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ILC edition 2
Expanded class jal

    broader class

          jaɭ /ʒɛla/           climates  [climatology]  ↞ jak weather   
          jaɭ93 /ʒɛlaɲɔɲcɔ/  [an]                     mm/year average precipitations  ↞ jaki precipitation
          jaɭ94 /ʒɛlaɲɔŋkɔ/  [an]                     K average temperature  ↞ g94 at K
          jaɭb /ʒɛlaba/                climate of ice-caps
          jaɭc /ʒɛlaʃa/                tundra climate
          jaɭd /ʒɛlada/                oceanic subarctic climate
          jaɭe /ʒɛle/                continental subarctic climate
          jaɭf /ʒɛlafa/                wet continental climate
          jaɭg /ʒɛlaga/                medium-latitude desert and steppe climate
          jaɭm /ʒɛlama/                mediterranean climate
          jaɭn /ʒɛlana/                oceanic temperate climate
          jaɭp /ʒɛlapa/                wet subtropical climate
          jaɭq /ʒɛlaca/                dry-wet tropical climate
          jaɭqad /ʒɛlacɛda/                          dry season
          jaɭqae /ʒɛlacɛe/                          wet season
          jaɭs /ʒɛlasa/                desert and western coast climate
          jaɭt /ʒɛlata/                desert and tropical steppe climate
          jaɭw /ʒɛlawa/                trade-wind coastal climate
          jaɭy /ʒɛlaɟa/                equatorial climate
Connected classes:
  ⌕        259  [jal]           in climate
  ⌕        j96  [jal]           with climate
  ⌕        v925  [jal]                in climate
  ⌕        yisit                     climatology  ↞ jal 

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