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ILC edition 2
Expanded class jw

    broader class

          jw /ʒawa/      islands; isles
          jw92 /ʒawaɲɔntɔ/  [jU]                in sea; lake; river
          jwbWɭ /ʒawabawawla/           continental islands
          jwc /ʒawaʃa/           microcontinental islands
          jwe /ʒawe/           barrier islands
          jwf /ʒawafa/           fluvial islands; alluvial islands  ↞ jsr rivers
          jwmWu /ʒawamawawu/           oceanic islands
          jwo /ʒawo/           volcanic islands  ↞ iac volcanism
          jwoc /ʒawoʃa/                volcanic island arcs
          jwof /ʒawofa/                oceanic rift islands
          jwoh /ʒawoɣa/                hotspot islands
          jwt /ʒawata/           atolls  ↞ mqdc anthozoa
          jww /ʒawawa/           artificial islands  ↞ v technologies
Connected classes:
  ⌕        jUey                European islands  ↞ jw 
  ⌕        jUeyy                     Nordaustlandet Norway  ↞ jw 
  ⌕        jUiy                African islands  ↞ jw 
  ⌕        jUny                North American islands  ↞ jw 
  ⌕        jUqy                South American islands  ↞ jw 
  ⌕        jx      archipelagos; island groups; island chains  ↞ jw 

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