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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ias

    broader class

          ias /iɛsa/           eras  [geochronology; stratigraphy]  ↞ bbx more than billions years
          iasX /iɛsaxaw/                geological periods; stratigraphic systems
          iasXX /iɛsaxawxaw/                     geological epochs; stratigraphical series
          iasXXX /iɛsaxawxawxaw/                          geological ages; stratigraphical stages
          iasc /iɛsaʃa/                Precambrian; >542 Ma
          iascd /iɛsaʃada/                     Hadean; 4550-4000 Ma
          iasch /iɛsaʃaɣa/                     Archean; 4000-2500 Ma
          iascp /iɛsaʃapa/                     Proterozoic; 2500-542 Ma
          iasdWy /iɛsadawawɟa/                Phanerozoic; 542-0 Ma
          iasd /iɛsada/                Palaeozoic; 542-251 Ma
          iasdc /iɛsadaʃa/                     Cambrian; 542-488 Ma
          iasdd /iɛsadada/                     Ordovician; 488-443 Ma
          iasdi /iɛsadi/                     Silurian; 443-416 Ma
          iasdn /iɛsadana/                     Devonian; 416-359 Ma
          iasdo /iɛsado/                     Carboniferous; 359-299 Ma
          iasdp /iɛsadapa/                     Permian; 299-251 Ma
          iase /iɛse/                Mesozoic; 250-65 Ma
          iased /iɛseda/                     Triassic; 250-210 Ma
          iasej /iɛseʒa/                     Jurassic; 210-140 Ma
          iaser /iɛsera/                     Cretaceous; 140-65 Ma
          iasf /iɛsafa/                Tertiary; 65-1.7 Ma
          iasfbWɭ /iɛsafabawawla/                     Paleogene; Palaeogene; Lower Tertiary; 65-23 Ma
          iasfb /iɛsafaba/                     Paleocene; Palaeocene; 65-56 Ma
          iasfe /iɛsafe/                     Eogene; 56-33 Ma
          iasfɭ /iɛsafala/                     Oligocene; 33-23 Ma
          iasfmWp /iɛsafamawawpa/                     Neogene; 23-2.5 Ma
          iasfm /iɛsafama/                     Miocene; 23-5.3 Ma
          iasfmg /iɛsafamaga/                          Aquitanian; 23.0-20.4 Ma
          iasfmi /iɛsafami/                          Burdigalian; 20.4-15.9 Ma
          iasfmɭ /iɛsafamala/                          Langhian; 15.9-13.8
          iasfms /iɛsafamasa/                          Serravallian; 13.8-11.6
          iasfmt /iɛsafamata/                          Tortonian; 11.6-7.2 Ma
          iasfmw /iɛsafamawa/                          Messinian; 7.2-5.3 Ma
          iasfp /iɛsafapa/                     Pliocene; 5.3-2.5 Ma
          iasfpn /iɛsafapana/                          Zanclean; 5.3-3.6 Ma
          iasfpp /iɛsafapapa/                          Piacenzian; 3.6-2.5 Ma
          iasg /iɛsaga/                Quaternary; 1.7-0.01 Ma
          iasge /iɛsage/                     Pleistocene; 2.5-0.01 Ma
          iasgeg /iɛsagega/                          Gelasian; 2.5-1.8 Ma
          iasgeɭ /iɛsagela/                          Calabrian; 1.8-0.78 Ma
          iasgen /iɛsagena/                          Ionian; 0.78-0.12 Ma
          iasget /iɛsageta/                          Tarantian; 0.12-0.01
          iasgh /iɛsagaɣa/                     Holocene; 0.01-0 Ma  
Connected classes:
  ⌕        199  [ias]           in age; geological era
  ⌕        i91  [ias]           formed in era
  ⌕        j91  [ias]           formed in era
  ⌕        m91  [ias]           lived in; existed in era  [palaeontology]
  ⌕        n91  [ias]           in era
  ⌕        np913  [ias]                     appeared; originated in period
  ⌕        np914  [ias]                     extincted in period
  ⌕        rab           historical periods; times; epochs  ↞ iasgh bbxprsvxw 

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