabnWos]                     Antiquity; 999 BC to 499 AD  [ancient history]  ≈ DDC 930
          rabne /rɛbane/                     999 to 900 BC; 10th century BC
          rabnf /rɛbanafa/                     899 to 800 BC; 9th century BC
          rabng /rɛbanaga/                     799 to 700 BC; 8th century BC
          rabnh /rɛbanaɣa/                     699 to 600 BC; 7th century BC
          rabni /rɛbani/                     599 to 500 BC; 6th century BC
          rabnj /rɛbanaʒa/                     499 to 400 BC; 5th century BC
          rabnk /rɛbanaka/                     399 to 300 BC; 4th century BC
          rabnɭ /rɛbanala/                     299 to 200 BC; 3rd century BC
          rabnm /rɛbanama/                     199 to 100 BC; 2nd century BC
          rabnn /rɛbanana/                     99 to 1 BC; 1st century BC
          rabnnm /rɛbananama/                          10 to 19 BC
          rabnnn /rɛbananana/                          1 to 9 BC
          rabnnnm /rɛbanananama/                               1 BC
          rabo /rɛbo/                1 to 999 AD; 1st millennium AD
          raboo /rɛbojo/                     1 to 99 AD; I century; 1st century
          rabooo /rɛbojojo/                          1 to 9 AD
          rabooop /rɛbojojopa/                               1 AD
          raboop /rɛbojopa/                          10 to 19 AD
          rabop /rɛbopa/                     100 to 199 AD; II century; 2nd century; 100s
          raboq /rɛboca/                     200 to 299 AD; III century; 3rd century; 200s
          rabor /rɛbora/                     300 to 399 AD; IV century; 4th century; 300s
          rabos /rɛbosa/                     400 to 499 AD; V century; 5th century; 400s
          rabotWx /rɛbotawawxa/                     Early Middle Ages; Early Medieval Period
          rabot /rɛbota/                     500 to 599 AD; VI century; 6th century; 500s
          rabou /rɛbou/                     600 to 699 AD; VII century; 7th century; 600s
          rabouqq /rɛboucaca/                               622 AD; Hegira year; Hijrah year
          rabov /rɛbova/                     700 to 799 AD; VIII century; 8th century; 700s
          rabow /rɛbowa/                     800 to 899 AD; IX century; 9th century; 800s
          rabox /rɛboxa/                     900 to 999 AD; X century; 10th century; 900s
          rabp /rɛbapa/                1000 to 1999 AD; 1st millennium
          rabpU /rɛbapuj/  [rabotWDps]                     Middle Ages; 500 to 1499 AD  [medieval history]
          rabpoWqs /rɛbapowawcasa/                     High Middle Ages; High Medieval Period
          rabpo /rɛbapo/                     1000 to 1099 AD; XI century; 11th century; 1000s
          rabpp /rɛbapapa/                     1100 to 1199 AD; XII century; 12th century; 1100s
          rabpq /rɛbapaca/                     1200 to 1299 AD; XIII century; 13th century; 1200s
          rabpqtWDs /rɛbapacatawawdawsa/                          Late Middle Ages; Late Medieval Period
          rabprWt /rɛbaparawawta/                     Renaissance
          rabpr /rɛbapara/                     1300 to 1399 AD; XIV century; 14th century; 1300s
          rabps /rɛbapasa/                     1400 to 1499 AD; XV century; 15th century; 1400s
          rabpsxq /rɛbapasaxaca/  ⋄                               1492
          rabptWv /rɛbapatawawva/                     Early Modern Period
          rabptWx /rɛbapatawawxa/                     Modern Age; industrial age
          rabpt /rɛbapata/                     1500 to 1599 AD; 16th century
          rabpu /rɛbapu/                     1600 to 1699 AD; 17th century
          rabpv /rɛbapava/                     1700 to 1799 AD; 18th century
          rabpwWx /rɛbapawawawxa/                     Late Modern Period
          rabpw /rɛbapawa/                     1800 to 1899 AD; 19th century
          rabpx /rɛbapaxa/                     1900 to 1999 AD; 20th century
          rabpxo /rɛbapaxo/                          1900-1909
          rabpxp /rɛbapaxapa/                          1910-1919; 1910s
          rabpxq /rɛbapaxaca/                          1920-1929; the Twenties; 1920s
          rabpxr /rɛbapaxara/                          1930-1939; the Thirties; 1930s
          rabpxs /rɛbapaxasa/                          1940-1949; the Fourties; 1940s
