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ILC edition 2
Expanded class mqad

    broader class

          mqad /macɛda/                diseases; illnesses; disabilities; disorders; syndromes  [animal pathology; nosology; epidemiology; medical ]  ≈ DDC 616
          mqad97 /macɛdaɲɔjɔ/  [mqao]                          involving affected system; organ
          mqad97d /macɛdaɲɔjɔda/                               digestive diseases
          mqad97e /macɛdaɲɔjɔe/                               respiratory diseases
          mqad97i /macɛdaɲɔjɔi/                               circulatory diseases
          mqad97jb /macɛdaɲɔjɔʒaba/                                    blood diseases including blood-forming organs
          mqad97jɭ /macɛdaɲɔjɔʒala/                                    lymphatic diseases
          mqad97ɭ /macɛdaɲɔjɔla/                               endocrine diseases
          mqad97n /macɛdaɲɔjɔna/                               nervous diseases
          mqad97o /macɛdaɲɔjɔo/                               eye and ear diseases
          mqad97r /macɛdaɲɔjɔra/                               musculoskeletal connective diseases
          mqad97sWu /macɛdaɲɔjɔsawawu/                               genitourinary disease
          mqad97x /macɛdaɲɔjɔxa/                               skin diseases
          mqadb /macɛdaba/                     state of balance; homeostasis
          mqadd /macɛdada/                     growth/differentiation disorders; morphogenesis disorders
          mqaddb /macɛdadaba/                          atrophy  
          mqaddo /macɛdado/                          hypertrophy  
          mqadds /macɛdadasa/                          hyperplasia  
          mqaddt /macɛdadata/                          metaplasia  
          mqade /macɛde/                     cellular diseases
          mqaden /macɛdena/                          necrosis  
          mqadep /macɛdepa/                          apoptosis  
          mqadg /macɛdaga/                     metabolic disorders
          mqadh /macɛdaɣa/                     haemodynamic disorders  ↞ mqad97jb blood diseases
          mqadhh /macɛdaɣaɣa/                          haemorrhage
          mqadhh5nr /macɛdaɣaɣalpɔnara/                                    haemorrhagic strokes
          mqadhi /macɛdaɣi/                          ischaemia
          mqadhi97ih /macɛdaɣiɲɔjɔiɣa/                                    heart attacks
          mqadhi97nr /macɛdaɣiɲɔjɔnara/                                    ischaemic strokes
          mqadhs /macɛdaɣasa/                          shocks
          mqadi /macɛdi/                     immunological disorders
          mqadid /macɛdida/                          immunodeficiency
          mqadidn /macɛdidana/                               HIV/AIDS; human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome
          mqadip /macɛdipa/                          hypersensitivity
          mqadiu /macɛdiu/                          autoimmunity
          mqadɭ /macɛdala/                     inflammation
          mqadɭc /macɛdalaʃa/                          acute inflammation
          mqadɭcc /macɛdalaʃaʃa/                               cold
          mqadɭh /macɛdalaɣa/                          chronic inflammation
          mqadɭht /macɛdalaɣata/                               tuberculosis
          mqadn /macɛdana/                     neoplasia; carcinogenesis
          mqadnb /macɛdanaba/                          bening tumor
          mqadni /macɛdani/                          carcinoma in situ; pre-malignant tumor
          mqadnr /macɛdanara/                          cancer; malignant neoplasm
          mqadnr97j /macɛdanaraɲɔjɔʒa/                                    lymphoma
          mqadnr97jb /macɛdanaraɲɔjɔʒaba/                                    leukaemia
Connected classes:
  ⌕        49  [mqad]      affected by disease
  ⌕        mq94  [mqad]                affected by disease; illness; disability; disorder; syndrome
  ⌕        mqadh                     haemodynamic disorders  ↞ mqad97jb 
  ⌕        qwɭxd                     deaf-dumb alphabet  ↞ mqad97o 
  ⌕        spɭi                illness and disability support  ↞ mqad 
  ⌕        vk94  [mqad]                against animal disease  [veterinary medicine]
  ⌕        vm      health care; healthcare  [medicine]  ↞ mqad 
  ⌕        vm94  [mqad]                against; facing condition; disease; infirmity

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