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ILC edition 2
Expanded class pab

    broader class

          pab /pɛba/           drives; basic desires  
          pabc /pɛbaʃa/                tranquillity; safety  ↞ osc sheltering
          pabe /pɛbe/                eating; food  ↞ osk feeding
          pabf /pɛbafa/                physical activity; exercise
          pabi /pɛbi/                independence; individuality
          pabj /pɛbaʒa/                vengeance; competition
          pabɭ /pɛbala/                romance; sex; beauty  ↞ osm mating
          pabm /pɛbama/                family; raising children  ↞ osp parental cares
          pabn /pɛbana/                acceptance; approval
          pabo /pɛbo/                honour; traditional values
          pabq /pɛbaca/                social contact; friends  ↞ oss social interactions
          pabs /pɛbasa/                social status; standing
          pabt /pɛbata/                power; influence of will
          pabu /pɛbu/                idealism; social justice
          pabv /pɛbava/                saving; collecting
          pabx /pɛbaxa/                order; organized; stable; predictable environments
          paby /pɛbaɟa/                curiosity; learning  ↞ oal learning
Connected classes:
  ⌕        p98  [pab]           driven by motivation; drive; value
  ⌕        rag           precepts; values; virtues; moral behaviour  ↞ pab 
  ⌕        t998  [pab]                promoting principle; policy; programme; mission; agenda; plan
  ⌕        u enterprises; companies s.l.; business; owners  [economics]  ↞ pab s 
  ⌕        v98  [pab]           for; coping with; dealing with application; sector; need
  ⌕        vk98  [pab]                for function
  ⌕        x988  [pab]                aiming at mission; objective

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4  despite disorder   +
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7  with part          +
8  as form            +
9  of kind            +


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