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ILC edition 2
Expanded class po

    broader class

          po /po/      cognition; intelligence; faculties; abilities  [cognitive science; epistemology; philosophy PP]  ≈ DDC 153
          pod /poda/           attention; focalization; data selection
          podf /podafa/                focused attention
          podi /podi/                sustained attention; vigilance; concentration
          podɭ /podala/                selective attention
          podr /podara/                alternating attention
          podv /podava/                divided attention
          poe /poe/           memory; remembering
          poeag /poeɛga/                     recognition
          poeaɭ /poeɛla/                     recall; recollection
          poec /poeʃa/                sensory memory
          poecc /poeʃaʃa/                     iconic memory
          poech /poeʃaɣa/                     echoic memory
          poecp /poeʃapa/                     haptic memory
          poeh /poeɣa/                short-term memory; STM; primary; active memory
          poehe /poeɣe/                     rehearsal
          poehn /poeɣana/                     chunking
          poeɭ /poela/                long-term memory; LTM
          poeɭd /poelada/                     explicit memory; declarative memory
          poeɭde /poelade/                          episodic memory
          poeɭdm /poeladama/                          semantic memory
          poeɭdu /poeladu/                          autobiographical memory
          poeɭp /poelapa/                     implicit memory; procedural memory
          poi /poi/           imagination; imagining
          pom /poma/           mimesis; imitation; representation
          por /pora/           reason; reasoning; intellect; rationality; judgment; abstract thought; reflection
          pord /porada/                deductive reasoning
          pori /pori/                inductive reasoning
          pork /poraka/                abductive reasoning
          porn /porana/                analogical reasoning
          pot /pota/           evaluation; opinion; belief
          pou /pou/           moral consciousness  ↞ rag precepts   
          poud /pouda/                punishment and obedience orientation
          poug /pouga/                instrumental exchange
          pouj /pouʒa/                pleasing expectations; good boy-nice girl orientation
          poum /pouma/                law and order orientation
          poup /poupa/                youthful protest; "anything goes"
          pous /pousa/                utilitarian orientation; relativistic social contract
          pouv /pouva/                universal ethical principle orientation
          pov /pova/           intention; representation of purposes
          pow /powa/           will; willpower; volition; decision
          powh /powaɣa/                habits; wonts
Connected classes:
  ⌕        rawr                rationalist  ↞ por 
  ⌕              literature  [philology; literary theory; literary criticism]  ↞ poi q 
  ⌕        yass                scientific thought; rational enquiry  ↞ por 
  ⌕        yasws                     cognitivism  ↞ po 
  ⌕        yc      concepts; notions  [concept theory]  ↞ po qo 

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6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  as form            +
9  of kind            +


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