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ILC edition 2
Expanded class laf

    broader class

          ɭaf /lɛfa/           cellular functions; processes  [cell physiology]
          ɭafg /lɛfaga/                growth
          ɭafm /lɛfama/                metabolism
          ɭafmah /lɛfamɛɣa/                          homeostasis
          ɭafmbWk /lɛfamabawawka/                     catabolism
          ɭafmd /lɛfamada/                     cellular digestion
          ɭafme /lɛfame/                     cellular respiration
          ɭafmf /lɛfamafa/                     fermentation
          ɭafmi /lɛfami/                     carbohydrate catabolism  ↞ fo carbohydrates
          ɭafmj /lɛfamaʒa/                     fat catabolism  ↞ fp lipids
          ɭafmk /lɛfamaka/                     protein catabolism  ↞ ft proteins
          ɭafmɭWo /lɛfamalawawo/                     energy transformation
          ɭafmɭ /lɛfamala/                     oxidative phosphorylation
          ɭafmm /lɛfamama/                     chemolithotrophy
          ɭafmo /lɛfamo/                     photophosphorylation
          ɭafmpWy /lɛfamapawawɟa/                     anabolism
          ɭafmp /lɛfamapa/                     photosynthesis; carbon fixation; chemosynthesis
          ɭafmq /lɛfamaca/                     carbohydrate and glycans anabolism; gluconeogenesis; glyoxylate cycle; glycogenesis; glycosylation
          ɭafms /lɛfamasa/                     fatty acid, isoprenoid and steroid synthesis
          ɭafmt /lɛfamata/                     protein biosynthesis
          ɭafmu /lɛfamu/                     nucleotide synthesis and salvage
          ɭafmx /lɛfamaxa/                     xenobiotics and redox metabolism
          ɭafn /lɛfana/                secretion
          ɭafo /lɛfo/                bioluminescence
          ɭafq /lɛfaca/                movement
          ɭaft /lɛfata/                perception
          ɭafu /lɛfu/                cell communication
          ɭafw /lɛfawa/                division; reproduction
          ɭafwb /lɛfawaba/                     binary fission
          ɭafwi /lɛfawi/                     mitosis
          ɭafwm /lɛfawama/                     meiosis
          ɭafy /lɛfaɟa/                cellular death
Connected classes:
  ⌕        ɭ95  [laf]            cellular function; process
  ⌕        mafm                metabolism  ↞ lafm 
  ⌕        mqao                animal organs; systems  [comparative anatomy]  ↞ laf 

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