          rabpxt /rɛbapaxata/                          1950-1959; the Fifties; 1950s
          rabpxto /rɛbapaxato/                               1950
          rabpxtp /rɛbapaxatapa/                               1951
          rabpxtq /rɛbapaxataca/                               1952
          rabpxtr /rɛbapaxatara/                               1953
          rabpxts /rɛbapaxatasa/                               1954
          rabpxtt /rɛbapaxatata/                               1955
          rabpxtu /rɛbapaxatu/                               1956
          rabpxtv /rɛbapaxatava/                               1957
          rabpxtw /rɛbapaxatawa/                               1958
          rabpxtx /rɛbapaxataxa/                               1959
          rabpxu /rɛbapaxu/                          1960-1969; the Sixties; 1960s
          rabpxuo /rɛbapaxuo/                               1960
          rabpxup /rɛbapaxupa/                               1961
          rabpxuq /rɛbapaxuca/                               1962
          rabpxur /rɛbapaxura/                               1963
          rabpxus /rɛbapaxusa/                               1964
          rabpxut /rɛbapaxuta/                               1965
          rabpxuu /rɛbapaxuwu/                               1966
          rabpxuv /rɛbapaxuva/                               1967
          rabpxuw /rɛbapaxuwa/                               1968
          rabpxux /rɛbapaxuxa/                               1969
          rabpxv /rɛbapaxava/                          1970-1979; the Seventies; 1970s
          rabpxvo /rɛbapaxavo/                               1970
          rabpxvp /rɛbapaxavapa/                               1971
          rabpxvq /rɛbapaxavaca/                               1972
          rabpxvr /rɛbapaxavara/                               1973
          rabpxvs /rɛbapaxavasa/                               1974
          rabpxvt /rɛbapaxavata/                               1975
          rabpxvu /rɛbapaxavu/                               1976
          rabpxvv /rɛbapaxavava/                               1977
          rabpxvw /rɛbapaxavawa/                               1978
          rabpxvx /rɛbapaxavaxa/                               1979
          rabpxw /rɛbapaxawa/                          1980-1989; the Eighties; 1980s
          rabpxwo /rɛbapaxawo/                               1980
          rabpxwp /rɛbapaxawapa/                               1981
          rabpxwq /rɛbapaxawaca/                               1982
          rabpxwr /rɛbapaxawara/                               1983
          rabpxws /rɛbapaxawasa/                               1984
          rabpxwt /rɛbapaxawata/                               1985
          rabpxwu /rɛbapaxawu/                               1986
          rabpxwv /rɛbapaxawava/                               1987
          rabpxww /rɛbapaxawawa/                               1988
          rabpxwx /rɛbapaxawaxa/                               1989
          rabpxx /rɛbapaxaxa/                          1990-1999; the Nineties; 1990s
          rabpxxo /rɛbapaxaxo/                               1990
          rabpxxp /rɛbapaxaxapa/                               1991
          rabpxxq /rɛbapaxaxaca/                               1992
          rabpxxr /rɛbapaxaxara/                               1993
          rabpxxs /rɛbapaxaxasa/                               1994
          rabpxxt /rɛbapaxaxata/                               1995
          rabpxxu /rɛbapaxaxu/                               1996
          rabpxxv /rɛbapaxaxava/                               1997
          rabpxxw /rɛbapaxaxawa/                               1998
          rabpxxx /rɛbapaxaxaxa/                               1999
          rabq /rɛbaca/                2000 to 2999 AD; 2nd millennium
          rabqo /rɛbaco/                     2000 to 2099 AD; 21st century
          rabqoo /rɛbacojo/                          2000-2009; the Two Thousands
          rabqooo /rɛbacojojo/                               2000
          rabqoop /rɛbacojopa/                               2001
          rabqooq /rɛbacojoca/                               2002
          rabqoor /rɛbacojora/                               2003
          rabqoos /rɛbacojosa/                               2004
