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ILC edition 2
Expanded class oas

    broader class

          oas /oɛsa/           senses; perceptive faculties  [sensory neuroscience]
          oasd /oɛsada/                sight; vision  ↞ darll visible light mqaooe eyes
          oasdb /oɛsadaba/                     perception of brightness
          oasdc /oɛsadaʃa/                     perception of colour; color
          oase /oɛse/                electroception; electroreception  ↞ darl electromagnetic radiation
          oasf /oɛsafa/                chemical perception  ↞ f molecules
          oasfs /oɛsafasa/                     smell; olfaction  ↞ mqaoon nose
          oasft /oɛsafata/                     taste; gustation  ↞ mqaodbo tongue
          oasg /oɛsaga/                touch; tactition  ↞ g93 subjected to
          oash /oɛsaɣa/                hearing; audition  ↞ g95 transmitting mqaooh ears
          oasj /oɛsaʒa/                echolocation; biosonar; biological sonar including bats and dolphin clicks
          oasɭ /oɛsala/                pressure detection; by lateral line  ↞ g93 subjected to
          oasm /oɛsama/                magnetoception; magnetoreception
          oasn /oɛsana/                nociception; perception of pain
          oasnc /oɛsanaʃa/                     cutaneous nociception
          oasns /oɛsanasa/                     somatic nociception
          oasnv /oɛsanava/                     visceral nociception
          oaso /oɛso/                thermoception; heat perception  ↞ gah heat
          oasp /oɛsapa/                proprioception; kinesthetic sense; body awareness
          oasq /oɛsaca/                equilibrioception; vestibular sense; perception of balance
Connected classes:
  ⌕        o97  [oas]           with sense
  ⌕        osu97  [oas]                     through channel
  ⌕        pc      perception; percepts; qualia  ↞ oas 
  ⌕        xeWi      visual arts  ↞ oasd 

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