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ILC edition 2
Expanded class px

    broader class

          px /paxa/      persons; individuals  ≈ DDC 920
          px5 /paxalpɔ/           living life  [biography]
          px63 /paxaltɔɲcɔ/                agents
          px63w /paxaltɔɲcɔwa/                     producers; craftsmen
          px63x /paxaltɔɲcɔxa/                     artists
          px63xm /paxaltɔɲcɔxama/                          musicians
          px91pv /paxaɲɔmpɔpava/                          persons born in 18th century
          px91pw /paxaɲɔmpɔpawa/                          persons born in 19th century
          px91pwxq /paxaɲɔmpɔpawaxaca/  ⋄                                    persons born in 1892
          px91px /paxaɲɔmpɔpaxa/                          persons born in 20th century
          px91qo /paxaɲɔmpɔco/                          persons born in 21th century
          px92g /paxaɲɔntɔga/  ⋄                     Asian persons
          px93 /paxaɲɔɲcɔ/  [rab]                born from; descendant of ancestor  [genealogy]
          px933 /paxaɲɔɲcɔɲcɔ/  [rab]                     grandson of; nephew of grandparent
          px9338 /paxaɲɔɲcɔɲcɔrkɔ/  [rab]                          grandson of grandfather; grandpa
          px9339 /paxaɲɔɲcɔɲcɔɲɔ/  [rab]                          grandson of grandmother; grandma
          px937 /paxaɲɔɲcɔjɔ/  [rab]                     niece of uncle
          px9378 /paxaɲɔɲcɔjɔrkɔ/  [rab]                          niece of male uncle
          px9379 /paxaɲɔɲcɔjɔɲɔ/  [rab]                          niece of aunt
          px939 /paxaɲɔɲcɔɲɔ/  [rab]                     son of; daughter of parent
          px9398 /paxaɲɔɲcɔɲɔrkɔ/  [rab]                          son of father
          px9399 /paxaɲɔɲcɔɲɔɲɔ/  [rab]                          son of mother
          px98 /paxaɲɔrkɔ/  [V]                dealing with specialty; profession; occupation; subject
          px98a /paxaɲɔrkɔɛ/                     mathematicians  ≈ DDC 925
          px98d /paxaɲɔrkɔda/                     physicists  ≈ DDC 925
          px98f /paxaɲɔrkɔfa/                     chemists  ≈ DDC 925
          px98f92fac91pxqvɭp /paxaɲɔrkɔfaɲɔntɔfɛʃaɲɔmpɔpaxacavalapa/  ⋄                                    Piemontese chemists born on 15 November 1927; Ferdinando Vogliotti  
          px98h /paxaɲɔrkɔɣa/                     astronomers  ≈ DDC 925
          px98i /paxaɲɔrkɔi/                     geologists  ≈ DDC 925
          px98k /paxaɲɔrkɔka/                     geneticians  ≈ DDC 925
          px98ɭ /paxaɲɔrkɔla/                     biologists  ≈ DDC 925
          px98m /paxaɲɔrkɔma/                     naturalists  ≈ DDC 925
          px98o /paxaɲɔrkɔo/                     ethologists  ≈ DDC 925
          px98p /paxaɲɔrkɔpa/                     psychologists  ≈ DDC 921
          px98q /paxaɲɔrkɔca/                     linguists  ≈ DDC 924
          px98r /paxaɲɔrkɔra/                     anthropologists; spiritual leaders  ≈ DDC 922
          px98s /paxaɲɔrkɔsa/                     sociologists  ≈ DDC 923
          px98t /paxaɲɔrkɔta/                     political scientists  ≈ DDC 923
          px98t92d91pvuxip /paxaɲɔrkɔtaɲɔntɔdaɲɔmpɔpavuxipa/                                    French political scientists born on 15 August 1769; Napoleon
          px98u /paxaɲɔrkɔu/                     economists  ≈ DDC 923
          px98vm /paxaɲɔrkɔvama/                          physicians  ≈ DDC 926
          px98w /paxaɲɔrkɔwa/                     engineers  ≈ DDC 926
          px98x /paxaɲɔrkɔxa/                     artists; persons dealing with artworks  ≈ DDC 927 928
          px98y /paxaɲɔrkɔɟa/                     intellectuals; persons dealing with knowledge
          px98yity /paxaɲɔrkɔɟitaɟa/  ⋄                                    LIS people
          px98yity92czq91pwuw /paxaɲɔrkɔɟitaɟaɲɔntɔʃazacaɲɔmpɔpawuwa/  ⋄                                    Belgian LIS people born in 1868; Paul Otlet
          px98yity92n91pwxq /paxaɲɔrkɔɟitaɟaɲɔntɔnaɲɔmpɔpawaxaca/  ⋄                                    Indian LIS people born in 1892; SR Ranganathan
          px98yity92u91pwtp /paxaɲɔrkɔɟitaɟaɲɔntɔuɲɔmpɔpawatapa/  ⋄                                    American LIS people born in 1851; Melvil Dewey
          px98yity92u91pwvo /paxaɲɔrkɔɟitaɟaɲɔntɔuɲɔmpɔpawavo/  ⋄                                    American LIS people born in 1870; HE Bliss
          px98yy /paxaɲɔrkɔɟaɟa/                          philosophers  ≈ DDC 921
          px98yy92fzq91njɭf /paxaɲɔrkɔɟaɟaɲɔntɔfazacaɲɔmpɔnaʒalafa/                                    Greek philosophers born in 428 BC; Plato
          px98yy92fzq91nkfj /paxaɲɔrkɔɟaɟaɲɔntɔfazacaɲɔmpɔnakafaʒa/                                    Greek philosophers born in 384 BC; Aristotle
          px991e /paxaɲɔɲɔmpɔe/                          babies
          px991i /paxaɲɔɲɔmpɔi/                          children
          px991ɭ /paxaɲɔɲɔmpɔla/                          adolescents
          px991p /paxaɲɔɲɔmpɔpa/                          adults
          px991v /paxaɲɔɲɔmpɔva/                          old persons
          px99x /paxaɲɔɲɔxa/                     men
          px99y /paxaɲɔɲɔɟa/                     women
          px99y98y /paxaɲɔɲɔɟaɲɔrkɔɟa/  ⋄                                    intellectual women
Connected classes:
  ⌕        U  [px91] persons by birth time
  ⌕        rae           adherents  ↞ px 
  ⌕        s93  [rab]           led by leader born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        sb      citizens; individuals; private sphere  ↞ px 
  ⌕        sp93  [rab]                by officer born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        t93  [rab]           ruled by; governed by ruler born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        tatap                     military personnel  ↞ px 
  ⌕        u933  [rab]                run by businessman born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        uatb                labour; labor; producers; workers; human resources  ↞ px 
  ⌕        v933  [rab]                by worker born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        vahb                manual work; human work  ↞ px 
  ⌕        vmai                medical assistants  ↞ px 
  ⌕        vr933  [rab]                     by artisan; craftsperson; craftsman born at time  ↞ px 
  ⌕        vxv           private transportation  ↞ px 
  ⌕        yamj                interview  ↞ px 

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