          rabqoot /rɛbacojota/                               2005
          rabqoou /rɛbacojou/                               2006
          rabqoov /rɛbacojova/                               2007
          rabqoow /rɛbacojowa/                               2008
          rabqoox /rɛbacojoxa/                               2009
          rabqop /rɛbacopa/                          2010-2019; the Tens; 2010s
          rabqopo /rɛbacopo/                               2010
          rabqopp /rɛbacopapa/                               2011
          rabqopq /rɛbacopaca/                               2012
          rabqopr /rɛbacopara/                               2013
          rabqops /rɛbacopasa/                               2014
          rabqopt /rɛbacopata/                               2015
          rabqopu /rɛbacopu/                               2016
          rabqopv /rɛbacopava/                               2017
          rabqopw /rɛbacopawa/                               2018
          rabqopx /rɛbacopaxa/                               2019
          rabqoq /rɛbacoca/                          2020-2029; the Twenties; 2020s
          rabqoqo /rɛbacoco/                               2020
          rabqoqob /rɛbacocoba/  ⋄                                    January 2020
          rabqoqobb /rɛbacocobaba/  ⋄                                    1st January 2020
          rabqoqomyzɭ /rɛbacocomaɟazala/  ⋄                                    31st December 2020
          rabqoqp /rɛbacocapa/                               2021
          rabqoqq /rɛbacocaca/                               2022
          rae /rɛe/           adherents  ↞ px persons
          rae809b /rɛerkɔwɔɲɔba/                               non adherents; non believers
          raeb /rɛeba/                lay persons; lay adherents
          raed /rɛeda/                elders; senior members
          raef /rɛefa/                lay assistants
          raeh /rɛeɣa/                hermits; ascetics; fakirs
          raem /rɛema/                monks; monastic orders
          raemn /rɛemana/                     nuns
          raen /rɛena/                deacons; assistant ministers
          raep /rɛepa/                clerics; clergymen; churchmen; ministers; priests
          raepo /rɛepo/                     seniors; bishops; abbots
          raept /rɛepata/                     archbishops; metropolitans
          raepw /rɛepawa/                     general leader
          raex /rɛexa/                prophets
          raexb /rɛexaba/                     founder; originator
          raexd /rɛexada/                     reformers
          raexe /rɛexe/                     messiah
          raexg /rɛexaga/                     gurus; mahatmas; prophets SS; wise men
          raexm /rɛexama/                     martyrs
          raexs /rɛexasa/                     saints; bodhisattvas; enlightened ones
          raexu /rɛexu/                     thaumaturgers; wonder workers; miracle workers
          raexw /rɛexawa/                     shamans; witch doctors; medicine men; sorcerers
          raexy /rɛexaɟa/                     theocratic sovereigns; divinely appointed kings
          rag /rɛga/           precepts; values; virtues; moral behaviour  ↞ pab drives
          ragb /rɛgaba/                faith
          ragc /rɛgaʃa/                piety; religiosity; reverence  ≈ DDC 179
          ragd /rɛgada/                devotion to family  ↞ osp parental cares   ≈ DDC 173
          rage /rɛge/                gratitude
          ragg /rɛgaga/                sincerity; truth  ↞ ai statements
          ragh /rɛgaɣa/                honesty; loyalty; fairness
          ragi /rɛgi/                bravery; courage
          ragj /rɛgaʒa/                fertility  ↞ n populations   ≈ DDC 176
          ragk /rɛgaka/                chastity  ↞ osm mating   ≈ DDC 176
          ragɭ /rɛgala/                moderation; temperance; sobriety; abstemiousness; baldness
          ragm /rɛgama/                humility
          ragn /rɛgana/                patience
          rago /rɛgo/                altruism; charity; generosity; goodness  ↞ pev love   ≈ DDC 177
          ragp /rɛgapa/                diligence  ≈ DDC 172
          ragq /rɛgaca/                respect for others' property
          ragr /rɛgara/                human rights
