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ILC edition 2
Expanded class mpwb

    broader class

          mpwb /mapawaba/                monocotyledons; monocots; monocotyledoneae; monocotyledones; liliopsida; liliidae
          mpwbb /mapawababa/                     acorales
          mpwbc /mapawabaʃa/                     alismatales
          mpwbe /mapawabe/                     asparagales
          mpwber /mapawabera/                          amaryllidaceae
          mpwberɭ /mapawaberala/                               Allium
          mpwberɭg /mapawaberalaga/                                    garlic; Allium sativum
          mpwberɭo /mapawaberalo/                                    onions; Allium cepa
          mpwbg /mapawabaga/                     dioscoreales
          mpwbɭ /mapawabala/                     liliales
          mpwbn /mapawabana/                     pandanales
          mpwbp /mapawabapa/                     palmae; arecales
          mpwbr /mapawabara/                     commelinales
          mpwbt /mapawabata/                     poales including grasses, bromeliads, sedges
          mpwbtc /mapawabataʃa/                          cyperaceae
          mpwbtcc /mapawabataʃaʃa/                               Cyperus
          mpwbtccp /mapawabataʃaʃapa/                                    papyrus sedge; paper reed; Cyperus papyrus
          mpwbtg /mapawabataga/                          grasses; poaceae; gramineae
          mpwbtgb /mapawabatagaba/                               bamboos
          mpwbtgc /mapawabatagaʃa/                               sugar cane
          mpwbtge /mapawabatage/                               rice
          mpwbtgf /mapawabatagafa/                               wheat
          mpwbtgh /mapawabatagaɣa/                               barley
          mpwbtgj /mapawabatagaʒa/                               oat
          mpwbtgɭ /mapawabatagala/                               rye
          mpwbtgm /mapawabatagama/                               maize
          mpwbtgo /mapawabatago/                               millet
          mpwby /mapawabaɟa/                     zingiberales
          mpwbym /mapawabaɟama/                          musaceae
          mpwbymk /mapawabaɟamaka/                               Musa; bananas and plantains
Connected classes:
  ⌕        mpwU  [mpwbtg]                grasses
  ⌕        wbbrbg                          garlic  ↞ mpwberlg 
  ⌕        wbbrbo                          onions  ↞ mpwberlo 
  ⌕        wbcb                bananas  ↞ mpwbymk 
  ⌕        wbd           cereal grains  ↞ mpwbtg 
  ⌕        wbde                rice  ↞ mpwbtge 
  ⌕        wbdm                maize  ↞ mpwbtgm 
  ⌕        wbe           breads  ↞ mpwbtg 
  ⌕        wbop                palm oil  ↞ mpwbp 
  ⌕        wbvhb                     beers  ↞ mpwbtg 
  ⌕        wbvhik                          sake  ↞ mpwbtge 
  ⌕        wbvhp                     pulque  ↞ mpwbe 
  ⌕        wmnarg                          vegetable reed  ↞ mpwb 

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