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ILC edition 2
Expanded class jav

    broader class

          jav /ʒɛva/           cardinal directions; cardinal points; points of the compass
          javb /ʒɛvaba/                north; N; tramontana
          javc /ʒɛvaʃa/                north-northeast; NNE
          jave /ʒɛve/                north-eastern; NE; greco; bora
          javf /ʒɛvafa/                east-northeast ; ENE
          javh /ʒɛvaɣa/                east; E; levante; oriente
          javi /ʒɛvi/                east-southeast; ESE
          javk /ʒɛvaka/                south-eastern; SE; scirocco; exaloc
          javɭ /ʒɛvala/                south-southeast; SSE
          javn /ʒɛvana/                south; S; ostro; mezzogiorno
          javo /ʒɛvo/                south-southwest; SSW
          javq /ʒɛvaca/                south-western; SW; libeccio; garbino; eissalot
          javr /ʒɛvara/                west-southwest; WSW
          javt /ʒɛvata/                west; W; ponente; zephyrus
          javu /ʒɛvu/                west-northwest; WNW
          javw /ʒɛvawa/                north-western; NW; maestro; mistral
          javx /ʒɛvaxa/                north-northwest; NNW
Connected classes:
  ⌕        279  [jav]           towards cardinal point
  ⌕        bv982  [jav]                     towards direction
  ⌕        g957  [jav]                directed towards direction
  ⌕        j97  [jav]            cardinal part
  ⌕        jakn97  [jav]                          from cardinal direction

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