          rags /rɛgasa/                wellness; well-being
          ragu /rɛgu/                beauty; aesthetics  ↞ x artworks   ≈ DDC 175
          ragy /rɛgaɟa/                salvation; after-death
          raɭ /rɛla/           rites; practices; worship; uses; habits; ceremonies; liturgies; divine service  ↞ bp processes   ≈ DDC 390
          raɭap /rɛlɛpa/                     holy places; temples
          raɭc /rɛlaʃa/                mysticism; religious ecstasy
          raɭd /rɛlada/                meditation; contemplation
          raɭdf /rɛladafa/                     focused attention
          raɭdfb /rɛladafaba/                          ānāpānasati; mindfulness of breathing
          raɭdfm /rɛladafama/                          mettā; maitrī; loving-kindness
          raɭdfp /rɛladafapa/                          single point meditation
          raɭdft /rɛladafata/                          mantra meditation
          raɭdftm /rɛladafatama/                               transcendental meditation
          raɭdo /rɛlado/                     open monitoring
          raɭdom /rɛladoma/                          mindfulness
          raɭdos /rɛladosa/                          shikantaza
          raɭe /rɛle/                prayer
          raɭeg /rɛlega/                     grace
          raɭeh /rɛleɣa/                     hymns
          raɭei /rɛlei/                     incantation; enchantment; magic spell
          raɭer /rɛlera/                     creed
          raɭf /rɛlafa/                abstinence
          raɭff /rɛlafafa/                     fasting
          raɭfs /rɛlafasa/                     sexual abstinence; chastity
          raɭg /rɛlaga/                asceticism; monastic living
          raɭj /rɛlaʒa/                offering; sacrifice
          raɭk /rɛlaka/                sacred meal
          raɭm /rɛlama/                pilgrimage
          raɭo /rɛlo/                mission
          raɭp /rɛlapa/                predication
          raɭq /rɛlaca/                blessing; consecration
          raɭqe /rɛlace/                     exorcism
          raɭr /rɛlara/                occultism; paranormal beliefs; esoterism; arcane  [parapsychology]  ≈ DDC 130
          raɭre /rɛlare/                     extrasensory perception; ESP
          raɭrec /rɛlareʃa/                          clairvoyance
          raɭrecf /rɛlareʃafa/                               precognition; prescience; future vision; future sight
          raɭrem /rɛlarema/                          mediumship
          raɭrep /rɛlarepa/                          demonic possession
          raɭret /rɛlareta/                          telepathy
          raɭreu /rɛlareu/                          multilocation; bilocation
          raɭrev /rɛlareva/                          psychokinesis; telekinesis
          raɭrex /rɛlarexa/                          close encounter
          raɭri /rɛlari/                     divination  ↞ ralrec clairvoyance   ≈ DDC 133
          raɭrie /rɛlarie/                          haruspicy; extispicy  ↞ mqv chordates
          raɭrih /rɛlariɣa/                          horoscopes; natal charts; celestial maps; cosmograms; vitaspheres; radical charts  [astrology]  ↞ h celestial bodies
          raɭrihag /rɛlariɣɛga/                                    angles
          raɭrihagf /rɛlariɣɛgafa/                                    ascendant; first house; East angle
          raɭrihagm /rɛlariɣɛgama/                                    midheaven; tenth house; North Angle
          raɭrihagq /rɛlariɣɛgaca/                                    descendant; seventh house; West angle
          raɭrihagu /rɛlariɣɛgu/                                    imnum coeli; fourth house; South angle
          raɭrihao /rɛlariɣɛo/                                    zodiac; sun signs
          raɭrihaob /rɛlariɣɛoba/                                    Aries
          raɭrihaod /rɛlariɣɛoda/                                    Taurus
          raɭrihaof /rɛlariɣɛofa/                                    Gemini
          raɭrihaoh /rɛlariɣɛoɣa/                                    Cancer
          raɭrihaoj /rɛlariɣɛoʒa/                                    Leo
          raɭrihaoɭ /rɛlariɣɛola/                                    Virgo
          raɭrihaon /rɛlariɣɛona/                                    Libra
