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ILC edition 2
Expanded class mqao

    broader class

          mqao /macɛo/                animal organs; systems  [comparative anatomy]  ↞ laf cellular functions   ≈ DDC 573
          mqaod /macɛoda/                     digestive system
          mqaodb /macɛodaba/                          mouth
          mqaodbb /macɛodababa/                               beak
          mqaodbo /macɛodabo/                               tongue
          mqaodbt /macɛodabata/                               teeth
          mqaode /macɛode/                          esophagus; oesophagus; gullet; throat
          mqaodec /macɛodeʃa/                               crop; croup
          mqaodo /macɛodo/                          stomach
          mqaodt /macɛodata/                          intestine
          mqaodx /macɛodaxa/                          anus
          mqaoe /macɛoe/                     respiratory system
          mqaoi /macɛoi/                     circulatory system
          mqaoih /macɛoiɣa/                          heart  ↞ mqanmx cardiac muscle
          mqaoj /macɛoʒa/                     blood, immune and lymphatic systems
          mqaojb /macɛoʒaba/                          blood
          mqaoji /macɛoʒi/                          immune system
          mqaojɭ /macɛoʒala/                          lymphatic system
          mqaoɭ /macɛola/                     glands; endocrine system  [endocrinology]
          mqaon /macɛona/                     nervous system  [neurology]
          mqaonr /macɛonara/                          brain
          mqaoo /macɛojo/                     sense organs
          mqaooe /macɛojoe/                          eyes; sight; vision
          mqaooh /macɛojoɣa/                          ears; hearing; audition
          mqaoon /macɛojona/                          nose; smell; olfaction
          mqaoq /macɛoca/                     skeleton; bones
          mqaor /macɛora/                     muscles; muscular; motor system  ↞ mqanm muscle tissue
          mqaos /macɛosa/                     reproductive system; sex organs
          mqaou /macɛou/                     urinary system; excretory system  [nephrology]
          mqaox /macɛoxa/                     skin; integumentary system includings hair and nails
Connected classes:
  ⌕        mq95  [mqao]                 animal function  [animal physiology]
  ⌕        mq97  [mqao]                with animal organ; system
  ⌕        mqac97  [mqao]                          observable in affected organ
  ⌕        mqad97  [mqao]                          involving affected system; organ
  ⌕        o instincts; autonomous agents; animated beings; action patterns; behavioural modules; repertoires; animal behavi  [ethology; neurosciences]  ↞ mqaon n 
  ⌕        o977  [mqao]                with organ
  ⌕        oasd                sight; vision  ↞ darll mqaooe 
  ⌕        oasfs                     smell; olfaction  ↞ mqaoon 
  ⌕        oasft                     taste; gustation  ↞ mqaodbo 
  ⌕        oash                hearing; audition  ↞ g95 mqaooh 
  ⌕        osu973  [mqao]                          produced with organ
  ⌕        p97  [mqaonr]           located in brain region
  ⌕        vm99  [mqao]                of treated part
  ⌕        vmw           osteopathy; osteopathic medicine  ↞ mqaoq 
  ⌕        wafc                bone  ↞ mqaoq 
  ⌕        wafk                down feather  ↞ mqaox mqvo 
  ⌕        wafɭ                leather  ↞ mqaox mqvt 
  ⌕        wafm                fur  ↞ mqaox mqvt 
  ⌕        wafn                wool  ↞ mqaox mqvt 
  ⌕        wdd           alimentary and metabolic drugs  ↞ mqaod 
  ⌕        wde           respiratory drugs  ↞ mqaoe 
  ⌕        wdi           cardiovascular drugs  ↞ mqaoi 
  ⌕        wdj           blood drugs  ↞ mqaoj 
  ⌕        wdɭ           systemic hormonal preparations  ↞ mqaol 
  ⌕        wdn           neurological drugs  ↞ mqaon 
  ⌕        wdo           sensory drugs  ↞ mqaoo 
  ⌕        wdr           musculo-skeletal drugs  ↞ mqaoq mqaor 
  ⌕        wds           genito-urinary drugs  ↞ mqaos mqaou 
  ⌕        wdx           dermatological drugs  ↞ mqaox 

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