          raɭrihaop /rɛlariɣɛopa/                                    Scorpio
          raɭrihaor /rɛlariɣɛora/                                    Sagittarius
          raɭrihaot /rɛlariɣɛota/                                    Capricorn
          raɭrihaov /rɛlariɣɛova/                                    Aquarius
          raɭrihaox /rɛlariɣɛoxa/                                    Pisces
          raɭrihas /rɛlariɣɛsa/                                    houses
          raɭriɭ /rɛlarila/                          palmistry; chiromancy; palm reading
          raɭrin /rɛlarina/                          necromancy
          raɭrir /rɛlarira/                          cartomancy
          raɭrit /rɛlarita/                          tasseomancy
          raɭrm /rɛlarama/                     magic; sorcery  ↞ raexw shamans
          raɭrn /rɛlarana/                     numerology  ↞ an quantities
          raɭrr /rɛlarara/                     miracles  ↞ raexu thaumaturgers
          raɭrt /rɛlarata/                     theophany; divine appearance
          raɭrx /rɛlaraxa/                     reincarnation; rebirth; transmigration
          raɭs /rɛlasa/                sacraments; initiations; sacred passages
          raɭsf /rɛlasafa/                     baptism; Christening
          raɭsk /rɛlasaka/                     puberty initiation  ↞ sapl adolescents
          raɭsm /rɛlasama/                     familiar bonds
          raɭsme /rɛlasame/                          engagement
          raɭsmm /rɛlasamama/                          marriage; matrimony; wedlock  ↞ osm mating
          raɭsmmau /rɛlasamamɛu/                                    husbands  ↞ sanx men
          raɭsmmaw /rɛlasamamɛwa/                                    wives  ↞ sany women
          raɭsmmm /rɛlasamamama/                               monogamy
          raɭsmmms /rɛlasamamamasa/                                    serial monogamy
          raɭsmmp /rɛlasamamapa/                               polygamy
          raɭsmmpg /rɛlasamamapaga/                                    polygyny
          raɭsmmpgc /rɛlasamamapagaʃa/                                    concubinage
          raɭsmmpn /rɛlasamamapana/                                    polyandry
          raɭsmms /rɛlasamamasa/                               same-sex marriage; gay marriage
          raɭsmx /rɛlasamaxa/                          separation
          raɭsmxm /rɛlasamaxama/                               separation by mutual consent
          raɭsmy /rɛlasamaɟa/                          divorce
          raɭsu /rɛlasu/                     anointing of the sick; extreme unction  ↞ masw death
          raɭsx /rɛlasaxa/                     mourning; grief; funeral rites  ↞ sapx dead people
          raɭsxar /rɛlasaxɛra/                               burial ground; cemetery; graveyard; necropolis
          raɭsxb /rɛlasaxaba/                          burial; internment
          raɭsxbb /rɛlasaxababa/                               natural burial; green burial
          raɭsxbe /rɛlasaxabe/                               embalming; mummification
          raɭsxbs /rɛlasaxabasa/                               shroud burial
          raɭsxbv /rɛlasaxabava/                               vault burial
          raɭsxe /rɛlasaxe/                          cremation
          raɭv /rɛlava/                celebrations; festivals; feasts; holy days; holydays  ↞ jai seasons
          raɭvb /rɛlavaba/                     vernal equinox
          raɭvc /rɛlavaʃa/                     Carnival
          raɭvd /rɛlavada/                     Lent
          raɭve /rɛlave/                     Easter; Passover; Pesach; Pascha; Resurrection Sunday
          raɭvg /rɛlavaga/                     May Day; Beltane
          raɭvj /rɛlavaʒa/                     Midsummer; summer solstice
          raɭvn /rɛlavana/                     autumnal equinox
          raɭvq /rɛlavaca/                     Halloween; All Saints' Eve; Samhain
          raɭvs /rɛlavasa/                     Advent
          raɭvt /rɛlavata/                     winter solstice
          raɭvu /rɛlavu/                     Christmas
          raɭvv /rɛlavava/                     New Year day
          raɭvw /rɛlavawa/                     Epiphany
          raɭvx /rɛlavaxa/                     Chinese New Year; Spring Festival
          raɭvy /rɛlavaɟa/                     Ramadan
          rao /rɛo/           symbols; sacred objects  ↞ osuy symbols
          raoc /rɛoʃa/                clothes  ↞ wf clothing
          raog /rɛoga/                gesture  ↞ osu communication
          raon /rɛona/                sacred dances  ↞ xn dance
          raor /rɛora/                sacred words; speech  ↞ q language
          raos /rɛosa/                scriptures; religious texts  ↞ wo measuring and alignment tools   ≈ DDC 220
          raosb /rɛosaba/                     sacred books; written revelation
          raosm /rɛosama/                     sacred commentaries
          raq /rɛca/           myths; legends; stories  [mythology]  ↞ qtb narrative texts
          ras /rɛsa/           spiritual entities; powers  [theology]
          rasab /rɛsɛba/                     atheism
          rasac /rɛsɛʃa/                     agnosticism
          rasan /rɛsɛna/                     polytheism
          rasat /rɛsɛta/                     monotheism
          rasay /rɛsɛɟa/                     pantheism
          rasb /rɛsaba/                ghosts
          rasc /rɛsaʃa/                souls
          rasd /rɛsada/                ancestor souls
          rase /rɛse/                saints; intercessors
          rasg /rɛsaga/                angels
          rasgw /rɛsagawa/                     archangels
          rasm /rɛsama/                demons
          rasp /rɛsapa/                deities; gods
          raspU /rɛsapuj/                     God  
          rass /rɛsasa/                impersonal spirits  
          rasy /rɛsaɟa/                pantheistic gods
          raw /rɛwa/           ritual kinds  ≈ DDC 210
          rawa /rɛwɛ/                animist
          rawb /rɛwaba/                fetishist  ↞ w artifacts
          rawf /rɛwafa/                phallist; sexual worship  ↞ osm mating
          rawh /rɛwaɣa/                shamanist  ↞ raexw shamans
          rawi /rɛwi/                spiritualist; idealist  ↞ r8 p consciousness
          rawn /rɛwana/                naturalist  ↞ g continuum bodies h celestial bodies i rocks j land k genes l bacteria m organisms n populations
          rawnm /rɛwanama/                     materialist  ↞ g continuum bodies
          rawr /rɛwara/                rationalist  ↞ por reason
          rawu /rɛwu/                humanist  ↞ s communities
          rax /rɛxa/           sacrality
          raxa /rɛxɛ/                profane; secular
          raxo /rɛxo/                lay; laic; laical
          raxv /rɛxava/                religious; sacred
Connected classes:
  ⌕        0019  [rab]                published in
  ⌕        019  [rab]           as known in historical period
  ⌕        1349  [rab]                to; until historical time
  ⌕        139  [rab]           from; since historical time
  ⌕        19  [rab]      in historical time
  ⌕        8619  [rab]                 style of epoch
  ⌕        UX  [rab]      persons by birth millennium
  ⌕        p91  [rab]           born on birth time
  ⌕        p914  [rab]                dead on death time
  ⌕        p915  [rab]                living in; floruit in time
  ⌕        pou           moral consciousness  ↞ rag 
  ⌕        px93  [rab]                born from; descendant of ancestor  [genealogy]
  ⌕        px933  [rab]                     grandson of; nephew of grandparent
  ⌕        px9338  [rab]                          grandson of grandfather; grandpa
  ⌕        px9339  [rab]                          grandson of grandmother; grandma
  ⌕        px937  [rab]                     niece of uncle
  ⌕        px9378  [rab]                          niece of male uncle
  ⌕        px9379  [rab]                          niece of aunt
  ⌕        px939  [rab]                     son of; daughter of parent
  ⌕        px9398  [rab]                          son of father
  ⌕        px9399  [rab]                          son of mother
  ⌕        q91  [rab]           in time  [historical linguistics; comparative linguistics]
  ⌕        q913  [rab]                originated in epoch
  ⌕        q9134  [rab]                     extinct in; dead in epoch
  ⌕        qw91  [rab]                  [palaeography; epigraphy]
  ⌕        r91  [rab]           in historical period; epoch
  ⌕        r93  [rae]           professed by; practiced by adherent; prophet
  ⌕        r94  [rag]           committing; tempted by sin; evil; guilt; vice; taboo
  ⌕        r95  [ral]           through rite
  ⌕        r96  [rag]           conforming to; pursuing precept
  ⌕        r97  [rao]           with symbol; sacred object
  ⌕        r98  [ras]           invoking; appealing; referring to; believing in spiritual entity; power
  ⌕        r983  [raq]                referring to myth; legend
  ⌕        r99  [raw]            kind
  ⌕        r996  [rax]                 sacrality degree
  ⌕        rabnU  [rabnWos]                     Antiquity; 999 BC to 499 AD  [ancient history]
  ⌕        rabpU  [rabotWDps]                     Middle Ages; 500 to 1499 AD  [medieval history]
  ⌕        raɭri                     divination  ↞ ralrec 
  ⌕        raɭrm                     magic; sorcery  ↞ raexw 
  ⌕        raɭrr                     miracles  ↞ raexu 
  ⌕        rawh                shamanist  ↞ raexw 
  ⌕        s91  [rab]           in period
  ⌕        s93  [rab]           led by leader born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        s98  [rag]           encouraging; supporting value; mission; moral; consensus; public opinion
  ⌕        sau           codes of manners; institutions; conventions; customs; statutes  ↞ rag 
  ⌕        sp93  [rab]                by officer born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        t913  [rab]                founded in foundation time
  ⌕        t93  [rab]           ruled by; governed by ruler born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        taj93  [rab]                      head, prime minister, premier, chancellor
  ⌕        taj999b93  [rab]                                    ruled by monarch; king; queen; regnant
  ⌕        taj999g93  [rab]                                    ruled by dictator
  ⌕        taj999r93  [rab]                                    ruled by president
  ⌕        tajam93  [rab]                               ruled by minister born at time; secretary
  ⌕        u91  [rab]           in fiscal year; financial; budget year
  ⌕        u933  [rab]                run by businessman born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        v91  [rab]           in period
  ⌕        v933  [rab]                by worker born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        vah           techniques; operations; production processes; procedures  [engineering]  ↞ rab 
  ⌕        vr933  [rab]                     by artisan; craftsperson; craftsman born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        w91  [rab]           of epoch
  ⌕        w916  [rab]                introduced in time
  ⌕        w933  [rab]                made by producer born at time
  ⌕        x91  [rab]           produced at time
  ⌕        x93  [rab]           created by artist born in year
  ⌕        x935  [rab]                performed by performed born in year
  ⌕        x981  [rab]                set at time; epoch
  ⌕        xasn                renaissance  ↞ rabprWt 
  ⌕        xasu                modernism; avant-garde  ↞ rabpw rabpx 
  ⌕        xm93  [rab]                by composer born in; musician
  ⌕        xm933  [rab]                     by player born in year; performer
  ⌕        xr93  [rab]                written by playwright; poet
  ⌕        xr933  [rab]                     played by actor
  ⌕        xs93  [rab]                directed by director
  ⌕        xs939  [rab]                      assistant director
  ⌕        y91  [rab]           known in time
  ⌕        y93  [rab]           by master born at time; thinker
  ⌕        yiyr                moral philosophy; ethics  ↞ rag 
  ⌕        yɭ93  [rab]                by teacher born at time
  ⌕        yt91  [rab]                published in time  [palaeography; diplomatics]
  ⌕        yt93  [rab]                by author born at time; creator
  ⌕        yt935  [rab]                     translated by translator
  ⌕        yt936  [rab]                     edited by editor
  ⌕        yt937  [rab]                     with contribution by contributor
  ⌕        yt938  [rab]                     presented to; dedicated to; Festschrift for honoured author
  ⌕        ytce93  [rab]                          by journalist
  ⌕        ytcq                sacred texts  ↞ raos 

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